Jackpot Capital Has a Great Idea for a New Bucket List

Let’s Create a Jackpot Capital Bucket List

Bucket lists are all the rage.  People are revising their bucket list from before the corona virus to now after the virus crisis.  Now, as you travel the continents with your mobile jackpot casino always at the ready for a few relaxing moments, we thought it a good idea to make a jackpot capital bucket list!

After all, while we say that at Jackpot Capital, you have the freedom to play every one of our games over time, we never meant that you would play all 300 games in one sitting!

So, let’s take a quick look at the games we offer and see if we can fashion an all new Jackpot Capital bucket list!

What are the Six Game Categories at Jackpot Capital?

How did you know that we have six game categories!

In fact, there is a little overlap in categories since New Games and Slots cover some of the same games!  Slots games and progressive games also have a bit of overlap.  But table games are all table games, video poker is all video poker, and specialty games are an interesting amalgam of games!

Let’s Set a Few “Ground Rules” for the Bucket List

  1. We want to play from at least two game categories at a gaming session and preferably from more than two categories.
  2. We would like to sample at least five different games in a session.  In this way, we can complete our bucket list in about two months!
  3. We want to play a mix of games of chance and games of skill in each session.
  4. We want to emphasize fun over getting rich quick.

New Games

This category goes back 50 games!  One of the things we have seen in the last year’s slots is that the colors have gotten more vibrant and color is a lot more prominent in slots now than it was even four years ago!

So, let’s take the first game, Neon Wheel 7’s and the last game on this list, Lucha Libre II.  We see that in Lucha Libre II the color scheme was less important than the storyline which is based on Mexican wrestling.  Neon Wheel 7’s, on the other hand, is all about color and fun.  It is a retro slot with only three reels.

Let’s choose a game from the long list of slots.  Ocean Oddities is a fun slot and as an alternative, we can choose Ghost Ship which is a pirate based slot.  So, we have three or four slots to play.  Ten spins on each would take about two minutes so we have played slots for about eight minutes!

Pull up a Chair

We have reached the table games.  There are a few blackjack variations plus baccarat, three card rummy, and Pai Gow Poker.  One thing about blackjack: if you play your cards right, you have a very good chance to win more than your lose since the return to player rate is about 99.5%.

That rate assumes that you play with the best strategy.  Here is where unlimited free play comes in.  if you have chosen to add to your bucket list a blackjack variation such as 21 Face Up, you will need several free hands to get the hang of this form of blackjack.   You see, the gamer sees both of the dealer’s hands!

There are special rules in this variation so study up and practice well and enjoy each of the blackjack variations, all in good time!

Table games play a lot slower than slots since you have to really concentrate and think about your next move!  Let’s play one or two table games, one from the blackjack collection and one from the other three great table games.  If we play each game for five minutes, we will have played for 18 minutes!

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Video Poker is a Lot Like Poker!

Video poker is a variation of five card draw with a big extra payout for that rare Royal Flush that may come about once in 40,000 hands.  We have many variations of video poker and just as with blackjack, the return to player rate is about 99.5% which means that you can let your hair down and have a lot of fun at little risk with video poker.

This again assumes perfect strategy so use our free play option to get acquainted with every variation.  Let’s play video poker for 7 minutes to get us up to 25 minutes, leaving five minutes for a specialty game to round out a 30 minute session!

The Eclectic Specialty Games

There are a few games under the Specialty Games rubric that at first glance might seem out of place.  Let’s start with craps and roulette.  Why are these classic casino games considered specialty games at Jackpot Capital?

The simple reason is that at land-based casinos these games attract players who are very different than either slots players or blackjack and video poker players.

In What Way are these Players Different?

Players at the blackjack table or video poker terminals are often wrapped up in their own thought as these are these are the two most prominent game of skill at a casino.

Slots players tend to be immersed—even mesmerized—by the spinning reels.

Where is All that Noise Coming From?

But at a land-based casino there is a lot of whooping and hollering as players loudly exhort Lady Luck to shine on their parade.  Thus, at an online casino, craps and roulette seem to be a bit pedestrian.  For that reason, we place them in the specialty game category since they are very special games in their own right and gamers who try them out—in keeping with the parameters of our bucket list—find that they are very enjoyable games!

The two really unique games in the specialty games category are Fish Catch which is a fishing and ocean hunting game that gamers from all over the world can play in competition with each other and Banana Jones which is simply the most fun spoof of the Indiana Jones series of movies.

Banana Jones is our pudgy little hero who is on a quest to bring the Crystal Banana to a museum where it belongs!  When you win in this game Mr. Banana Jones will yoo hoo you to your and his heart’s delight!

The Bucket List Lives

So, you see a Jackpot Capital bucket list for the post-corona period is a great way to play all of the 300 or so games here over time.  You can play while ypou are on a real vacation, one you can take since you will no longer need to go to a land-based casino.

The mobile gaming platform we spoke about at the beginning of the article is a great modern way to play wherever you are.

In order to get the mobile platform we invite you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL CASINO NOW!

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