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How Has Coronavirus Changed the Way We Look at Jackpot Capital?

The coronavirus is keeping more and more people indoors.  Except for the few stores that we can’t live without, such as groceries, stores are closed for the time being.

This has led many gamers to discover Jackpot Capital online casino, a foremost mobile jackpot casino.  In the interest of making people feel at home at our casino, we will talk about things gamers need to know when they join Jackpot Capital casino.

It’s Gaming Not Gambling

One of the first things people who come to our casino from the world of land based gambling is that they can enjoy a much more relaxed gaming atmosphere online than they knew at land based casinos.

Sure, there are flashing lights, bells and whistles at land based casinos but they are there to fool gamblers into thinking that they are at a party when they are actually a captive gambling audience! 

Land Based Gambling is an Excursion

People who travel to a land based casino usually go for three days or more.  This puts a lot of pressure on gamblers to get their money’s worth which means to gamble a lot.  Online, you can play our games for a half an hour to several hours.  We encourage all of our gamers to see gaming as one of many forms of entertainment.

At a land based casino, unless you have a lot of money for show tickets, the only entertainment is found on the casino floor.  Unfortunately, on the casino floor, just wandering around, are gamblers who used up their bankroll and have nothing to do.  The bells and whistles and the whopping and hollering from the roulette and craps tables are encouraged because they tend to drown out the lack of fun that so many gamblers experience.

So, the first and most important lesson new gamers should learn is that online gaming is gaming while land based gambling is gambling.

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There is no Need to Hoard

Especially in the Time of Coronavirus, when the news is filled with stories of people who are hoarding anything from toilet paper to sanitary wipes, we have to point out that the culture of hoarding a terminal that is so well known at land based casinos does not exist at all at Jackpot Capital or any other online casinos!

Cyberspace is truly wondrous!  We can accommodate a million gamers at the same time—easily!  How many people can comfortably fit into a land based casino?  Of course, it depends on the size of the casino.  The really big ones can accommodate a lot of people but no land based casino can hold a million people!

And if we needed to skootch over to make room for a billion people, we could do that too!

Jackpot Capital Adds Games Every Month

Cyberspace has another great benefit that land based casinos can only wish for futilely.  We can add games every month without taking out any other games!  Land based casinos don’t have empty floor space so if they want to put in another game, they have to take one out.

Land based casinos have huge banks of slots and video poker terminals.  These terminals take up a lot less space than a roulette or craps table or blackjack and baccarat tables.  So, a land based casino will have a reduced number of blackjack tables and it is rare indeed for a land based casino to add a blackjack table and take out several slots terminals!

Online Casinos are Available Every Day

Some might say that this is a disadvantage; that there is too much gaming at online casinos and that land based casino gamblers are in better control of their gambling.  In fact, the opposite is the case!  Land based casinos encourage gamblers to play too long by tricking them into losing track of time and by bringing them free alcohol.

The freedom to play every day actually released gamers from the feeling that they have get as much gambling in as possible.  In this way, online gaming is a truer form of gaming while land based gambling is a truer form of gambling.

Bonuses Come with a Wagering Requirement

This actually makes it possible to get more deposit bonuses at Jackpot Capital than at a land based casino.  The wagering requirement says that a gamer has to bet a factor of the bonus before she or he can withdraw winnings.  This is very hard to do at a land based casino but at an online casino, gamers have plenty of time to fulfill the wagering requirement.

The point is that online casinos offer gamers plenty of time to enjoy all of the benefits of gaming.  Gamers can join tournaments that may last a week or more; they can participate in month-long promotions; and they can slowly but surely grow their account of comp points.

Safety and Security

When you play at an online casino, you naturally send money through the internet. Any company that accepts payments via the internet has to have the most sophisticated encryption software to guard against data or money theft.

Jackpot Capital casino is in the same situation as Amazon and thousands of other companies that rely on internet commerce.  Your money is absolutely safe at Jackpot Capital.  Our encryption software is as powerful as the encryption software that banks and other financial institutions use.

The Random Number Generator Decides Every Game

All of our games are digital.  That means that there is no actual machine that turns; no actual dealer to deal real cards; no actual roulette wheel or ball; and no real dice.

In order to believe in the online casino, gamers need to be assured by an outside concern with no financial interest in the matter that the RNG is in good working order and that all outcomes are entirely random.

This allows gamers to play with full faith in the veracity of any game.  It also tends to make gamers believe that there is no gambling system that can work at an online casino. 

This is not the same as correct strategies.  The games of skill do have sound strategies for every possible hand but they are not a gambling system.  A gambling system will dictate how you bet after a win and how you bet after a loss.  Strategy dictates how you should proceed in the hand you are playing.

Jackpot Capital Wishes Everyone a Good Outcome

We hope and pray that all people who have not contracted the virus will stay healthy; everyone who has contracted the virus will recover; and that everyone who is taking care of an elderly parent will be able to have many more fun and rewarding years with their parents.

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