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How to Get the Most Enjoyment from Playing Slots

There is a lot more to think about than just clicking on “spin” when you go for a slot machine jackpot.   Slots are great fun!  Most of the gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino prefer slots over the many other games we carry.  So, in this article, we will give a few tips for slots players.

Now, we have given tips to slots players in the past!  The tips we will give here are “new tips” in the sense that we haven’t spoken about them a lot in the past.  So hold onto your hat; here they come!

Pay Attention to Promotions

Slots players do have a tendency to curl up to play and to simply play!  We send messages about impromptu promotions so before you start to paly please open your email account and look to see if there is a special promotion you would like to join.

We also offer many ongoing promotions.  Once again, if you are settling in to play on one of the days of the week when we offer a bonus promotion, you might want to take us up on the offer!  After all, if you have budgeted for $50 to play slots, why not double that amount with a deposit bonus?

Here are the daily bonus promotions we offer.  You can get all the details right there on the link from the home page.

  1. Tuesday on the Go
  2. Wednesday Surprise bonus
  3. Guess what day it Is
  4. Friday Bonus Draw
  5. Saturday Night Fever

Online Casino Promotions versus Land Based Casino Promotions

As an online casino, Jackpot Capital casino offers promotions that you can take today and use next week!  If you will be on vacation next week with the kids (or too busy finishing a work project to take the time to play), you can use the bonus you take today in two weeks or in two months! 

Now, you can also get a bonus at a land based casino.  In order to use the bonus money next week or next month at a land based casino, you would have to travel back to the casino!  The cost of travelling might be greater than the bonus!  It’s so much easier to “travel” to Jackpot Capital by simply curling up on your sofa with our stellar mobile casino gaming platform!

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Enter Tournaments

Almost everyone who plays slots or any other casino game has to set a monetary budget for gaming.  Playing in slots tournaments is a great way to manage your gaming budget well.  The entry fee for most tournaments is a few dollars.  Some are entirely free!  It is true that the prize pools for slots tournaments are small.  So what!  The idea is to play for fun and tournaments are great fun!

Play Progressive Slots in Moderation

Haven’t we heard this tired old chestnut a million times: Everything in moderation?  Well, the fact of the matter is that the tired old chestnut is very good advice, thank you!  It applies to almost everything we do!  We like to eat cake but in moderation, please.  We like to stay up late streaming tv shows, but in moderation, please.

You get the idea!  In order to be able to win the big progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  So, unless you are as wealthy as Bill Gates, you should play progressive jackpot slots in moderation.   Keep in mind that someone wins a progressive slot jackpot almost every day!  It is far from impossible to win one!  But we still recommend that you spin a few spins on progressive jackpot slots and spin a lot of spins on any of the 200 or so slots we offer that don’t have a progressive jackpot!

Play a Lot of Different Games

This is one of the pieces of advice that we do repeat pretty often.  Especially now, when so many former players at land based casinos have joined Jackpot Capital because of the shutdowns, we feel that we should repeat this advice as often as we can!

Land based slots players have a strong tendency to play one slot for the entire gaming session!  At a land based casino, a gaming session might last hours!  Players who like land based casinos go there for a couple of days at a time or a long weekend.  They feel the need to play and play and play in order to get their money’s worth.  And they are also afraid of losing their seat at their favorite game so they tend to not try out any other games!

At Jackpot Capital, you can “enter” the casino whenever the mood suits you!  By gaming on our excellent mobile platform, you can enter the casino a few times a day!  Not that we recommend it!  But if you have a couple of free minutes why not use those free minutes to take your spins on a progressive jackpot?

Later on, when you are all curled up at home, we highly recommend that you go from slot to slot and even from game genre to game genre.  You will discover the great “world of gaming” we offer here at Jackpot Capital!

At land based casinos, most players only hear the world of gaming on offer in the bells and whistles all around them or the whooping and hollering that emanate from the roulette and craps tables, as they spin their favorite slot for the umpteenth time!

Play Slowly

This is a really hard one for most slots players.  The game, by its nature is a fast moving game!  Slots players love the sound and animation.  Some are impatient to get to the free spins bonus round where they know the payouts are higher because of extra value in the wild symbols, multipliers, or both!

We advise taking your time to savor the games as much as you play them!  This is so much easier to do at home where you can set an alarm for, let’s say, ten minutes which reminds you to take the laundry out of the machine, to stir the soup or the lasagna sauce, to check the cake, to dust a few pieces of furniture, or to answer a few tweets.

Then you can come back to the games!

It is infinitely harder to play slots at a slower pace when you are at a land based casino!  For one thing, there are no domestic chores you have to do when you’re at a land based casino!  For another, players always want to get their money’s worth and for many that means playing a lot and playing fast!

Always Remember to take Your Player’s Card when You Finish Playing

Oh, my goodness!  This advice is strictly for players at land based casinos.  We might add that you should never leave money or credits in the machine!  This happens quite often at land based casinos as a player will find himself or herself falling asleep at the wheel so to speak and leaves without finishing the number of credits or forgetting to take their player’s card!

Overdoing the free alcohol often contributes to this land based casino phenomenon!

Forgetting your player’s card cannot happen at Jackpot Capital since you don’t have a card!  You enjoy all of the benefits of having a player’s card without the hassle of always remembering to take it.  We operate everyone’s cards automatically! 

Oh, the power of computers!

There Really are a Lot of Advantages to Gaming at an Online Casino!

This is true of all of the games at online casinos.  They have higher return to player rates because they have less overhead.  This is especially true in slots!  Some games, like blackjack and video poker have detailed strategies for every variation because the house uses a standard deck of cards.

In slots, only the random number generator knows when to stop spinning.  But every casino sets the return to player rate on every game!  At land based casinos, the rate is lower because they have to pay so many employees and other everyday costs that casinos without walls, such as Jackpot Capital, don’t have!

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