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Why Do We Have Such a Big Smile on Our Face?

We are so happy yo be affiliated with Real Time Gaming our exclusive games provider.  RTG, as they are universally called, has a stellar reputation on their slots repertoire for two things.  One, their slots have amazing game play, graphics, animation, jackpots, sound quality, and themes.  Two, RTG is known for its awesome sense of humor!

When people ask us how to win on slot machines, we tell them that the single biggest winning strategy in slots is to have fun!  RTG delivers the fun in a big way.  Let’s take a closer look at the RTG way in slots.

Halloween Treasures

We just finished the costumes holiday and Halloween Treasures is RTG’s contribution to the Halloween spirit.  Whereas the Halloween spirit is often about haunted houses, things that go bang in the dark, howling where all else is utterly quiet, and other dark themes, Halloween Treasure is all about Halloween type characters that will bring a smile to your face.

Are you afraid of witches?  The witches in Halloween Treasure are all smiles!  The pirate has a glint in his eye, not the stern look of a one-legged criminal of the sea!  Even the zombie looks more like a drunken goofball rather than a scary old zombie!

The contrast of colors also gives this great slot a friendly aura.  Purples and light blue replace grey and black so that when you play Halloween Treasure on Halloween or on any other day in the year, you’ll look forward to winning the treasure rather than quivering and shivering from fear!

Halloween Treasure has a haunted house all right but here the haunted house is the wild symbol that helps you win often.  The slot also has four progressive jackpots!  All in all, Halloween Treasure belies the skeletons of Halloweens past for a robustly humorous scary monster type of slot!  Only RTG could have pulled this one off!

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Mariachi Five

This is a very new slot that already has a large fan base!  Everything about this slot is new generation from the graphics to the music to the game play.  If you liked mariachi music the last time you were in México or at a Mexican night club, you’ll love the music in Mariachi 5!

Mariachi 5 takes the concept of the multiplier and multiplies it into the stratosphere.  You can win a 2000x multiplier jackpot.  All you have to do is play and get lucky!  Mariachi 5 is so much fun to play that no one ever needs to be cajoled into playing.  Then, it’s all just a matter of luck!

If three piñatas appear, they will in effect hit themselves revealing five, yes five, bonus features.  When you get to the bonus round, you need to choose a moustache style, a color, and a musical instrument to help you wend your way through the bonus round to your own collection of winnings!

Mariachi 5 also has its very own Oh Monty, Monty feature.  In the bonus rounds, you choose between more free spins and a lower multiplier or fewer free spins and a higher multiplier.

We feel that in fairness you should know that both sides of this dilemma have its staunch followers.  Whatever will you do!

Bubble Bubble and Naughty and Nice

We are talking about these two super popular slots because they fit the same secondary category so, uh, well!  This secondary category is the Buxom Sub-category.  And oh are the women in these slots buxom!

Bubble Bubble is a witch’s slot.  The music has a decidedly witch-like tone to it.  The slot itself features a boiling cauldron, some say of fun; a smirking mouse; an impish cat; a bat (not the baseball kind!); a three candle candelabrum that is almost burned down; a grandfatherly owl; and a witches’ handbook of recipes for mischief!

This slot also has three separate bonus features appropriately named the Wilder Witches Feature, the Greater Ghosts Feature, and the Ultra-Bewitched Feature.  You might not want to play this slot on a windy and warm night with the windows open and the curtains flapping in the strong breeze.  Then again, you might look to play this game especially on those warm and windy nights because the game is not nearly as scary as they try to make it seem.

It’s just another example of RTG making you smile and laugh even as they scare your pants off!

Naughty and Nice is a Christmas season slot featuring young female persons who fill out a bikini top perfectly!  Is that naughty?  Or is it nice?  Jackpot Capital already carries three Naughty and Nice slots.  Santa’s belly is getting bigger that’s for sure!

Maybe RTG will put ol’ Santa on a diet for the next Christmas season!

Purrfect Pets

This is the purrfect slot to play all cuddled up with your favorite other, either on the softest sofa or in bed!  The animals are cute, cuddly, and simply purrfect.  RTG shows in this slot that they understand that couples love to cuddle.  They love to cuddle soft, furry animals and they love to cuddle together.

In Purrfect Pets the cute little kittens are best friends with the equally cute looking doggies.  Everyone is all smiles!  There is not a frown anywhere to be found on any one of the five reels!

So Many Happy Slots

Of course, these are just a few of the slots that will bring the broadest smiles to your face!  We also feature Ocean Oddities, one of the all-time favorite RTG masterpieces; Paydirt for the adventurer in you digging for lost treasure; Fruit Frenzy which puts a Mariachi moustache on a simple fruit; Hen House which features the only smiling chicken in the gaming universe plus a cracked egg or two; Jumping Beans which is a slot that combines jumping and beans (duh...); and Sweet Sixteen which has all of the colors of the rainbow plus a few colors not found on the rainbow such as pink!

Get Ready!

So, buckle up for one of funnest rides ever when you play the humor-filled slots from Real Time Gaming here at Jackpot Capital Casino!

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