What Hath Mobile Casino Gaming Wrought?

What is the Effect of Mobile Casino Gaming?

Jackpot Capital online casino is one of the leading online casinos for many good reasons.  The main reasons are the size and variety of our games library, the safety of the way gamers send and receive money, our top customer service office which never closes, and many other obvious reasons for the popularity of Jackpot Capital casino.

There is, however, one reason that often is overlooked and should not be overlooked: Jackpot Capital is a great mobile jackpot casino! Mobile gaming was not always something to write home about!  Just as the first mobile telephones were giant, heavy monstrosities that only the wealthy could afford, the early online mobile platforms and games left a lot to be desired.

The graphics were poor; the animation less than poor; everything was slow; and, because the games were all reformatted from desktop software, the games didn’t have a natural look to them.

All of that has changed dramatically at Jackpot Capital! These days, our mobile gaming platform is so good that a clear majority of online casino gaming at our casino is done on the mobile platform.  Where the graphics were at one time mediocre, today they are stellar.  Where at one time animation was comedic in a not very funny way, today a lot of the game play of slots is based on animation!

Exploding wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, cascading reels, characters that talk to gamers, celebrate good times come on when you win a jackpot and the reels seem to dance with you, and much more are signs that we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto, as far as mobile casino gaming is concerned!

It Would be Nice if Someone Could Explain All this to Us

In fact, there is someone who can and has explained the mobile gaming phenomenon to us!  His name is Marshall McLuhan who was a philosopher and cultural observer.  His writing was somewhat turgid, dense, and difficult but he is remembered for one statement that continues to animate analyses of social phenomena.

That statement is: The medium is the message”.

What Does that Mean?

The point as McLuhan saw it is that the medium of communication was the most decisive factor in a large range of social interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  Before technology came about as a means of communication, people spoke to each other directly.

In his great book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig talked about the way people communicated in the past by just sitting together and talking often about nothing significant.  In the days before technology, people spoke directly to each other.

The telephone changed that!  With the telephone, people could speak to each other without being in the same place!  This was a revolutionary innovation and it changed society in ways the social scientists are still discovering.

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How Does this Relate to Online Casino Gaming?

That, of course, is the main question of this discourse!  We know that most online casino gaming is done these days on an online casino’s mobile gaming platform.  We know that there are even some land based casinos that offer a mobile gaming platform so people can continue to play “at the casino” when they are not actually “at the casino”!

A good mobile gaming platform, such as the one at Jackpot Capital, allows gamers to play casino games in a much more comfortable setting.  In the original days of casino gaming, people had to travel to a land based casino.  They sat at terminals or at the blackjack table.  They stood around the roulette and craps tables.

Land based casinos marketed themselves as exciting and exotic gaming emporia!  People looked forward to a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City when casinos were located only in a very few places.

Online Casinos Changed All That!

At the online casino, gamers could stay home and play.  There was no need to travel to a casino while incurring unnecessary costs.  But the early online casinos were all designed for desktop computers which were convenient but no more comfortable than the seat at a terminal in land based casino.

Mobile Came along and an Explosion Occurred

The key to the significance of mobile is that it is pervasive in modern society.  Where once just a few people owned a mobile phone and the phones were far from “smart”, now kids have their own phones.  A lot of kids get a phone for a coming of age birthday!  At one time, it was possible for The New Yorker to run a cartoon about people getting together at a restaurant and each was on his or her cell phone!

Nowadays, that phenomenon is so common that few people think about it at all.  If you’re out with friends and you need to use your smartphone, you should!  It is socially acceptable to do so!

It took only improvements in mobile gaming technology to get people off of their computer chair and onto their sofa or even into bed!   Mobile gaming can be a romantic interlude for couples.  Couples can play while snuggling together on the sofa or in bed.  The dynamic of mobile gaming may not have completely changed the way couples interact but it has added a layer of intimacy to their relationship that never existed before.

Online and Mobile Casinos are Conduits of Exciting Gaming

The medium we are talking about is mobile casino gaming.  The message it delivers is that while casino gaming at a desktop may not be comfortable enough for many people, casino gaming from a modern smart mobile device is comfortable enough for most people.  That means that there are a lot more people playing casino games online through the mobile platforms than played casino games in the past.

Jackpot Capital Encourages Fun

We recognize that some people have a hard time keeping gaming in its proper perspective.  We invite you to look through our extensive library of online and mobile casino articles.  You will see the extent to which we encourage fun above all else.

Land based casinos say that they are fun places to gamble but they push gambling more than fun!  They encourage overly long gambling sessions by having no clocks or windows.  They encourage poor judgement by offerings free alcoholic drinks.

Jackpot Capital encourages relatively short gaming sessions since we are available in a 24/7/365 basis.  We encourage gamers to stop playing when they get hungry or tired.  We encourage gamers to delay drinking any alcoholic drinks until after they have ended a gaming session.

Since the medium is the message, we encourage anyone who is not yet a member of the Jackpot Capital “family” to


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