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How to Turn Halloween into a Celebration by Playing Witchy Wins

The newest slot at Jackpot Capital online casino is called Witchy Wins.  The name is appropriate for two big reasons.  First, because it is the game for October, the month of Halloween, witches, cauldrons bubbling over with witch’s brew, and scary costumes!  The second reason this great new slot is so appropriate is because it has several ways to answer the question of how to win on slot machines!

If you like many different ways to win while playing slot machines, you will love Witchy Wins!

Let Me Count the Ways

Witchy Wins packs 243 ways to win on every spin!  It does this somehow on only five reels!  So, on every spin you have a couple of hundred ways to win!

In addition, Witchy Wins has two free spins bonus rounds!  Witchy Wins has three different types of wild symbols!  Can they find more ways for you to win? 

The Wild Symbols

As we hinted above, Witchy Wins celebrates the eerie month of October with several wild symbol ways to win!  The first is the standard wild symbol.  This month the standard wild symbol is a bubbling cauldron with a mysterious brew a-brewing within! 

Does it send shivers down your spine?  It should, you know!  But with wild wins accompanying the witch’s brew, you can score some nice wins while quaking in your civvies!

The second wild symbol is the same bubbling cauldron of consternation but this time it has a multiplier attached to it!  So, fear it as you will it will give you even more wins and a multiplier of up to 4x to boot!

The third wild symbol is once again the cauldron of concern but this time it fills an entire reel in the free spins bonus rounds.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Never have so many bubbles led to so many wins for so many gamers!

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The Free Spins Bonus Rounds

The bubbling brew must be packaged and marketed so the witches put the lively liquid in vials which they scatter about the countryside.  That’s why Witchy Wins calls the vials of potion the scatter symbol!

Getting three, four, or five scatter symbols sends you whisking away to the free spins bonus round!

  1. Three scatter symbols bequeath 8 free spins.
  2. Four scatter symbols entitle you to 15 free spins.
  3. Fully five scatter symbols generously award you with 50 free spins!

Keep in mind that the wild symbol all a-bubblin’ covers an entire reel in the free spins bonus round and you can easily see that even 8 free spins can result in some high steppin’ wins not to mention 15 or 50 free spins!

The frosting on the cake if we can talk about cake and frosting in a Halloween season based slot, is that you can retrigger the free spins!  Witchy Wins is called Witchy Wins because it is full of witchy symbols and because it is also filled with many ways to win!

Wild Reels on Every Spin

In the regular game, there is another great winning feature which the witches call the Wild Reels Feature.  This is a random feature in which a single reel might randomly go all wild after a spin in the regular game.  Reels going wild is the best way for wins to go wild too!

The Beautiful Witches

The witches in Witchy Wins are not the witches of scary children’s books!  They are beautiful, modern witches exuding loveliness on every spin!

The beautifulness of the witches in Witchy Wins gives gamers a foretaste of the many beautiful ways Jackpot Capital gives all gamers to win!  We have promotions for almost every day of the week.  Many gamers add substantially to their gaming bankroll with our despot bonuses while others collect some welcome dollars on their way to gaming fun and action!

Join Jackpot Capital NOW to get in on all of the great gaming action and to properly celebrate Halloween, the holiday of witches, this month!

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