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How to Determine Which Type of Online Casino Gamer You Are

Online casino gaming has taken a large share of the gaming headlines in the last few months because of the lockdowns.   The number of new gamers has reached such high levels that it is not possible to pigeon hole gamers into facile categories such as gamers who play jackpot slots as opposed to others who play games of skill.

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we like to know who our gamers are.  This is true both of the long time gamers and the new ones who are refugees of a sort from the land based casino gambling they preferred in the past.

So, here is a look at various types of online casino gamers and what each type means.

I Like to Play for Fun

We, at Jackpot Capital Casino, always say that the primary reason for gaming at an online casino is to simply have fun!  This was true long before the corona virus hit land based casinos! 

A player who plays for fun will find it easy to budget a reasonable amount of time and money for online gaming.  Since these players are “at home” in the sense that they are not holed away at a land based casino for a few days, they have many other opportunities to “have fun”.  Online gaming is just one of these many ways to have fun.

So, they budget the correct length of time to play and then go on to another fun or necessary activity.

These gamers also know how to budget the correct amount of money for a gaming session.  They are not chasing money, they are chasing fun!  In other contexts, fun can be watching a sporting event at a sports bar, going to a concert, eating with friends at a nice restaurant, or having a backyard barbecue with friends and family.

For each of these fun activities and many others, we budget how much money we would like to spend and how much we can spend.  Online gamers who say that they play for fun fall into the same happy category.

This contrasts with land based gamers who come to the casino for a few days and come for the excitement and the chance to gamble long into the night.  These gamers find it very hard to impossible to budget time and money for gambling responsibly.

It is always best to play for fun!

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I Play to Win

The gamer who plays to win is the most likely to extend a gaming session “until I get even again”.  These gamers will also be more likely to add to their preset bankroll if they hit a streak of bad luck.

This is far more common at land based casinos than at online casinos but it is a serious problem for online gaming as well.  We at Jackpot Capital take responsible gaming very seriously. 

We urge all gamers to change their attitude if need be from the “I play to win” approach to an “I play for fun” approach.

I am a Woman Who Wants to Play without Getting Hit On

Women at land based casinos can get hit on by men who are looser with their moral meter when they are at a casino or by a man who has had too much free alcohol.  At an online casino, women will not be hassled in this way at all! 

Online casinos do need to do more to attract women gamers.  Women do make up a majority of slots players online and we are actively trying to get women to try out the two most prominent games of skill: blackjack and video poker.  The skills needed to play these games well are not difficult to learn so women should play them at least as often as they play slots.

Online gaming is the perfect avenue for moving seamlessly between games of skill and games of chance.  Still, the point made in the heading is that women really don’t like to be hit on at the casino and, for being able to play without being hit on, online casinos are far better for women than land based casinos!

I am an Adventurer

This may be the oddest type of online casino gamer!  If one is an adventurer, wouldn’t it mean that they would prefer the adventure of a land based casino experience rather than the quiet anonymity of an online casino?  Actually, the opposite is true.

An adventurer type of gamer is one who likes to play casino games and also likes a lot of different kinds of adventure.  Spending 30 minutes or so a couple of times a week at an online casino allows for many other opportunities to have adventures while going to a land based casino for a long weekend tends to remove the chances for a variety of adventures.

In other words, the adventurer type of online casino gamer likes to take “real” vacations instead of the artificial vacation a long weekend at a land based casino offers.  If your goal is adventure, there are hundreds, even thousands, of things you can do on a long weekend that don’t involve coming anywhere near to a land based casino.

People go hiking, horseback riding, water skiing, snowmobiling, bird watching, bicycle riding, and even exploring small towns.  These are just a few of the long list of adventures people can and do have instead of spending their precious time at a land based casino.

In essence, when an online casino gamer says that he or she is an adventurer it means that they really like casino games but they also know the proper place for casino gaming and it doesn’t involve land based casinos!

I am New to Casino Gaming

Many people know in their heart of hearts that casino gaming can become an obsession so they have avoided going to land based casinos for years.  They may indulge the urge to “see what all the fuss is about” once every few years or so.  But for the most part, they have stayed away from land based casinos.

Many of these people become new gamers at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos when they venture forward to try out an online casino.

Jackpot Capital Lays Out the Red Carpet

Jackpot Capital caters extremely well to new players!  We offer many promotions to build up the player’s bankroll.  We offer over 300 games.  We have a well-trained customer support staff that can answer any question and can get the answer if a gamer asks a question the representative does not know the answer to!

We publish helpful articles on a large range of subjects.  We are both serious about gaming but also like to put our tongue squarely in our cheek from time to time!

Here are a few of the recommendations we make to all gamers and especially to new gamers:

  1. Always play for fun.
  2. Always budget a reasonable amount of time and money for gaming.
  3. Play many games.  it is easy to move from game to game so that should be a major approach to online casino gaming.
  4. Always learn the rules of any game before playing it for real money.
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions.  We had them written in plain language so everyone, not just lawyers, can read them.
  6. Practice a new game in our unlimited free play mode before you play the game for real money.

I Like Playing at Jackpot Capital

We're sure that any gamer who joins Jackpot Capital will find the gaming so much fun and so enjoyable that they will become very loyal gamers at our casino!

As we said, we welcome all new gamers with promotions and gaming aids. 

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