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What are the Top Benefits of Playing Games of Skill?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that most of the gamers at a casino called Jackpot Capital casino overwhelmingly like to play slots from the old-fashioned three reel slots to modern five or six reel slots, to progressive jackpot slots

In this article, we will try to turn the tables on your demonstrated preference for slots and turn you on the the games that require more decisions such as blackjack and video poker.

Brain Food

The games of chance like slots, roulette, and craps are great entertainments.  They help you relax after another stressful day at work.  They help you let your imagination wander as the slots at Jackpot Capital online casino can take you to places you could never go on your own such as ancient societies, far beneath the ocean waves and far above us in outer space.

Slots and other games of chance are wonderful pastimes.  When you play online at Jackpot Capital, you have no outside expenses such as travel, hotels and so on.  You can play as long as you like, close the session, and get on with your day, evening, or night.

When you play online, you are never “stuck” like many players are at a land based casino for a couple of more days even after the initial excitement has worn off.

So, the games of chance certainly have their own value to gamers.  Now let’s take a look at blackjack and video poker and see how much value they have.

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Games of Skill

Blackjack and video poker are the two most prominent and popular games of skill at Jackpot Capital.  The first thing about these games is that they require decisions on every hand.  Many people who start out in decision oriented jobs find that playing games of skill helps them develop the confidence they need to excel and advance in their professional lives.

In fact, there are many games of skill that help people develop the confidence to make decisions at work.  Perhaps the most prominent of these games is Sudoku.  The difference between Sudoku and the casino games we are talking about here, blackjack and video poker, is that in Sudoku, players analyze the game at hand and come to logical conclusions and in blackjack and video poker, gamers also analyze the situation, come to logical conclusions, and then make a decision!

Blackjack and Video Poker as Confidence Builders

There is a minor error that some gamers make when they look at the games of skill.  Sometimes they think that if they play every hand correctly, they will win every hand.  This is a very big error in judgment.  It’s impossible to win every hand!  This applies even when you make the correct decision on every hand.

The lesson we are talking about here is that even though you can’t win every hand, because as much as these are games of skill they are also games of luck, you can make the best decision on every hand and by doing so you will give yourself the confidence to make decisions at work.

No less an authority on this phenomenon is Robert Townshend who was the president of Avis in the 1960’s when it began its meteoric rise to challenge Hertz for supremacy in the rental car business.  Townshend said that if he could make the best decision one-third of the time he would consider himself successful at his job!

Making good decisions requires a great deal of confidence.

How Much Should I Bet?

This is a decision that reflects the size of your bankroll and the type of game you want to play.  In video poker, you can win an extra payout if you get a Royal Flush and bet the maximum on the hand.

So, if your bankroll can handle the maximum bet, most analysts will tell you to bet the max and play for the Royal Flush.  However, the best strategy will change dramatically when you don’t bet the max.  There are also video poker variations that pay extra for four of a kind.

Actually, it isn’t in deciding how much to bet or which game to play that increases confidence when you play video poker or blackjack.  You raise your self-confidence when you make the best decision on every hand.

In blackjack, there isn’t a similar situation regarding an extra payout for a very good hand.  You get an extra payout for getting blackjack but the payout is a lot less than the extra payout for a Royal Flush in video poker.

So, you always need to be fair to yourself and bet within your means.  There is a very positive side to betting within your means in any online casino game.  By knowing what your individual financial means are as they relate to gaming you can also teach yourself to make good financial decisions in many other areas.

Is cable television worth the cost?  Is a luxury hotel worth the price?  Should you spend $100 on a shirt?  What is a fair and reasonable price to pay for a nice meal in a restaurant?  What is a ticket to a concert really worth to you?

We make financial decisions all the time and by making sound financial decisions at the casino, you increase your ability to make good financial decisions in many other areas.

Multi-hand Video Poker

There is one other element to learning how to make the best decisions in video poker.  If you learn to make the best decision all the time, then multi-hand video poker might be the best game for you.

If you play one hand at a time, you can win a big payout on only one hand at a time.  However, if you play multi-hand video poker and you always make the best decision, it doesn’t matter if you bet the maximum and play according to that set of strategic moves or if you bet less, in keeping with your bankroll.  By always making the best decisions, you will multiply the payouts for getting really good hands in the initial deal.

There is really nothing quite like being dealt three of a kind and watching the winning hands counter register four of a kind and full house hands in addition to the automatic winning three of a kind!

The Bottom Line

We know that most of the gamers here at Jackpot Capital casino will play slots most of the time.  We are presenting this article to demonstrate the value of playing games of skill in addition to playing games of chance.  Playing the games of skill well will boost your self-confidence in ways you might not have thought possible!

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