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How to Make Video Poker Better

Jackpot Capital online casino is known as a top jackpot casino.  Still, we offer a lot of games that don’t have a huge jackpot or a progressive jackpot.  We offer so many games because we feel that gamers should seek a well-rounded gaming experience.

It is a lot easier to have a well-rounded gaming experience online at Jackpot Capital casino since all of our games are easily accessible at the tap or swipe of your finger!  At land based casinos, gamers hoard their seat at their favorite game but at Jackpot Capital there is no seat hoarding for two reasons.  First, there are no seats in cyberspace!  Second, you can just switch games at will!

We Recommend Video Poker

We offer several variations of video poker and we also offer multi-hand video poker.  Many gamers love poker!  They play poker with friends fairly often.  The games they play with friends are….friendly!  Real poker against opponents you don’t know is often not friendly.

The casino alternative for gamers who love poker but don’t like the sometimes cutthroat real poker environment is video poker.  If you love poker, you probably already play video poker.  If you just like poker, you may not have discovered the fun side of video poker especially if you have usually played slots at a land based casino.

Hoarding and all!

Let’s Make Video Poker Better

There are ways to make video poker even more fun and rewarding.  Let’s start with video poker strategy.

The Strategy in Video Poker is Very Straightforward

When we say that the strategy is very straightforward, we don’t mean that it is always obvious.  The best strategy takes into account the extra bonus for getting a Royal Flush and the much higher rewards for a straight flush, a full house, and a flush.  There are many hands where the best strategy is to go for one of these higher paying hands, especially the Royal Flush, even if it means giving up a winning pair.

This is how this strategy works.  If you have four high cards that are suited, you should give up a pair and go for the Royal Flush.  What happens if you don’t get the Royal Flush?  You might pair up your jack, queen, king, or ace and win.  You might fill a straight even though it’s not a Royal Flush.  You could fill the flush.  You could get a 9 and complete a straight flush.

In other words, getting four to a flush is a powerhouse hand even if you don’t complete the Royal Flush!

Strategy in “Real” Poker is Far from Straightforward

This really is the key difference between video poker and poker.  In poker, the possibility of a bluff is present on every hand, even on every bet!  The possibility of a bluff happening with every bet means that whatever strategy a player might use, he or she still has to account for the vagaries of bluffs.

There aren’t any bluffs in video poker.  You play strictly against the pay table!  That’s why there are many situations where it is better to give up a winning pair in order to go for a better paying hand.  Computers have analyzed many millions of hands in video poker and we now know the best next move for every dealt hand.

Take the Time to Learn Advanced Strategy for Video Poker

You can play using a card that will indicate your best move.  We would like you to understand that actually learning the strategy hierarchy is a lot better and makes video poker better.  It involves teaching yourself to understand exactly why every move you make is the best move for that situation.

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Build up Your Self-confidence

There are often aspects of our daily lives that reward us in ways we had not expected.  This is the essence of self-confidence.  Some people think that they are telegraphing self-confidence when they are just telegraphing haughtiness.  Real self-confidence exudes confidence.

This is not just a tautology.  The key to being truly self-confidence is not trying to show it.  Athletes exude self-confidence because they know that they are prepared to the fullest extent for the present situation.  The same applies to musicians, actors, and businesspeople in a negotiation!

Simply learning the strategy for the video poker variation you want to play can play a big role in developing that level of self-confidence that will help you in your professional life.

What if I am Not a Professional?

Everyone is a professional!  Here is a story that Robert Townsend told in his monumental book from the 1960’s called Up the Organization.  He was in a city and took a ride in a taxi.  He asked the taxi driver for his business card so he could schedule more rides with the driver but the driver didn’t have a business card.

Townshend told the driver that he could become a professional taxi driver, working on a pre-set schedule, and he needed a business card as a simple first step toward that goal.

A year later Townshend was once again in that city and called the driver who proudly told him that he was working almost exclusively on a pre-set schedule of rides!

So even if you think you're not a professional today, you can become a professional by thinking and acting like one.

Understand the Random Number Generator (RNG)

This is the software that determines the outcome of every hand in video poker.  It also determines the outcomes in video slots which means all slots these days.  At Jackpot Capital, since we are a digital casino, the RNG determines every outcome of every game.  This is different at land based casinos where players can play blackjack with reals cards, roulette with real wheel and ball, and craps with real dice.

By internalizing the reality of the RNG, players can avoid all of the pitfalls that beset many gamers.

  1. The RNG doesn’t know what happened on any previous hand so there is no such thing in video poker as a hand being “due” to occur.
  2. The RNG continuously runs in the background so it is impossible to “time” it to give a better result.
  3. Any betting system that isn’t based on pure statistics will ultimately fail.
  4. The RNG is a complex piece of software but gamers don’t have to know all of its inner workings.  You simply need to accept it and follow the statistical patterns it creates.
  5. Even if you follow the statistical patterns the RNG creates, you won’t win every hand!  But you will enjoy a return to player rate that is very close to 100%!

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