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How to Win a Jackpot on Any Spin

Everyone loves to play for a slot machine jackpot.  There are actually two types of jackpots that you can win in our slots: progressive jackpots and random jackpots.  Most people are well aware of the progressive jackpots so we will concentrate here on the random jackpots you can win here at Jackpot Capital online casino.

But first, a quick word about progressive jackpots.

Seven Figure Wins

Now that is a goal worth fighting for!  It takes a lot of luck and perseverance to win a progressive jackpot of seven figures!  However, players somewhere in the world playing at Jackpot Capital casino win these awesome jackpots quite often.

The nature of the big progressive jackpots is that with so many people playing the games, the game provider can take only a couple of pennies from each bet and the jackpot will still grow quickly.

There are only two things we always mention when we talk about progressive jackpots.  First, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline to qualify to win the big jackpot.  The second is that this rule makes it difficult for many gamers to play long sessions at progressive jackpot slots.

It is a lot more important to budget your time and money well when you’re gaming so, for many gamers, playing a progressive slot should be a minor part of their overall gaming experience.

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Mobile Makes Gaming Great

Here another of the many ways where mobile gaming is so valuable.  Along with great convenience and comfort generally, mobile gaming makes it possible to play a few spins on a progressive slot while otherwise on the go!  This naturally allows gamers to stay well within their gaming budget and leaves a lot of money for playing the games with higher return to player rates, such as blackjack and video poker, or slots that give gamers many more wins that are smaller but better suited to a gamer with a limited budget.

Are Random Jackpots Also Big?

That depends on what you call big!  Whereas progressive jackpots that are created by the game provider taking pennies per bet often hit the million dollar mark, random jackpots almost never do!  In fact, the random jackpots are usually calibrated to hit often enough that they can never reach a million dollars.  However, the do hit high five figures and for the vast majority of gamers, a high five figure jackpot is a great win!

When Do Random Jackpots Hit?

These jackpots usually hit after a win in the regular game.  They might hit after a win in the bonus round as well.  Sometimes, a random jackpot will hit after any spin, whether the gamer has won or lost on that particular spin.

Random jackpots come in different sizes.  One game might have three or even four different sizes for their random jackpots.  In these slots, the mini jackpot is quite mini, indeed.  The next level jackpot usually adds a single digit so it in the thousands instead of in the hundreds.  The next level will add another digit and the maxi jackpot will normally be in the low six figure range.

Random jackpots are aloo at times progressive but they are not sponsored by the game provider.  Instead, they are simply built into the game itself.  That’s why the most common random jackpot, the mini jackpot, is worth just a few hundred dollars.

Here are a few of the slots we offer at Jackpot Capital that have one or more random jackpots.


This is an underwater slot that features fantastic color and graphics.  All of the slots we run from Real Time Gaming (RTG) have great graphics.  Most are also very colorful; the only slots that aren’t very colorful are those with a more militaristic theme such as ancient Roman or Greek slots.

Players often play slots for the graphics and color rather than for the random jackpots!

Megaquarium has two random, progressive slots to go with 50 paylines and many other bonuses.


When we talk about innovative and colorful slots, we often talk about Cubee.  This slot doesn’t exactly have reels!  It does have a bursting of grand color and the random jackpot is worth 50,000x your bet.  Since the bet limit is $20 the random jackpot can be worth up to one million dollars!

Most gamers bet a lot less than $20 per payline so the random jackpot for them will be quite a bit less than a million bucks but still very substantial at 50,000x the bet!

Rudolph Awakens

Christmas may be the most popular theme in the entire world of slots!  This is a happy go lucky slot with a random jackpot that pays 50,000x the bet!  Enjoy the antics of Rudolph, the elves, Santa and Mrs. Santa and the other characters all the while on the lookout for that giant random jackpot!

Mermaid’s Pearls

This slot is an all ways pays slot with 3125 ways to win!  The jackpot pays 12500x the bet.  This makes it a bit small as random jackpots go but the game is still extremely popular because of the graphics and the many ways to win!

Trigger Happy

This is a Wild West themed slot with many ways to win money.  Among the ways to win are two random jackpots!  In Trigger Happy, the random jackpots often come as a complete surprise as gamers’ attention is drawn to the (very) buxom cowgirls!

Naughty or Nice III

Speaking about buxom femme fatales, we can point to the heroines of the Naughty or Nice series.  It may be Christmastime but these gorgeous women are out there in force!  And in Naughty or Nice III, you can win a progressive random jackpot at the end of any spin!

Play the Slots and Slide Over to Other Games, Too

At an online casino, you never have to skootch over to make room for another gamer.  We always have thousands of gamers online since we reach the entire planet!  The progressive jackpots grow fast as all of the players on those slots throughout the network the game provider has developed contribute to the jackpot.

Random jackpots come when they are least expected and are most welcome!  The slots we offer all have great story lines, great graphics, and many surprises for gamers from free spins rounds to random jackpots.

All said, there is nothing really “random” about the grand time you’ll have gaming at Jackpot Capital.  So, join NOW if you aren’t yet a member of the tribe!  And look forward to winning one or more random jackpots over time!

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