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What Can I Do to Win More at Online Casino Gaming?

Would you like to know how to increase your winnings here at Jackpot Capital online casino?  Of course, you would.  So, we will spend the next few minutes helping you play better!  This will certainly help you “win” more!

You might ask: Why do you put the words “winning” and “win” in quotes?  The answer is that “winning” in online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital casino and at all other reputable and trustworthy online casinos is about a lot more than winning money!

The house has the edge in all games and you can’t strategize in the games of chance.  Why, then, do so many people love playing at our mobile jackpot casino

First, people love to play games in which they put a little money down on the outcome.  This is gambling but it isn’t gambling in the strictest sense if you follow a few points that will turn gambling into a game.  In other words, turn the game into a game!

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Online Casino Gaming Puts You in Control

We have said this many times in the past but it is always worth saying: when you play online, you have so much more control over your casino gaming than when you play at a land based casino. 

At a land based casino, you are committed in many cases to a long weekend in the hotel.  You might have flown to the casino or the city where the casino is located.  You have invested a lot of money just getting there and now many players feel the need to “get their money’s worth” out of their time at the casino.

This leads many gamers at a land based casino to take out more chips even though they may have quickly exhausted their gambling budget in the first hour of gambling!  After all, how many times can one person go to the buffet?

Staying in control is one of the ways we say that you can “win” more at Jackpot Capital casino.

Set a Budget

This is another piece of advice we say again and again.  Set a budget and stay with it.  The budget represents how much an hour or so of online casino gaming is worth to you!  It is the same as setting a budget for anything you do.

Let’s say that you love going to sporting events.  There may be tickets for $200, $100, or $50.  Assuming that tickets in each price range are available, how do you decide which ticket to buy?  The main way we all make this kind of decision is by deciding how much sitting in the $200 seats is worth to us.  If the $50 seats are good enough, then most people will sit in those seats.

Online gaming is the same.  If playing with $100 for an hour is worth it to you and within your overall living budget, then you can play for $100.  If you feel that you have other good ways to spend some money, you might choose to play with $50.

You might also decide that all of your other interests and responsibilities allow you to play for only one half an hour.  See, you are in complete control.

There are So Many other Things to Do

Online casino gaming should complement all of your other fun and obligatory activities; it should not be the activity that everything else complements!  We always urge our gamers to set a lot of time for a hobby.  Gaming here at Jackpot Capital should be a subsidiary activity to your hobby, not the other way around.

Some gamers have told us in the past that they aren’t interested in the standard hobbies.  Our response is: find a non-standard hobby!  If you aren’t much of a reader, how about writing your memoir?  Even if you aren’t a great writer, your children, nieces and nephews, and even friends might enjoy reading what you have to say about all of your lifetime’s experiences.

A hobby is an activity for the long term so writing your memoirs can take years and it will be okay!

As you can see, there are so many ways to think out of the box when it comes to passing the time and having a good time doing so.

Spend Your Winnings

This is a very important piece of advice.  Many gamers will simply leave winnings in their online casino account and use them for gaming the next time.  We feel that if you have set a sound financial budget for yourself, you should take all winnings and spend them!

This is as surefire a way of increasing “winning” as anything we might tell you!  We are sure that you can find many things to spend your winnings on as long as you understand that you are spending your winnings.  

We would even go so far as to tell our gamers to cut a gaming session short if you score a big win!  In that way, you will have more winnings to spend and can expand the choices of things to spend the money on.

Imagine winning a jackpot in slots!  The screen is celebrating with you and the money counter is racking up quite a win.  Now, turn all of that big win into something else.  A new coat, a meal in a fancy restaurant, an airplane ticket you couldn’t afford before the big win!  There are so many ways that would make you happy as can be to spend the money.  So, stop playing after a big win and spend the money!

Play to Enjoy

This is another refrain we repeat often.  We can add something here that may put this piece of advice into better perspective.  We wish that everyone could learn to enjoy every five minute segment of time for its own sake!  Winning at online gaming is a five minute activity.

If, after any five minute segment, you sense that your enjoyment is weakening, that you aren’t having as much fun as before, then our advice is to stop gaming.  There is no doubt in our minds that the main reason you feel the fun lagging is because in the back of your mind, you have something else that you really want to do or that you really need to do.

In addition, if you stop the gaming session at the moment you sense the fun lagging, your memory of the session will much more likely be about the fun you had not that the fun started to weaken!

Play without Pressure

Never play online casino games if you feel pressured in any way.  This is much different than what so many players at land based casinos feel.  There might be someone hectoring you to give up the slot you are playing because he wants to play it too.  There might be the person at the blackjack table who blames you for every loss because you made the correct strategy play but he or she disagreed.

When you play at Jackpot Capital casino, the only “pressure” you should ever feel is the pressure to have fun!  This is no pressure at all! 

Winning at online casino games, is, therefore, a lot about how much you enjoy the gaming in and of itself!  Happy gaming!  We hope you get to spend your actual casino winnings on something super spectacular soon!

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