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Hyper Wins is Spin Logic’s newest slot, releasing very early in 2022 on January 5th. This company already has a great track record with other games they produced in the past, so it should come as no surprise that Hyper Wins is setting a new bar for other slot games to follow with its entertainment and generosity when it comes to funds.

               Not only does it have a feature that can give a player up to 200 Free Games, various other gameplay additions and fun tidbits await players that try out Hyper Wins from Spin Logic. Of course, as every high quality slot does, the game possesses great visual and audio production values, but that’s a standard at this level of the industry.

               Let’s really dive deep into some of Hyper Wins’ greatest qualities and see what Spin Logic has managed to produce for one of their most ambitious projects yet!

Hyper Wins Offers 200 Free Games to Players

               One of the biggest features that Hyper Wins offers its players is the fact that you can win up to 200 Free Games while spinning away at that slot. This is far more than most people realize. If you play high quality enough slots that offer features like Free Games or Jackpots, these are usually limited and have numbers that are on the lower end of things.

               Hyper Wins doesn’t do this in the slightest. The Free Games feature offers up to 200 Free Games, and for an incredibly simple process, as well. The Star symbol is the symbol that awards Free Games to players. Whenever a player manages to hit enough of these symbols, they can start accumulating Free Games. Between three to nine stars can give between five to 200 free games to the player.

               This can also award the Hyper Prize feature (more on that below) if there are four or more stars that initially triggered the feature.

               This many Free Games can really change your winnings in a game like this. Though in almost all types of Slots your bet is locked in, and this goes for Hyper Wins too, that part is less important than the fact that you’re getting so many chances to win money. It’s all for free, too: so you just need to keep going until you hit that lucky shot and get a big win!

The Hyper Prize Feature Results in Massive Payouts

               As if the Free Games weren’t already enough reason to play this game, the Hyper Prize Feature is another huge part of Hyper Wins. This gets triggered by the same feature that triggers the Free Games, which is rolling the star symbols. The Hyper Prize feature gets triggered before the Free Games feature always, and it can lead to some pretty huge payouts and really big wins for the player!

               When the Hyper Prize feature is triggered, players choose from one of the 9 reel locations to reveal instant prizes. These prizes are big, sometimes equaling up to 1000x of whatever the set bet is on that current spin! The huge payouts here are obvious, because if you’re betting a decently large amount on every spin, you could eventually win an insanely huge amount -- up to 5000x the bet per line, depending on whatever you put down.

               Of course, the only thing better than these two features is a feature that triggers both of them.

The Lucky Feature Just Makes Things Even Better for Players

               The Lucky Feature can be triggered by any random spin, and that’s part of what makes it so great. It’s a truly luck-based feature in Hyper Wins, and whenever it actually is triggered, it has the ability to grant you either the Hyper Prize Feature or a random number of the Free Games. The math of which of the two is picked is decided by the game -- but either way, you’re getting a huge boost for free, for essentially nothing.

               And remember, it’s on any spin, so you can really have that go off at any time. It’s entirely possible to chain together lucky spins and pulls, over and over again, as you build up to something of impossibly huge value and really get a giant payout.

Play Hyper Wins at Jackpot Capital Casino Tonight

               These features are some of the reasons why Hyper Wins is one of the best slots that Spin Logic has ever produced: these generous features, along with fun and addictive gameplay will command anyone’s attention for hours as they enjoy Hyper Wins. If any of this sounds like a great deal to you, come try out Hyper Wins at Jackpot Capital Casino via Download, Instant Play Online, or via Mobile through various devices. Come chase that Hyper Win tonight!

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