Gamers Learn Important Details about Progressive Jackpots from Jackpot Capital

How Much is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot can be for millions of dollars or can be for a “mere” few tens of thousands of dollars.  In other words, progressive jackpot games here at Jackpot Capital are far from a one size fits all genre.

Does Jackpot Capital Offer Tips to Progressive Jackpot Gamers?

Yes, we do!

We feel that our gamers should know as much as they can about our slots, including the progressive slots, and all of our other games as well!  Let’s start with slots in general and progressive slots specifically.

There are various ways to categorize slots.  Obviously, we can categorize than as progressive and non-progressive.  As we said earlier, the progressive jackpot may reach seven figures.  It also has aspects that gamers should be aware of.  We will speak about those aspects soon.

Every Modern Slot Has a Theme

We can categorize slots by theme.  Within that genre, Jackpot Capital online casino offers seasonal themes, holiday themes, and thermos about ancient cultures such as ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt or Native American tribes such as the Aztec, Inca, and Maya.

There are slots about exploration which, these days, includes the depths of the sea and the bar reaches of space.  We also have humorous slots.  It is very common for these categories to overlap in a slot game that has many attractive elements!

With Hundreds of Slots, We Encourage Gamers to Play a Variety of Slots

Especially since March 2020 when so many land based casinos were forced to close because of the corona virus, many gamers came to Jackpot Capital for what they thought would be a temporary, alternative gaming experience.

One of the biggest “discoveries” these gamers found was that they could play as many slots as time and money allowed without losing their seat.  In cyberspace, which jackpot Capital happily calls home, there are no seats!  Therefore, we urge and encourage all of our gamers to experience the wide variety of slots we have on offer.

So, the first tip we give to gamers is to play many games over time.

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How Can Gamers Learn about Hundreds of Games?

This is a very good question which we answer by allowing unlimited free play!  We don’t want gamers to have to make a bet in order to determine if they like a game.  So, we offer unlimited free play!

This offer is especially important in progressive slots as well as in the games of skill which are primarily blackjack and video poker.

This is one of the most important differences between online casinos and land based casinos.  Imagine going to a land based casino, sitting at the blackjack table, and telling the dealer (and the other players) that you want to play for free!

The dealer might be bemused by the request but the other players at the table would be aghast!

By offering unlimited free play, we allow gamers to decide which of the hundreds of games we offer they want to play for real money.

In Progressive Slots, Gamers Have to Bet the Maximum

Actually, gamers don’t have to bet the maximum but, if a gamer bets less than the maximum, they can’t qualify to win the big progressive jackpot.  In these cases, the volatility of the game makes playing it at all probably not conducive to the gamer’s gaming budget.

What is Volatility?

Volatility, or variance as it is often called, simply means the correlation between win frequency and average payout per win.

In a high volatility slot, there are fewer wins but the average payout per win is higher than the average payout in low volatility slots where there are more winning spins.

A lot of gamers who want to play for, say, a half an hour, might want to play mostly low to medium volatility slots which would serve to conserve their bankroll even as a normal win in a high volatility slot might give them a big shot in the account!

Most progressive jackpot slots are also high volatility slots.  So, we suggest setting a maximum number of spins per session on the progressive slots so that you have a chance to get lucky and win the jackpot and you also control your bankroll so that you have plenty of money to play other games!

High Volatility and the Return to Player Rate

There are sometimes two slots with the same return to player rate but one has high volatility and the other has low or medium volatility.  The high volatility slot will return the same as the other two slots but the low and medium volatility slots will share the money returned among a larger number of gamers.

You have a better chance to win or break even with low volatility slots.

Play for your Personality

Another good tip for progressive slots players is to play for your personality.  This goes in consort with our advice to try out all of our slots and other games and it recognizes that most gamers will fall onto a number of games they really like and will play these games most often.

That’s what we mean when we advise gamers to play to their personality.

We offer several variations of video poker and blackjack.  After trying out all of them, most gamers settle on one or two favorites.  Thus, they can learn the top strategy for the variations they want to play and can get the return to player rate very close to 100%!

Caribbean Poker Progressive Jackpots

We offer all three of the Caribbean Poker variations.  They share a single progressive jackpot which a gamer can win if he or she makes a side bet.  Gamers can also win a portion of the progressive jackpot with a “lesser” hand.  So, the jackpot in the Caribbean Poker games is always less than the big jackpots in progressive slots.

A lot of gamers love the Caribbean Poker games and play them more often than any other category of games.  Since the jackpot is available only to gamers who made the side bet, we suggest playing these games without always making the side bet.  We suggest treating the side bet as you might treat the maximum bet in a progressive jackpot slot.

Jackpot Capital is the Capitol of Jackpots

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