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How to Balance Gaming and Everyday Life: Take up a Hobby

As much as we love to have gamers flock to play at our jackpot casino, we also want our gamers to keep casino gaming in perspective.  This is one of the reasons why we feel that gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is better than frequently travelling to a land based casino.

It is simply so much easier to keep gaming in its proper perspective when you can play for an hour or so and feel that you got all the casino gaming you need.  At a land based casino, players are often not satisfied with hours on the casino floor so they play on, long after they are too tired to make good decisions.

What a Hobby Can Do for You

We always say that online casino gaming is a pastime and that it is one of many pastimes we can enjoy.  We also have many home and work responsibilities.  These are not strictly speaking pastimes.  They are better seen as responsibilities.

Hobbies are the classic pastimes that simply fill the time.  The classic hobbies are collections such as stamps and coins.  Some people collect matchbooks, napkins, baseball cards, flowers, and many other things.  Nothing is really too odd to collect as long as it remains a pastime and doesn’t become an obsession.

In this article, we would like to describe a few interesting hobbies that you may not have thought of.  These hobbies, along with the classics, will by their very nature, help you keep your gaming in perspective even as your personal, family, and work responsibilities keep your hobbies in perspective.

Fixing Things

As troubling as the personality of the main character in the television series Doc Martin is, he has an interesting hobby: he fixes clocks.  These are much bigger timepieces than simple watches and a person who fixes clocks can then hang them up in their house.  If you fix some cuckoo clocks, you will be serenaded every hour!

There are many things we can “fix” as a hobby.  There are people whose hobby is to fix bicycles, furniture, computers, televisions, pottery, and a slew of other things.  In short, anything that can break may have someone out there whose hobby is to fix it!

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Making Miniatures

This is one of the more painstaking hobbies and the people who make miniature rooms or houses simply love the attention to detail they have to have in order to make good miniatures.  We don’t know of any study but it could be that people who have hobbies that require very close attention to detail prefer playing the games of skill over the games of chance.

Making miniatures is an offshoot of putting models together but the main differences are that models are much bigger and usually come in a kit while the people who make miniatures often make every item in their display.

Learning to Read Different Alphabets

This is completely different than learning to speak different languages.  There are hundreds of languages and a very large number of alphabets.  Anyone who learns to read an alphabet can then read in that language.  You will need a lot of time to be able to understand what you have read but it takes a lot less time to understand the written word than to actually speak a language.

You might not know that the Native-Americans who lived in North America when Europeans starting exploring and settling the land had very complex languages but no written alphabet.  The languages were so complex that European settlers, whose languages were off shoots either of Latin or German, could not learn any of the Native-American languages.

These languages also had very long words and place names.  In the United States, there are many place names that even today are very long words such as Massachusetts and Connecticut but these are shortened versions of the Native-American names!

Cooking and Baking

These hobbies are decidedly not interchangeable!  People who like to cook often do not like to bake and vice versa.  The attraction in both sets of food preparation hobbies is that you can learn to cook or bake in a large number of styles.  There is a big difference between French pastry and German confection and there is a huge difference between Chinese cuisine and Cajun cooking.

Who remembers the first thing the man newly exonerated by the court in a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy in the movie JFK said to the press?  He was from Louisiana so he said, “I shall make some etouffee”.

People who like to cook also like to collect cookbooks.  They may consult the internet for an idea or a recipe but these people also love to curl up on their sofa and leaf through a cookbook or two!  Gamers love to curl up on their comfortable sofa to play a few online casino games on our mobile platform!  This may be a marriage made in heaven for gamers and exotica cooks or bakers!


This may not seem like much of a hobby.  Most people look at hobbies as fun activities in one’s free time but that the activity has to have a purpose.  To people who like to tinker, tinkering has a definite purpose.  A tinkerer might take apart a pen, or anything else for that matter, and just look at the different parts.  Some inventions have been found by tinkerers but for the most part tinkerers just like tinkering.

Going to Fairs and Festivals

This fits well with our oft-mentioned advice to play casino games online and to save travelling time and money for “real vacations”.  In every developed country there are many local and national fairs and festivals.  Unless you live at the end of the world, you are within easy driving time of many fairs.  In the United States, until the corona virus put a damper on county and state fairs, every county and state had its own fair, usually in the late spring or early September.

You might think that every county or state fair is the same but they aren’t.  Each one has its unique atmosphere and some people love going to a fair every summer weekend.

Visiting Small Towns

This si a kissing cousin of the hobby of going to county and state fairs.  Every coubnrty has many more small town stahn big ciites.  Small towns often have  a lot more charm than the nearest big city.  People who live in big cities or cookie-cutter suburbs often like exploring small towns.  In the United States, a trip to a small town often reveals local gems that most tourists and even many locals don’t know about.

Maintaining Perspective

As much as we like to welcome new gamers to the Jackpot Capital fold, we also like to help our gamers keep gaming in perspective.  As we said above, gaming is just one of many excellent pastimes, hobbies, or activities you can enjoy in your free time.

For our part, Jackpot Capital has about 300 great games, endless promotions, and a great gaming atmosphere either on desktop or on our mobile gaming platform.

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