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How to Have the Most Fun Gaming at Jackpot Capital

It seems that every week we get at least one request to describe the strategy that will teach gamers how to win on slot machines.  We have answered this question before so we will just repeat our previous answer and then we will go on to describe strategies that will help you win other games on offer here at Jackpot Capital online casino.

Win on Slots by Having Fun!

This is the best strategy for winning at slots!  Slots are run by the random number generator.  In fact, all of the games at online casinos are run by the random number generator as are all of the games at terminals in land based casinos.  The significance of the RTG for slots, roulette, bingo, and all of the other games of chance is that these are entirely games of chance!

There simply isn’t any gaming strategy to help you win.  Therefore, the best way to play slots is to have a great time!

How to Have Fun Playing Slots

There are a few line items we can list to help you enjoy slots more:

  1. Always set up a reasonable gaming budget.
  2. Play a wide assortment of slots.
  3. Set up a reasonable time budget for gaming in general and specifically for slots.
  4. Do a little research into the themes of the slots you play.
  5. Enjoy the graphics, animation, and sound in the slots you play.

Let’s elaborate a bit on these line items.

Setting up Monetary and Time Budgets

The enjoyment you will get from playing slots is for all practical purposes in inverse proportion to your ability to not let slots play become an obsession.  We can say that about all forms of gaming from all of the games on offer at an online casino to video games to board games to playing sports.

It is always best to keep games in perspective.  Games are a lot more important to the average person in a modern, affluent society than they were just 100 years ago.  This is true even though people have been playing games for thousands of years!

In the modern world, it is finally possible to become obsessed with games!  We suggest setting time and money limits on your gaming so you can enjoy many other things during your free time.  Think about it: people nowadays have at least 48 hours of free time almost every weekend!  We never suggest that you devote all 48 hours to casino gaming.  This is what land- based casinos do with package deals to get you to spend two or three days at the casino.

In our view, winning at slots means keeping slots play in its proper perspective so you get to do a lot of other important things such as walking on the beach with a special someone, cooking a meal, gazing at the stars or hundreds of other activities that complement gaming!

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Playing a Lot of Slots

We have about 200 slots on offer!  Very few gamblers at land based casinos play even ten different slots in a long weekend!  They usually stick to one or two slots and that’s it!

We say that you “win” at slots when you avail yourself of the convenience of an online casino by going from game to game as you wish.  There are so many different themes, different bonuses within the games, different ways for the wild symbols to help you get wins, different levels of multipliers, and different sizes of jackpots!

Try as many slots as you can!  You will certainly find some slots that you really enjoy playing that you wouldn’t have ever played if you weren’t playing at Jackpot Capital.

Do Some Research

We have found that gamers who learn even a rudimentary amount about the theme of the slots they like to play enjoy the games more and fun is always the name of the game!

Enjoy Slots for their Own Sake

Graphics, animation and sound have never been better so enjoy them!  We introduce a new slot every month and they keep getting more and more graphically amazing!

How to Win at the Games of Skill

The two most prominent games of skill at Jackpot Capital are video poker and blackjack.  The return to player rates for both of these stellar games is very close to 100%.  That means that if you play correctly, you will end a session with either a small winning stack or a very minimally diminished stack.

The best winning strategy for both of these games of skill is to trust the statistical analyses of high powered computers that have studied thousands of hands and can tell you from the statistical point of view what the best move is in every situation.

Gamers who love poker really love poker and gamers who love blackjack really love blackjack and nothing is better to such players than playing for an hour and coming out a little ahead because of excellent play or just a smidgen behind because of slightly poor luck plus the miniscule house edge.

You can play these games for a year and still be very close to even with the house!

Some Decisions do Seem Weird

There are some decisions in both video poker and blackjack that seem to defy logic.  The point of trusting statistics is that the correct decision may be a tiny fraction better than the more obvious decision.  A case in point has to do with going for a Royal Flush in video poker even though you have a winning high pair!  The difference in the return for a Royal Flush over scoring the high pair win is a few thousand dollars!  In addition, you can always get another high pair despite the fact that you discarded one high pair in order to go for the big extra payout for a Royal Flush.

The Bottom Line on Strategy

In the end, you should always emphasize the fun side of gaming.  In the games of chance, especially slots, the fun side resides in always seeing the games as enjoyable pastimes along with many other enjoyable pastimes.

In the games of skill, the fun lies in making the correct decisions while playing games you love!

In both the games of skill and the games of chance the question as to how to win at these games is a bit off the mark.  The really best question is: How can I have the most fun playing online casino games at Jackpot Capital casino?  We hope that we have answered that question well!

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