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How to Maximize Fun and Profits in Roulette

Some gamers paly almost exclusively for the elusive progressive jackpot!  We feel that the biggest advantage gamers have in playing at Jackpot Capital online casino is that you can play all 300+ games here at your leisure!  So, we recommend branching out from slots and progressive games.

Today, we will talk about roulette.  Here are a few detailed tips for getting the most fun from roulette.

Look Closely at the Roulette Table

You will see columns and rows.  You can make many different kinds of bets.  The most famous is on a single number.  To do that you put the chip in the middle of the area with that number.

You make other bets by placing the chip at the end of a row or column, on a point, or on a line between numbers.

Looking closely at the table, you should be able to see that some bets are contradicted by other bets.  You can also see that you can’t make a bet on every three number combination with a single chip.  In some cases, you would have to place three chips on the numbers you want to play.

One other thing you should see is that in American Roulette there is a 0 and a 00 while in European Roulette there is only a single 0.  This means that the house edge in European Roulette is half the house edge for American Roulette.

Don’t Play Betting Systems

The most famous betting system is the Martingale System.  Some so-called advisors tell gamers to play the Martingale System.  We say that this system and all other betting systems—as opposed to true strategy—do not work.  Sure, a system might work in the short run but they are very dangerous betting methods in the long run.

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Let’s look at the Martingale System to see how flawed it is.

In this system, you have to make even money bets.  These are odds or evens, black or red, and first half of the numbers or second half of the numbers.

Say you bet $1 on red and it comes up black.  You lose the dollar and you double the next bet to $2.  If you lose again, you double the bet again.

Eventually, you will win and your profit will be $1.  Here is the math: if you lose five bets in a row, you now have to bet $32 to continue using the system.  Keep in mind that you have already lost $31 on the five bets you lost.

Now, you win the sixth bet and you get back $32.  But you had lost $31 previously.  So, in reality, that sixth bet was for $32 to get back one single dollar! As the losses pile up, the amount you have to bet to hopefully get back all your losses plus a one dollar profit keep going up and that makes subsequent bets very poor bets indeed.

A few losses in a row in even money bets are not uncommon in roulette.  The roulette wheel at a land based casino doesn’t have any memory and the random number generator we use at Jackpot Capital casino is totally random.

Prioritize Fun

The best way to make your bankroll last in roulette is to make even money bets.  The next best bets are for the columns that contain one third of the numbers.  As you make bets on smaller number combinations, the odds against you rise and the possibility that your bankroll will run out rises as well.

No matter which games you play at Jackpot Capital, you should always prioritize fun.  Roulette does have the possibility of giving you a massive win.  You can bet a large sum on one number and get lucky.  But the chances are that you will lose the bet!

Also, as we said in the talk about betting systems, the random number generator and the live wheel have no prior memory so the chances that you’ll win a single number bet are always 36-1 even if you have already made a large number of losing single number bets.

Play Roulette Online

People who play roulette at land based casinos are often caught up in the excitement of making a lot of bets.  We also know that many people who play roulette in land based casinos play almost exclusively roulette and miss out on the chance to play the many other games offered.

When you play at an online casino, you will not get caught up in the excitement that permeates the atmosphere around the roulette wheel at a land based casino.  Since you have the option of easily moving from game to game online, we expect most of our gamers to do just that.

Thus, a gaming session at Jackpot Capital may feature a couple of slots, some roulette, a few hands at blackjack, and finish off with a few hands of video poker.

Play Slowly

The only drawback to playing roulette at an online casino is that it is possible to play too quickly.  At a land based casino, it takes some time for everyone to place their bets.  Then the croupier says no more bets and spins the wheel.

At an online casino, you are playing alone so there is a natural tendency in roulette and in craps to play too fast.  The two best ways to slow down your play is to either slow down your play or go to any number of other games.  The more games you play, the slower you will play.

The fun you have is not directly connected to how fast or how slow you play.  But playing slowly allows you to savor the playfulness of playing.  Some games at Jackpot Capital actually run a bit long so they are perfect complements to the speedier games.  Banana Jones and Fish Catch are slow moving games that are also a lot of fun to play.

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The single most important aspect of gaming for us is fun.  Roulette can be part of the fun side of gaming as long as you respect the different types of bets, are careful not to make contradictory bets, avoid playing using any betting system, and respect the random nature of every outcome.

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