Surprising Ways to Avoid Gaming Scams

What is a Gambling Scam and How Can Gamers Avoid Them?

The moment you use your jackpot casino login and access the 300 and more games we have on offer, you want to feel that the casino isn’t running any scams.  This is something that is very dear to us as there are so many scams that adversely affect gamblers and Jackpot Capital Online Casino is opposed to each and every one of them!

So, in this article, we will talk about gambling scams and how to avoid them.  While some of these scams do also apply to online casino gaming, most of them refer to what happens at land-based casinos.

Calling it Gambling

Sure, gamers put real money down on the outcomes of games.  Here at Jackpot Capital we are adamant that the practice be called gaming!  First, we encourage gaming as a recreation or as an entertainment.  We talk about frequent short gaming sessions as a way of relaxing and unwinding.

Land-based casinos are designed for people to spend two or three days there.  This encourages gambling rather than gaming.

By referring to playing at Jackpot Capital or any other reputable online casino, we are encouraging gamers to spend 30-60 minutes playing a variety of games and then to get on with the evening, be it through a hobby or getting together with friends.

We vehemently oppose compulsive gambling.  That is why we run so many articles that extol the virtues of other worthwhile activities in addition to online gaming.

Where are the Windows?

Land-based casinos have practices that put together create a giant scam!  The moment a player walks into a land-based casino, he or she will be subject to many scams the casino runs!  How, these scams are all tricks the casino uses to get players to play more and gamble more but they aren’t scams in the sense that buying a gambling system is a scam!

We will get to systems soon enough:

  1. Land-based casinos don’t have windows so players lose track of time to the extent that they spend hours more on the casino floor than they would have if they had seen that it was getting dark!
  2. Land-based casinos don’t have clocks for the same reason.
  3. Land-based casinos offer free whisky so players get slightly—or more than slightly—inebriated all of which gets the players to bet more and to bet more wildly.
  4. Land-based casinos offer free buffet meals because people tend to overeat at a buffet, the digestion makes them tired, but they come back to the casino and continue playing despite being so tired that they make gambling mistakes.
  5. Land-based casinos sometimes offer free hotel accommodations so players will spend more time at the casino.
  6. The hotel lobby is in the casino.  That simple arrangement whets players’ appetite for gambling.

Are These Really Scams?

As we said, these are not scams in the same way that charging money for a worthless gambling system is, but they are unfair practices!  Here are three other actions that land-based casinos do that are more like scams than the above examples:

  1. It has become common for land-based casinos to offer 6-5 blackjack. This apparently minor change reduces the player’s expected return by several percent and makes blackjack much more profitable for the casino.
  2. It has also become common for land-based casinos to offer 8-5 video poker instead of the standard 9-6 video poker.  This increases the house edge quite a bit and makes it next to impossible for a player to win in a long session of video poker.
  3. Most land-based casinos, especially in the United States, offer only American Roulette with the extra 00 that makes the house edge greater than 5%.  While we also offer American Roulette, we also offer European Roulette where the house edge is only about 2.5%.

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What Does Jackpot Capital Do to Avoid Online Casino Scams?

There are a few bad practices at online casinos.  We do not partake of any of them.  Here are two things to look out for at an online casino:

  1. High wagering requirements.  Of course, land-based casinos can’t even offer deposit bonuses like an online casino can but some online casinos have overly large wagering requirements.  A wagering requirement of 30% the bonus is considered fair.
  2. Some online casinos have unreadable terms and conditions.  We try our best to organize and write our terms and conditions in such a way as to make them accessible to every gamer.

Street Vendors May be Running a Scam

While we recognize that no land-based casino is responsible for what street vendors do, we do wish to point out that there are no street vendors at an online casino!

Why are Gambling Systems a Scam?

No gambling system works in the long run.  If they did, casinos would all be bankrupt!  Some systems do work in the short run but none can survive a short losing streak.

Card counting in blackjack is not a gambling system.  This is a well-documented way to decide on a player’s next course of action.  Card counting never works online since the Random Number Generator in effect reshuffles the cards after every hand.

At a land-based casino, expert card counting can work in single deck games but these are increasingly rare at land-based casinos.

Using the statistically best strategy in blackjack and video poker is also not a gambling system.  The best strategy for blackjack and video poker has been determined by computer analysis and makes the house edge in these games about 0.5%!

What is a Gambling System?

The most famous one is the Martingale System which is touted for even money bets.  The idea is to set the starting bet size and to double the bet after every loss in an even money bet.

If you lose the first bet and win the second bet, you win the size of your original bet.  Let’s say that the first bet was for $5 and you lost.  Then you bet $10 and won.  The $10 win minus the $5 loss means that you win $5.

The problem with the Martingale System is that it cannot sustain even a short losing streak.  The Random Number Generator at an online casino or the roulette wheel or dice in craps sometimes give players many wins in a row but they also give many losses in a row.

Let’s see what happens after a five-time losing streak using this system.

  1. The first bet was for $5 and the player loses
  2. The next bet is for $10 and the player loses.
  3. The next bet is for $20 and the player loses.
  4. The fourth bet is for $40 and the player loses.
  5. The fifth bet is for $80 and the player loses.

The player has lost in this five-time losing streak $155.  Now he or she has to bet $310 to win $5!  This is a terrible bet which proves that gambling systems do not work!

Online Casino Gaming at Jackpot Capital Works Wonders

We talk about online gaming as a fun activity, one of many that a gamer can partake of.  We offer over 300 games and unlimited free play so gamers can experience a new game for them at no risk.


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