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How to See Online Casino Gaming as a Healthy Way to Spend Your Time

The next time you are lounging on your sofa happily playing some of the more than 300 games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital, trying to score a big win at our mobile jackpot casino, we suggest you take some time to think about the unsung health benefits of online casino gaming!

Yes, in addition to al the fun gamers have spinning slots and roulette wheels, trying to get close to 21 without going over, saving the exactly correct cards to make winning in video poker all the more possible, or just helping old Banana Jones find the crystal banana and taking it to the museum where it belongs, playing online casino games have a healthy aspect as well!

This does sound odd.  But…’s true!

Longer Life Means More Gaming

People are living far longer than their grandparents lived.  Even some grandparents, still kicking at an advanced age, are beneficiaries of the wonders of modern medicine.  In addition to medical breakthroughs in technologies, diagnoses, and treatments, people are learning how best to take care of body and soul.

One of the best ways to spend the ever larger amount of free time we have is by playing games.  Games have been around for literally thousands of years.  Every culture has had its share of games.  In addition, kids make up games as they go along!  Kids who want a ball but can’t afford to buy one will fashion a ball of sorts out of old clothes and string—lots of string!

As we live longer and have more disposable income and more free time, we gravitate to games to fill our time.  Of course, many people watch or stream television, many love the movies, some play sports, and some people still like to read.  But more and more people are turning to games.

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Games Affect the Brain in Happy Ways

When we play games and enjoy them we release hormones that make us feel good.  These are the same hormones that are released when we eat comfort food.  So, one way that games help us stay healthy in mind and body is that they are a zero calorie way to get those feel good hormones!

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

The most prominent game of chance in a casino is slots.  In addition to slots we have baccarat, roulette, keno, bingo and many others but slots are by far the most plentiful and the most popular game of chance.

The two most popular games of skill are blackjack and video poker.  These games rely on the player making the correct decision on every hand.  After the player makes her or his decision, the element of luck enters the fold and it is ultimately luck that decides the final outcome of the hand.

Each basic type of game has its unique values for maintaining healthy minds and bodies.

Games of Chance

The most important physical benefit of games of chance is their ability to calm our nerves and bring us to a healthy state of relaxation.  Of course, online slots are by far not the only way we can reach a state of healthy relaxation but slots have other ancillary benefits that make them better for relaxing than meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Piquing Our Interest

The most significant development in slots in the last 50 years has been the change from same old same old three reel slots to five reel and now six or seven reel slots with themes that range from ancient societies to futuristic space travel.

Modern slots help us release our minds from the day to day cares and concerns we all have and fly with the characters to places near and far.  Many people actually find that after playing and enjoying a particular slot, they have been drawn to look up more information about the subject of the game.

In this sense, slots can release our imaginations and expand our intellectual horizons.  We are not talking about post-doctorate level research and study.  We are talking about average people suddenly finding themselves interested in the Santa Claus myth, in the rise and fall of Rome, in the vast unexplored oceans, and many other subjects and ideas.

Some gamers are so taken by the great graphics in slots that they decide to pursue a career in casino game development and find a niche working for a game developer and provider.

Raising Our Self-Confidence

Games of skill require vigilant attention at all times.  If your mind tires of the thought needed to make the best decision on every hand, then it is time to stop playing the game of skill and either switch to a game of chance or close the session altogether and, perhaps, go out for a walk!

Online Casino Games Can Reduce Cravings

Playing a game of skill requires discipline.  As we said just above, when your attention wavers and you can no longer sustain the discipline you need to win at the games of skill, it is time to find another good activity be it a less taxing online casino game, a walk about town, or anything else you like to do.

The discipline you develop to play casino games with the full amount of joy and attention to detail can also help you develop a healthy attitude to those things that you used to and may still see as cravings.  Food and alcohol are two of the most pervasive cravings we all feel. 

The English language has developed slang terms for everything and one beautiful slang term refers to the craving to do nothing.  When we play video poker or blackjack for a lengthy period of time and the we end the session because we have grown tired, we will be a lot less likely to resort to “vegging out”!

That’s why we suggested going out for a walk.  Walking is the simplest and easiest form of “not vegging out”!

Land Based Casinos Push Cravings

The three biggest cravings that land based casinos push are the top two: food and drink plus the one that the best online casinos try to get all their gamers to avoid while land based casinos need their players to fall into this craving big time and for a very long time: namely gambling!

Online casinos want gamers to see gaming as gaming while land based casinos want you to gamble and gamble some more and get tipsy or drunk on free whisky and then comfort yourself with a free meal at the buffet.

Playing online casino games is a lot better than land based casino gambling for setting financial and time budgets on your gaming, to delay drinking any alcohol until after the gaming session when you might get together with pals to have a few, and to abstain from eating too much.

Online Gaming is Also Just Fun

We all need to have as much fun as our jobs and responsibilities allow.  Online casinos see themselves as a relatively small part of a very big picture, namely, the desire to have fun.  Land based casinos see their gamblers almost as having nowhere else to go and nothing else to do except gamble, drink alcohol, and eat at the buffet.

So, we at Jackpot Capital casino wish you all the very best in online casino gaming and the very best in all of the other activities you do daily, weekly, monthly, or maybe something from your bucket list that you find the time to do once a year!

As they say: Have fun storming the castle!

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