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How to Get the Most out of the New Year

The New Year is still so young!  Here are a few very good resolutions for the New Year and onward.   Here at Jackpot Capital, your mobile jackpot casino, we feel that gamers might take the time to look at ways to improve their gaming experienceJackpot Capital online casino is always looking for ways to make gaming better!

So, here goes with some New Year’s resolutions related to gaming.

Play Online Casino Games for Relaxation

Sure, there is a lucky gamer every day who wins a lot of money playing a progressive slot at Jackpot Capital casino.  For the majority of gamers, the idea ought to be to have fun.  To that end, we suggest gaming as a form of relaxation.  You don’t have to bet the sky to have fun.  A few pennies per spin will do just fine.

We also feel that a few minutes of gaming every day or almost every day can help us unwind after a busy day or just to calm down and relax.

The mobile gaming platform at Jackpot Capital is perfect for that goal as you can play all curled up on the sofa!

Develop a Hobby

If you aren’t gaming for hours, what will you do?  There are literally thousands of hobbies people have.  Collections are the most common hobbies and people collect the darndest things!  Chicago area kids used to collect bus transfers.  Wow!  What a find a Logan Square transfer was!

People collect bottle caps of the old variety.  Pull tabs have become so common that old fashioned bottle caps might turn out to be valuable one day.  Coins and stamps remain the top collectibles but outdoor markets, flea markets, and antique shops and malls are the perfect places to look for trinkets, ashtrays, figurines, puzzles, old magazines, and much more!

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How Does Having a Hobby Improve the Gaming Experience?

Having a hobby directs your attention to that hobby.  It doesn’t replace gaming even as gaming doesn’t replace the hobby.  They are complementary experiences, each reinforcing the other.  Gaming has its place and bird watching has its place!

In that way, you can develop a deeper appreciation of online casino gaming by having a fall back hobby to go to.  In that way, your gaming will not “spill over” into free time activities that are also important!

Play Many Games

First, let’s talk about the 300+ games here at Jackpot Capital.  We encourage all our gamers to at least sample every game.  Some gamers, for example, spend many months gaming at Jackpot Capital without ever clicking on the “Specialty Games” tab.  They are missing so much fun and laughter.

Go ahead!  Play Fish Catch and Banana Jones!  These games are intended to be a diversion from the “regular” games people play which are also, in their own way, designed to be a diversion from one’s basic responsibilities.  Gaming in general is a healthy diversion form work, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and anything else you think of as a chore.

When you play at Jackpot Capital, you are online!  Well, of course you are!  That means that you can access every one of our games with just a click of the mouse or a swipe on your mobile device’s screen.  If access is so easy, it stands to reason that you might choose to play every game at least to see what they are all about!

A lot of gamers have discovered the Caribbean Poker games by doing just that: surfing Jackpot Capital and trying out a game they had never played before.  Video poker lovers can now say that they love Caribbean Stud, Draw, or Holdem just as much!

Speaking abut video poker, we offer many variations and several multi-player options.  If you budget you money well, you can play multi-hand video poker for a few hands or more.   Seeing those wins add up is such great fun!

Budget Time and Money

We talk about the importance of doing this quite often.  For the purpose of this article, we would like to explain how sound time and money budgeting will improve your gaming experience.

Casino gaming does involve putting some money down on the outcome of a game.  Budgeting the amount of money you will devote to this activity is the essence of responsible gaming.  We urge all gamers to follow these basic principles of responsible gaming.  When you do so, you will be able to play with a clear and calm mind.

As such, the time and money you devote to casino gaming is functionally the same as the time and money you devote to any pleasant and enjoyable activity.  After all, you need to buy a good pair of binoculars to get the most out of your bird watching hobby.  You need to have a very solid pair of hiking shoes to get the most out of a hiking and nature walking hobby.  You need to have a budget for antiques if you like going to antique shops.

The same applies to books, theater, and every activity we pursue!

Play Many Types of Games

We started by talking about casino games.  Let’s talk now about playing other games.  We at Jackpot Capital casino are very realistic; we know that there are hundreds of very different games that people can play.  We encourage all of our gamers to play a wide variety of games not just at our casino but with friends and family as well.

Science has established that game playing is a kind of exercise for the brain.  The point is to play!  We do our part with hundreds of great games, promotions, and much more!

Play at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

Actually, there are at this moment thousands of online casinos.  We urge everyone to do their due diligence and find out if an online casino is regulated and certified.  Find out about their customer service.  Our customer service office never closes.  We never have a “snow day” at the service office!

Online casinos need to have enough money on hand to pay large jackpots.  The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the end result of every spin or every hand.  That means that, while statistically it is highly unlikely, two big jackpots could be won on consecutive hands or spins.  The RNG does not know anything about statistics.  To the RNG, every hand or spin is a unique event that is not related in any way to the spins that came before or the hands that will come later.

So, an online casino has to be well monetized.  Make sure you know all of the facts before you plunk down your hard earned money.

It follows that land based casinos, by their nature, cause players to incur extra costs that online gamers do not incur.  We are talking about travel coats and return to player rates.

It costs money to get to a land based casino.  It may cost a few hundred dollars in a flight and accommodations.  Online casinos incur the cost of walking from the kitchen to the living room—about as free as free can be!

Land based casinos also have higher internal costs for employees, electricity, furniture, and much, much more.  These costs are taken away from players in lower return to player rates.

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