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How to Have a Great Real Vacation by Visiting a State Park

The first question you will ask is: Why is Jackpot Capital online casino talking about state parks in the United States instead of the latest news about jackpot slots?

How about two answers?  The first is that even though land based casinos are slowly reopening across the land, many gamers have learned—some during the corona virus pandemic and many even before the virus hit—that online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino is so good that they—our happy gamers—can take real vacations instead of travelling to a land based casino for a long weekend of excessive gambling and drinking and insufficient sleeping.

The second answer is that while National Parks are wonderful places for a vacation, there are far more state parks than national parks.  That means that everyone in the United States is within easy driving distance from a state park.  Being in easy driving distance from a state park also means that you can take that long weekend at a state park no matter where you live instead of taking it at a land based casino mike you used to do.

What Do People Do at a State Park?

The main purpose of state parks is to encourage people to get out into the great outdoors.  This is the exact opposite of the main purpose of any land based casino which is to keep gamers indoors.   Land based casinos do this very well by having no windows or clocks!

When you get into the great outdoors at a state park, you won’t need any windows, of course, and you can judge the time by the sun and the appetite you will naturally develop hiking, boating, fishing, and taking part in many other land based and water based sports!

How Many State Parks are There in the USA?

At last count there were just a few more than ten thousand state parks.  That is 10,000 state parks spread among the fifty states.  That is an average of 200 state parks per state.  Since some states are very small and others are very big, it stands to reason that the small states have fewer than 200 state parks and that the large states have many more.

Many state parks also have campgrounds and cabins.  So, you can use the campsite as your home base and venture forth to the many sporting choices you’ll have plus you can explore the small towns in the area.

There are so many state parks with excellent facilities and nearby towns oozing with small town charm that a gamer might never go back to a land based casino, choosing to take real vacations every year, and do all of his or her gaming online at Jackpot Capital or another online casino.

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What to Look for in a State Park

If hiking is the thing you like to do the most, find a park with hikes that are of the right distance for you and your group and that are just challenging enough that the most athletic won’t be bored and the least athletic won’t beg to stop.

It is important to make sure that any trail you choose is well marked.  There are many forums online for hikers to find the trails that are best suited to them.  Some trails are just for hiking while other trails are more educational in nature with many explanatory displays.  These might show pictures of local flora and fauna including the kinds of birds you might see flying overhead.

The forums might also talk about whether the rangers were helpful.  Are there ranger programs that the younger set might find interesting?  A really good ranger program will be interesting for people of all ages.

Pay Attention to the Season

Winter is challenging for the cold.  Summer is the time of the mildest temperatures but be careful not to get caught in a bad thunderstorm.  Spring is the time that tornadoes start to hit the lower plains.  They move northward and eastward as spring becomes summer.

Many state parks are located close to county or state fairs.  City people who may never have been to a county or state fair would be in for quite a surprise as the local people go all out to have  a great time and possibly to sell a handicraft, a painting, or a pie or two.

Can You Point Us in the Right Direction?

Yes, of course.

The right direction is whichever direction you are headed!

We can, however, take a slightly closer look at a few state parks with great views, water, hiking, and other vacation possibilities.

Cama Beach State Park

This park is in Washington State.  It is on Puget Sound offers a wonderful west coast experience.  There are many excellent state parks up and down the west coast.  Some are quite isolated but Cama Beach may be the least isolated since it is just a short drive north of Seattle.

Valley of Fire State Park

If you absolutely, positively, resolutely have to be in Las Vegas, we suggest renting a car or, if you drove there, take a full day to explore this amazing state park an hour or two northeast of the Strip.

The United States is so vast that the entire area east of the west coast and before the Rocky Mountains is full of national and state parks.

Is There Anything Interesting to See in the Rocky Mountains?

Yeah, there is!

Of all the places to go to in the Rocky Mountains, we suggest a summer drive up the long and winding road to the summit of Mount Evans.  First of all, it will be quite warm at the base of the mountain or in Denver which is quite visible from the summit.

Even in August, there is usually snow at the top and it is COLD!  If you’re very lucky, you will have a ringside seat high above a thunderstorm over Denver!

The Great Flat Plains

This is the land of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and a portion of Texas.  There are areas of the plains in other states as well.  The plains were known for the lack of trees so the 18th and 19th century settlers built homes out of dried and compacted grass which they called sod.  The people were then called sodbusters.

There is a preserved sod house in Minnesota and another one in Oklahoma.

Heading East toward the Mississippi River

The great continental watershed sends huge rivers eastward toward the Gulf of Mexico.  The great Mississippi River takes in many large and small rivers and takes the water to the gulf.  In this vast area, there are thousands of state parks in the rolling hills or along the many rivers.

The Native Americans had a word for a small river: creek.  This word perfectly describes the hundreds of creeks, brooks, and rivulets that dot this vast region.

Why stay indoors in a stuffy casino when you can explore the great outdoors?  If you must have a few short gaming interludes, our excellent mobile platform is at the ready 24/7.

East of the Mississippi

In this huge area, the states tend to get smaller.  There is so much to see and do in the mountainous areas such as the Ozarks, the Appalachians, and the Smokies to mention just a couple.  Almost every state has either coastline or mountains or both!

A short road trip can take you to several states and many attractions in addition to state parks.

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