Jewels Adorn Every Screen in Jackpot Capital's New Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe

Celebrate the Life, Loves, and Great Wealth of Cleopatra One of History's Most Iconic Figures

June 16th will be a banner day at Jackpot Capital online casino because on that day we will launch Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe, the latest Egypt-themed slot from our exclusive game provider Real Time Gaming (RTG).   New players here can avail themselves of our Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus.

After that, the online casino gaming oyster is your world!  We run promotions almost every day and we do everything we can to make online gaming as fun and entertaining as possible.

Jackpot Capital Casino Brings out a New Slot Every Month

Actually, it is more about the fine and creative teams over at RTG that allows us to introduce a new slot every month.  Slots have certainly undergone a great revolution in the digital era.  Before the digital era, slots were physical machines with very little that was actually creative about them.

Slots were all about the cherries, the bars, and the sevens!  Today, gamers expect a lot more from the slots they play and Jackpot Capital casino, in cooperation with RTG, gives our gamers that extra element!

How are Slots Different in the Modern Era?

Every new slot that comes out has to have a storyline!  This is a lot more difficult to accomplish than you might think.  Although there is an infinite number of storylines available to the creative teams at RTG, the teams also have to come up with the symbols, the background, the sound effects, and great graphics and animation.

In addition, gamers expect wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and many more elements that make modern slots so exciting and fun to play!

What is the Storyline in Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe?

Cleopatra was an historical figure.  Although she lived only 40 years, she packed a great deal of activity and notoriety into those 40 years!

Cleopatra came from a Greek royal dynasty.  Greece, Turkey, and Egypt share the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea which is not oceanic by any means.  Historically, that has meant that these three countries were intertwined with each other as palace intrigues, wars, and cultures mixed, mingled, and conflicted in a historical mulligatawny of sorts!

Cleopatra was married to her brother at a very young age!  This may seem scandalous to us today but it may have been more pronounced over 2000 years ago!  Even in the 19th century, the royal houses of Europe were all intermingled with each other by marriage!

Cleopatra and her brother’s father had left them as equal partners in the running of Egypt; co-rulers if you like.  Well, Cleopatra didn’t “like” and she staged a coup when she was 21 years old.  The coup attempt failed and her brother banished Cleopatra from Alexandria, their ancestral home.

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Here is Where Cleopatra’s Life Takes on a Legendary Aspect

Julius Caesar at that time was a leading Roman general and Rome, as the most powerful nation in that part of the world, had a kind of soft control over Egypt.  He came to Alexandria to check things out; Cleopatra got wind of the arrival of the Roman general; and she contrived to have herself brought to him hidden in a gunny sack, or a rug as legend has it!

From their first encounter, Julius Caesar wanted nothing more than Cleopatra!  It was from her liaison with Julius Caesar and later with Marc Antony, that Cleopatra amassed enormous wealth.

And that is the theme of Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe!  There are jewels in almost every symbol.  The only symbol that isn’t either a jewel, a bejeweled piece to be worn, or a number or royal symbol with embedded jewels, is the pyramid!  This symbol is the iconic symbol of Egypt!  It serves in the slot as the scatter symbol.

What about the Wild Symbol, the Free Spins, and More?

Yes, there is a wild symbol in Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe!  There are free spin, too!  And, yes, there is a lot more!

The Cleopatra symbol is the wild.  In the regular game, all wins with the help of the Cleopatra symbol are doubled.  All wins in the free spins bonus round are tripled!  When you get three or more scatters, you go to the bonus round.  If you are lucky and get three scatters while you are spinning the free spins, they retrigger!

We Want More!

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe has 243 ways to win in the regular game.  This means that you decide on your betting level and you can win many more ways than you can count on your fingers and toes!

Finally, although this was far from an afterthought over at RTG, there is a progressive jackpot!  When any gamer, in the eastern Mediterranean or in the coldest part of Siberia, gets five wild symbols, the progressive jackpot takes flight!  Since there are so many gamers playing this great new slot, the progressive jackpot will grow fast and will be won quite often!

How Did Egypt Become so Important?

The simple answer is the Nile River. The river runs for a couple of thousand miles in Egypt and overflowed every year as the snow in the mountains of Ethiopia melted.  This gave water and silt to the desert lands.  Thus, Egypt had enough food to feed a larger population and, as we learn from the Bible, the people to the north who had very little water for irrigation came to Egypt to get food during the droughts that affected those lands often!

Cleopatra is One of Many Iconic Figures at Jackpot Capital

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