Jackpot Capital Wishes Super Bonuses for Everyone

Every one of our thousands of gamers loves to get a deposit bonus or some free spins using the Jackpot Capital bonus codes. We run a lot of excellent promotions. We even run promotions every day.

We’re going to talk a little about bonuses, bonus codes, and promotions, and then we are going to have a little fun with the idea of what a bonus really is!

Why Does Jackpot Capital Use Bonus Codes?

This is a totally non-political thing but Jackpot Capital needs bonus codes to keep track of all of the information you as a gamer are producing! What information am I producing, you might ask.

Let’s see:

  1. All game results.
  2. Tracking the wagering requirement that accompanies online bonuses.
  3. Tracking your ever-growing comp points.

We operate a huge “room” with powerful computers so that we can track the progress of many, many thousands of gamers AT THE SAME TIME and in real time!

A bonus code is simply a computer code so that the computer knows that Sue is playing and not Joe.

What Game is Joe Playing?

Any one of the more than 300 games we have on offer! Joe and Sue (and Bill or George) can play one game one minute and switch to another game.


It is so much easier to play many different games at Jackpot Capital Online Casino than it is to diversify one’s playing at a land-based casino.

We offer a couple of hundred slots, many variations of blackjack and video poker, and a slew of other games.

Banana Jones is a Kind of Bonus

In the articles we publish weekly here at Jackpot Capital, we often mention Banana Jones. First because Banana himself is a cuddly little thing! We classify the game Banana Jones a specialty game.

Because we have unlimited space in cyberspace, we can run games that a land-based casino cannot afford to carry.

Thus, the very fact that our gamers can play Banana Jones is a bonus to said gamers!

Let’s Talk about Bonuses Outside of a Casino

Even the dictionary defines the term “bonus” as primarily something extra in the realm of finance. But the last of the several definitions of “bonus” is “something unexpected and good in its own right”.

Unexpected and good.

So, how many things can we think of that are a bonus in the sense of their being unexpected and good?

How about the Weather?

Mark Twain (not his real name; bonus points if you know his real name) famously said that: “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it”!

When you have planned a road trip vacation or a long vacation in one place, the weather is always the X factor. It could be too hot, too cold, rainy, snowy or perfect in all ways!

Perfect weather for a vacation is a huge bonus!

What Will the Traffic be Like?

You might be on that road trip vacation or just driving to work. Bad traffic is the bane of all motorists and good traffic is a boon to all motorists. Traffic that is much lighter than you could have reasonably expected is a great bonus!

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Let’s Try out the New Restaurant

Checking out a new restaurant is a chancy thing no matter what. So, if the food is great beyond belief, the service is super duper, the décor is just right, the ambience is exactly as you like it and the wine is both wonderful on your palate and not over-priced, that taken all together is a massive bonus!

Where Did I Put the Keys?

Now, keys could be a wallet, glasses, a ticket to a show, or anything else that you “have to” have. At the exact moment that you give up ever finding the lost or misplaced item someone, usually a kid, will reach between the cushions and there it is!

Now, that’s what we call a bonus!

People Don’t Like to Read Anymore

So, when a teacher assigns a “classic” for his or her students to read there is an audible low groan that ebbs and flows across the room. Still, there will always be a few students who get the book home, sit down on the sofa to try to slog through it, and are absolutely enthralled by it!

For them, unexpectedly loving a school reading assignment is a great bonus. For the others, not so much!

Have You Ever Been Chased by a Dog?

Let’s say that you are walking with friends or family in a very rural area and an unleashed dog of sizable size comes running at you, teeth bared and loud noises emanating from its mouth.

Fear and panic vie for prominence in this scenario. Then the dog senses that it has sufficiently scared you away and stops, turns around, and goes back home!

Bonus! This bonus has made grown people cry!

When a Bump is a Good Thing

You are flying to destination unimportant for the example. The plane will be crowded, there are babies and small children wailing even in the wailing, check that, waiting area. The flight is sure to be a nightmare.

Then, in order to make room in economy for a young couple the ticket agent offers you and spouse a free upgrade to business class.

Major bonus!

Used Book Store or Antique Store Valhalla

We go to used book stores for the fun of perusing stacks of books at discount prices never expecting to find that one book that we have been looking for for a very long time.

The same idea applies to antique stores; we never expect to find an item that perfectly complements our home, is priced reasonably, and fits comfortably in the car or suitcase.

Double bonus here!

When a Blind Date Translates into a Lifetime of Perfect Vision

We expect a blind date to be okay but not great. When it turns out to portend a lifetime of greatness, we have been blessed by a wonderful bonus.

Speaking about great vision, this writer recently underwent cataract surgery. The improvement in my vision is a bonus beyond all expectation!

Jackpot Capital is One Great Bonus in Itself

Games, security, bonuses, more games, safe and easy banking, and more bonuses. One of the truly great bonuses online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital and at all good online casinos is that it gives gamers the chance to take “real vacations”!

The first time you go for a long weekend to NATURE rather than to a land-based casino, you will know what a real vacation is!


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