Are All of Jackpot Capital's 15 Video Poker Variations the same?

How Many Games Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

Jackpot Capital online casino offers about 300 games.  They range from slots, which comprise the most popular single game genre, to video poker, table games, and casual games.  Some games have a progressive jackpot while most have good jackpots that are not progressive.

All you need to do to access all of our excellent games is to sign up.  When you register, you will be able to receive our Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus.  The signup bonus starts at 100% up to $100 plus 100 free spins on Achilles.

Then, new gamers receive bonuses incrementally until the final Welcome Package reaches $1000.  On top of the Welcome Package, Jackpot Capital casino offers a promotion almost every day so gamers can grow their bankroll easily.

Can You Give us a Detailed Review of Every Game?

Well, perhaps over time, we can!  This is a true LOL moment!  Today we will talk about video poker which is a very popular category of games.

Jackpot Capital offers 15 variations of video poker.  Gamers can also play multi-hand video poker which we will talk about soon.

Are All Video Poker Variations Similar?

Yes, they are both similar and different!  The similarities are that they are all a form of five cared draw.  The dealer has no say in the outcome of the game.  Since video poker at Jackpot Capital is entirely digital, the dealer is not a real person but a graphic simulation of cards being dealt without a person.  Gamers play against the pay table.

Some video poker variations actually have a greater than 100% return to player rate for perfect strategy while the others come in at about 99.54% return to player rate.

What are the Key Strategies in Video Poker?

We can make a short list of strategies and then expand on them.

  1. Learn and use the best strategy for the variation you are playing.
  2. If you want to get the extra bonus for a Royal Flush, you have to bet the maximum on every hand.
  3. Betting the maximum might be too rich for your bankroll.
  4. Sometimes you have to give up a pair in order to go for a higher paying hand.
  5. You can discard all five cards if you want to.
  6. You should always play 9/6 video poker.  Never play 6/5 video poker where the return to player rate is much lower!

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15 Variations Mean 15 Best Strategies

Since we offer so many variations of video poker, it is necessary to learn the best strategy for any variation you wish to play.  We offer unlimited free play so gamers can play a new (to them) variation and see if they like it enough to play it for real money.

Go for the Rare Royal Flush

One strategy that presents a challenge to gamers is going for the extra bonus for a Royal Flush.  In order to get the extra bonus, you have to bet the maximum.  In addition to betting the maximum, gamers have to be aware of situations where they might have a winning hand and the potential for a Royal Flush!

Keep in mind that if you are not betting the maximum, the strategy will change since you are not actively pursuing a Royal Flush.

Sometimes We Have to Discard a Pair

Even if you don’t have the potential for a Royal Flush but you do have the potential for a higher paying hand such as a flush or better, you might actually discard a winning hand in order to go for the better hand.

This strategy ploy comes about a lot more often than you might think.  A good example is when you have a low pair but you do have a chance for a flush or even a straight flush.  The flush and especially the straight flush pay much better than a pair and at the present moment you don’t even have a winning pair.

In that case, the best strategy is to break up a pair and go for the better paying hand.

Another common strategy play is to discard an unpaired high card and take five cards.  If you have two unpaired high cards, it is usually better to keep one and discard the other.

Managing a Bankroll in Video Poker

A lot of gamers like to play multi-hand video poker.  If the maximum bet is too high for your comfort level, there are two basics alternatives you can choose from.  One is simply to bet the maximum on single-hand video poker.  The other is to bet less than the maximum in a multi-hand format.

In either case, bankroll management is very important in video poker as it is in all casino games.  That is why playing with best strategy is so important.  A lot of gamers play casino games and bet based on “feeling lucky”.  If you can afford to do so and if playing this way enhances the fun side of online casino gaming, then it’s okay.

For most gamers, however, playing hunches in video poker reduces the return to player rate.

Can I Really Discard All Five Cards?

In online video poker, gamers can discard all five cards.  We know that in five card draw with pals, the rule is that players can discard three cards or four if they show an ace.

The difference is that in those friendly home games, you are playing against other players who may want to bluff.  The rules about discards are fair to everyone at the table.  In video poker, you are actually playing against the pay table so the house gives gamers a small extra advantage by allowing them to discard all five cards.

What Does 9/6 Video Poker Mean?

It means that you get 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.  In 6/5 video poker the payout is 6 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush.  This might seem like a small difference but, in terms of the return to player rate, it is a very big difference.

Some Video Poker Variations Have Wild Cards

This may in fact make the return to player rate slightly higher than 100% as is the case in Deuces Wild.  Other than that, you still need to learn and be able to incorporate on all hands the best strategy for every variation you play!

Jackpot Capital and Video Poker

Jackpot Capital, as an online casino, provides the framework for all of our games including video poker.  At a land based casino, there are many video poker terminals.  However, the number of players who can play video poker at any given time is exactly equal to the number pf terminals.

In addition, at a land based casino, you might want to play one specific variation of video poker and find that they are all occupied.  Of course, this never happens at Jackpot Capital!  That is why we can offer fully 15 variations of video poker and can accommodate as many gamers as wish to play any variation at the same time!

So, all you need to do to get in on the video poker fun is


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