The Welcome Package at Jackpot Capital is the Start of a Great Online Gaming Experience

What is the Jackpot Capital Welcome Bonus?

Here at Jackpot Capital we always try to think outside the box.  One way we do this is by offering a promotion almost every day!  The first promotion is the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus

Every online casino offers a Welcome Package.  Most of them offer big deposit bonuses.  This is fine but we feel that the Jackpot Capital welcome package is better in that we incorporate free spins in the offer!

Free Spins Can be Worth More than Bonuses

Our welcome bonus begins with a 100% bonus for up to $100.  Modest, to be sure.  Some online casinos start out with a much bigger deposit bonus.  The upshot to such an offer is that a new gamer has to make a big first deposit in order to get that big first bonus.

We feel that a new gamer at our casino might want to check us out at little cost before plunging forward with a thousand dollar deposit for a 100% bonus.  We call our new player offer a Welcome Bonus Pack.  You start out with the modest deposit bonus we mentioned above: 100% bonus up to $100.

We include 100 free spins on Achilles!  Any free spin can result in a big win!  So 100 free spins for some players will be worth as much as a big deposit bonus, or more, without the play through requirement!

What is the Play through Requirement?

Whenever a player takes a bonus, he or she has to bet a factor of the bonus.  Some casinos go as high as 60x the bonus.  This is a requirement that gamers have to reach before they can withdraw winnings.  Believe it or not but way back when at the beginnings of the online casino era, there were some players who accepted a deposit bonus and cashed out right away!  Thus the play through requirement was born!

If a gamer wins a big jackpot with their free spins the money is theirs!

After you make that first $100 deposit, you will receive more bonuses until the total new player set of bonuses reaches $1000!

Join Jackpot Capital Online Casino for the Games

We offer more than 200 games at Jackpot Capital.  The leading games are slots as is the case at all online casinos.  There is a huge demand internationally for great slots!  Game providers work hard to produce at least one new slot every month!  Some game providers are able to meet this challenge and some are still too small to reach such a challenging goal.

Our exclusive game provider is Real Time Gaming or RTG.  RTG does develop at least one new slot every month!  Slots lovers look forward to the new slots from their favorite game provider.

RTG has been in the online gaming business for many years and has an excellent reputation for their graphics and animation in slots and in all their other games.

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Graphics and animation are two of the elements that make online blackjack and roulette fun but they are the heart and soul of online casino slots!  This is where the creativity of the games provider coincides with the demand for new and exciting slots.  It all comes together at Jackpot Capital which has a powerful digital gaming platform that satisfies the needs of both our gamers and our game provider.

Modern Slots Tell a Story

The day when the slot machine was a physical machine with an arm that players pulled is long gnome.  Today’s slots are all digital.  They are played at a terminal at land based casinos.  At Jackpot Capital online casino, there aren’t any terminals but the slots are obviously digital.

When slots were mechanical machines, they were all pretty much the same.  They had cherries and bars and sevens and other symbols that went around three reels.  It says a lot about those early slots that they were so popular even though they were so unimaginative.

Today’s slots have to be enormously imaginative.  Not only do they tell a story, but they cover as much “ground” as the human imagination can imagine!  There are slots based on ancient societies such as ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt.  There are slots based on Native American culture such as the Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures.

There are slots that tell tongue in cheek tales about Santa Claus and his reindeer.  Mrs. Claus also plays a role in these epic tales!  There are Halloween slots that can scare the pants off anyone…..who wears pants!

Wild Symbols and Free Spins

The wild symbols in modern slots use fantastic graphics and animation to contort themselves in ways that help create wins.  Wild symbols can be sticky, stacked, exploding, cascading, multiplying, expanding and more!  This is possible only through state of the arts graphics and animation.

The scatter symbols send gamers to the free spins bonus rounds where wins are often multiplied.

Jackpot Capital Offers Many other Games as Well

We offer many variations of blackjack and video poker.  These are the quintessential casino games of skill (aside from actual poker which is THE game of skill).  We are able to offer so many variations of blackjack and video poker because we have no limitation on space.  As big as some land based casinos are, they are severely limited in space.

Land based casinos simply don’t have enough room for ten blackjack tables!  They might have many video poker terminals but they will have many terminals that offer the same variation since only one gamer can play at one terminal.  At Jackpot Capital, thousands of gamers can play the same game at the same time!

Get Casual at Jackpot Capital

We offer the best causal games in RTG’s library: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  These games are so much fun to play because the graphics and animation bring the story lines to life.  Fish Catch is a deep sea fishing game that you can play with or against gamers form all over the world.  Banana Jones is based on the Indiana Jones movies in which Indy is trying to bring ancient artifacts to a museum.  Banana Jones wants to do the same with the Crystal Banana.

The bottom line is that from the start Jackpot Capital is a great online casino where you can explore many ways to have fun gaming!  JOIN NOW!

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