It may be hot outside, but here at Jackpot Capital, we’re cooling off with some tasty treats! What may those be, you ask? Well, if you haven’t caught the memo, it’s National Ice Cream Month, and coming up on July 16th, it’s the official National Ice Cream Day! If we reflect on the past years of this summer-worthy celebration, there’s been some very - let’s say - interesting flavours released from our favorite ice cream brands. We’ve seen some of the wildest flavours, from Pumpkin gingersnap ice cream, Olive oil ice cream, to Beet juice ice cream, or the not so tempting Bacon and eggs ice cream. There’s definitely a flavour for all temptations - no matter how bizarre they may seem! Not only are we happy to chill out with something sweet, we’ve got 4x bonus flavours for you to choose from (an exclusive blog bonus only!).

How do you celebrate National Ice Cream Month? (Fun Facts!)

Who doesn’t love ice cream, and better yet, who doesn’t love bonuses?! This is surely a month where we all need a little bit of a cool down from the hot summer weather, but do you know where and when this delicious celebration came from? Back in the days of 1984, the infamous President Ronald Reagan designated July as the official ‘National Ice Cream Month’, simply to celebrate the summer treat throughout the nation! Food for thought, literally!

Since the holiday’s origin, there have been many world records to make the most wildest, biggest ice cream accomplishments - With some being nothing short of truly impressive! For instance, in the year 2000 in Maui, Hawaii, the team and community managed to build the world’s largest ice cream pyramid! The tower weighed an astonishing 800 lbs. And stood around 4 ft. high - but only for 45 minutes (ice cream tends to melt - who would have thought!).

Another interesting record set in Massachusetts, USA, is the longest career as an ice cream man! I’m sure we can all remember, in our younger days, waiting on our street to hear those glorious ice creams bells - where we then run in to quickly grab the coins we saved for a this very day! Allan Ganz surely knows this moment better than anyone, as he officially sold ice cream from aged 10 (in 1974!), right into the respectable age of 76 (in 2004!). Just imagine how many smiling faces he made over those many years!

While we’re sure you have a massive craving for ice cream right about now, we’ve got something else to tempt you into joy - our 4x bonus flavours! We hope you’re up for some taste testing! !

Bonus Flavor

Which Bonus Flavour are you craving?!

Here at Jackpot Capital, we can go for a sweet treat anytime of the day - or, for that matter, we can always go for a tasty bonus, how about you?! From July 14th-17th, you can choose from any of our 4x bonus flavours, and celebrate this delicious month with us!

If you want to take advantage of our bonus flavours, you should login to redeem the bonuses with the following Coupon codes! As mentioned at the beginning of the post, this offer is only available through our blog! Make a minimum deposit of just $45, and you can take advantage of 1, 2 or ALL of these tasty bonus treats!

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Taste of Natural Wins! 60% + 30 Free spins on Crystal Waters! TASTEOFNATURE
Taste of Dreamy Wins! 60% + 30 Free spins on God of Wealth! TASTEOFDREAMS

General Terms and Conditions apply to the listed above bonuses. Maximum bonus amoutn is $200.

We sure have some wild game flavours, all you need to do, is pick your favorite (or, pick them all!). What’s the best thing about such an offer? Well, aside from the plentiful bonus, itself, you’ll save on the calories with these zero-cal temptations!

Are you ready to indulge in a winning weekend?! We hope so! Make sure you login now and claim your bonuses using the above Coupon codes. Remember, you’ll only find the offers details right here on the blog, so don’t wait to grab your bonus treat!

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