Some Jackpots at Jackpot Capital Get up to Seven Figures

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

When we talk about slots at Jackpot Capital online casino, we actually mean a few different things. To start, we need to talk about jackpots slots. And, when we talk about jackpots, we have to differentiate between progressive jackpots and random jackpots and simply the largest jackpot a slots game offers.

In addition, we also need to talk about variance, bonus free spins, and the huge strides online casinos have made in graphics and animation. Finally, as part of the discussion about graphics and animation, we have to talk about mobile slots which these days are the straw that stirs the Jackpot Capital casino slots “drink”.

Are All Progressive Jackpot Slots Created Equal?

Not at all!

Some have multi-million dollar payouts and some are much less lucrative. But all progressive jackpots have the singular element of progressivity.

This means that the jackpot grows according to a formula built into the jackpot itself. The most common formula for the growth of a progressive jackpot is that the jackpot is seeded across the game provider’s network. As broad as the international reach of Jackpot Capital casino is, we cannot compete in terms of reach with Real Time Gaming which is our game provider and also the game provider for many other casinos.

How Does Real Time Gaming Grow a Progressive Jackpot?

Basically, RTG (as the game provider is known far and wide) takes a couple of pennies from every bet made anywhere in the world and puts it towards the big jackpot.

Thus, any gamer, anywhere in the cyberspace world of online casinos will contribute a penny or two for every spin they make on a progressive slot game. It also means that people playing these slots at land based casinos will also contribute a couple of pennies per spin.

It follows that a player cannot contribute to the jackpot if they bet “only” a penny per spin and all progressive jackpots require the player to bet the maximum in order to be able to win the jackpot.

Part of the Fun of Playing for a Progressive Jackpot is Watching the Meter

The meter can move up very quickly! There are some progressive jackpots that have a time limit on them. At a given moment the jackpot has to hit somewhere. These jackpots attract a massive amount of money as the deadline approaches.

Therefore, the meter for these slots literally races higher. The meter for any progressive jackpot that is supported by a network will rise quickly!

How Does Variance Affect Playing Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots tend to have high variance. That means that gamers get fewer winning spins but that the average winning spin brings a higher payout than the average winning spin in low or medium variance slots.

Gamers who like to win often usually prefer lower variance slots. However, a lot of gamers who usually play low variance slots also like to play progressive slots. The key here is sensible budgeting. Responsible budgeting for gaming is a part of responsible household budgeting in general.

Another aspect of sensible budgeting is that in order to win the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline. For many gamers, this adds too much to their gaming budget so they might play ten spins on a progressive jackpot game and then go to a different game.

Our excellent mobile gaming platform lends itself perfectly to gamers who would like to play just a few spins in pursuit of a big jackpot win. A lot of mobile gaming is done in short sessions while the player is waiting in line somewhere or just taking a needed break from work.

We always urge gamers to set a reasonable budget for gaming. Such a budget should include a specific amount toward as progressive jackpot if you are inclined to play these slots. There is the chance that a gamer will get caught up in the excitement of possibly winning a huge seven figure progressive jackpot. This is especially true as many gamers flock to that slot from all over the world as the jackpot races ever higher and the meter is spinning wildly!

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Please Tell Us about Graphics and Animation

These are the elements that give so many modern slots their signature popularity and attraction. Graphics for online slots have come such a long way since the first online casinos entered cyberspace about 25 years ago!

It is quite true that there are many more slots without a progressive jackpot but that do have amazing graphics and animation. Gamers flock to these slots too. In fact, the return to player rate may be the same for a progressive jackpot slots and one without the big jackpot but their “real” return to player rate may be much higher in the nun-progressive slot.

Progressive slots tend to have higher variance which means that there are fewer winning spins but those winning spins return more money per win. gamers who play progressive slots basically “share” the payouts with the smaller number of winners.

How Do Gamers Win the Progressive Jackpot?

Gamers win these big jackpots in the same way they win any game at either an online casino or a land based casinos: in the games of chance, gamers win by being lucky; in the games of skill, you need both luck and skill to win.

The key to understanding how games at online casinos work is to understand the Random Number Generator or RNG. This is software that determines the outcome of every game randomly. At online casinos, since everything is computerized we need the RNG to decide the fate of every hand or spin.

At land based casinos, the RNG is used for games that are played at a terminal, primarily slots and video poker. The RNG can be calibrated to create wins at a specified rate but the RNG is still random. That means that despite its calibration, a game can be won more often or less often.

Land based casinos calibrate their progressive jackpots to win less often than online casinos do simply because land based casinos have much higher operating expenses. This is true of all games where the game can be calibrated. Live games at land based casinos are not dependent on a RNG so players win them based on proper strategy or simply good luck.

Some Progressive Jackpots are Much Smaller than the Really Big Ones

There are progressive jackpots occasionally in other games other than the big slots. At Jackpot Capital, the three Caribbean Poker games have a progressive jackpot that they share with each other. This jackpot is won by making a side bet. The player doesn’t have to make this side bet. Most gamers who play the Caribbean Poker games also play the side best because they lend an air of excitement to the games.

Jackpot Capital Has a Lot More to Offer in Addition to Progressive Jackpots

We would like to invite you to sign up to play at Jackpot Capital and to see the vast array of games and promotions we run in addition to progressive jackpot games. There is a good reason why so many gamers stick with Jackpot Capital once they have signed up to play here.

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