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How to Impress Your Friends with Your Knowledge about Online Casinos

Once in a while we like to look at the less-known side of online casino gaming and online casinos.  Let’s see how many of these facts you already know!

What is the Most Popular Game at Online Casinos?

Slots are easily the most popular game at all online casinos.  One reason is that many gamers come home and want to just relax.  They may fix a hot drink in the winter or a cold drink in the summer and they get comfortable on the sofa and play a few slots.

Why are Slots Popular?

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The game providers—the exclusive game provider at Jackpot Capital online casino is Real Time Gaming—never seem to run out of ideas for new slots so online gamers can peruse the large selection of slots on offer here and just enjoy the action.

Online casinos have unlimited space so they never have to take out an older slot to make room for the new.  That means that the older slots at Jackpot Capital have the time to become classics while older slots at land based casinos are often just removed.

Why Do Slots Have Big Jackpots?

Slots are the game that is most conducive to jackpots.  There are progressive jackpots that can reach seven figures and there are much smaller jackpots that come at random or as the result of a good spin.

The truly big progressive jackpots are run by the game providers.  They can take a penny or two from the thousands of bets being made at any moment around the clock all over the world and grow the jackpot fast and furiously!

A lot of gamers like to play jackpot slots.  The allure of winning a lot of money gets these gamers juices flowing!  There is a big irony working here.  At the same time, a lot of gamers play slots for the easy entertainment they provide as a calming activity to help them wind down after yet another hectic day and also play progressive jackpot slots to get the juices going!

How are Random Jackpots Different than Progressive Jackpots?

Jackpot Capital casino has many slots with a large jackpot.  Some are random jackpots.  Gamers can win even a random jackpot even on a spin that didn’t create a winning sequence.  Some jackpots are the giant progressive jackpots that you definitely do have to get the correct sequence to win!

Almost every day a lucky gamer or two or more wins a sizable jackpot playing slots as a calming and relaxing activity!

When Did the First Online Casino Begin?

The internet as we know it started in the 1980’s.  The first online casino came aboard in 1994.  People who are too young to remember a world without the internet or gaming without online casinos don’t truly appreciate how amazingly fast online casinos and the internet have grown together.

How Many Online Casinos are There?

We long ago lost count as to how many online casinos there are.  Let’s simply say that the number is in the thousands.  A new online casino debuts almost every day.

Are All Online Casinos Created Equal?

Absolutely NOT!

Online casinos have to be certified and regulated.  The top online casinos are checked at regular intervals to make sure that all of the software running the games, the banking, and the various accounts are running smoothly.

How Many Accounts are There at Jackpot Capital?

Actually, every gamer here at Jackpot Capital has three accounts.  The most obvious is the general money account gamers use to bet with.  This account is a kind of bank at which gamers keep money they want to use for a specific purpose, namely, to make bets with.

The money has to be protected in the strongest possible way and casinos use powerful encryption software to prevent hackers from accessing gamers’ accounts.  The encryption software we and other top online casinos use to protect gamers’ assets is the same type of software online banks use to protect their customers’ accounts!

The second account is the Loyalty Points account.  Every gamer here at Jackpot Capital is automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Club when they finish signing up to play here.  Gamers accumulate loyalty points automatically as they play.  At a certain point, there are enough points in a gamer’s account that he or she should convert those points into casino credits.

The third account gamers have at Jackpot Capital is their bonuses account.  Every matching bonus comes with a wagering requirement.  The casino needs to keep track of every gamer’s wagering for the bonuses they have taken.

As you can see, the casino needs much more powerful computer capability to keep track of and protect gamers’ accounts than it needs software for casino games.

During which Hours Do Online Casinos Operate?

Online casinos serve a worldwide clientele of gamers so they stay open around the clock every day of the year.  Land based casinos in places like Las Vegas where there are a lot of casinos also stay open around the clock.  However, there are many casinos that are the only gambling emporium for many miles around.

Many of these are located on Native American tribal lands.  Most of these casinos close late at night and reopen in the morning.

Another thing we have learned in the last year is that operating hours for land based casinos are subject to change overnight for medical reasons.  Despite the corona virus and its effect on commerce, fun activities, sports, entertainment, and the like, the best online casinos such as Jackpot Capital never closed their cyberdoors.

In fact, we have accepted a massive number of gamers who were “locked out” of their favorite land based casino.  No doubt these gamers realize by now that online gaming has many advantages over land based casino gaming!

What is the Single Thing that Land Based Gamers See Often that Online Gamers Never See?

In a word, drunk, tipsy, or somewhat inebriated strangers.  Your friends or significant other might get a little buzzed at home but they are not strangers.  The least pleasant albeit not infrequent occurrence at a land based casino is to be harassed by a player who has clearly had too much to drink.

It really doesn’t matter that the security people will take the offender out of the casino pretty quickly.  The unease some people feel from such an encounter makes online casino gaming all the more appealing!

Congratulations Jackpot Capital!

We have stood the test of time from our first days online to the many months in which gamers from all over the world joined Jackpot Capital because of the corona virus.

New gamers and veteran gamers know that Jackpot Capital offers a magnificent selection of casino games.  The game play at Jackpot Capital is second to none.  The mobile gaming platform makes online gaming even more comfortable as you can play while all curled up on the sofa!

Join Jackpot Capital Casino NOW and discover the wonderful world of gaming that began in 2008 and gets better all the time!

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