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Get Your Big Bonuses NOW and Play Cash Bandit 3

Come on down!  We still have a few days running for the third and fourth bonuses in honor of our newest game: Cash Bandits 3!  These two promotions expire on August 2 and they are so good that you will want to get in on all of the jackpot casino action right now!

Threes are Wild

Since this is a promotion for Cash Bandits 3, the number three (3) plays a prominent role!  Check it out: from now until August 2, for a minimum deposit of $25 at Jackpot Capital online casino, you get a 33% bonus up to $1333 and 13 free spins on Cash Bandits 3!  Did you see all those threes?  Well, the code for this promo is—guess what—33CB3.

What all of these threes mean is that if you deposit $1000, you get an extra $333 to play with.  After you take your free spins on Cash Bandit 3, Jackpot capital casino invites you to use your deposit and your bonus money on any of the more than 300 games we have on offer.

Can the Threes BE Any Wilder?

That’s not all!  The fourth bonus offer in celebration of the coming out party for Cash Bandits 3 is a bonus of 133% up to $2333 and 33 free spins!  The code for this promotion is—we thought you would catch on!—is 133CB3 and the minimum deposit is only $45.

This means that for a deposit of $1000, you get the giant sum of $1333 as your bonus! 

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Hi There, High Rollers

If you are a registered high roller, you can get better bonuses.  The first of the bonuses for high rollers that are still in effect until August 2 is the same as the second bonus described above.  It calls for a minimum deposit of $45 and a potential bonus of 133% up to $2333.

The second high roller bonus for helping Jackpot Capital celebrate the emergence of Cash Bandits 3, has a minimum deposit of $75.  It calls for a bonus of 233% up to $3333 and 66 free spins.  That means that a deposit of $1000 gets you $2333 in bonuses!  The high roller code for this bonus is 233CB3.

Let’s Review the Difference between Free Food and Free Money

At land based casinos, they give away a lot of free food and free alcohol and sometimes they give away free hotel rooms and even free show tickets to the highest of high rollers.  It is also possible to get a deposit bonus at a land based casino but most players cannot use such deposit bonuses effectively.  That’s because of the wagering requirement that accompanies every deposit bonus.

In the past, there weren’t any wagering requirements and some players got their deposit bonus and immediately cashed out!  That led to the need for a wagering requirement.  The problem for players at a land based casinos is simply that they probably won’t be at the casino long enough to complete the wagering requirement.

At Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos, it is easy to work off the wagering requirement because you don’t have to travel to get to the casino and you don’t have to leave it when it’s time to get back home!

Land based casinos like to brag—quietly, of course—that they give away free alcohol.  We at Jackpot Capital not only do not give away free alcohol—we wouldn’t even if we could—but we tell our gamers to wait until later to have that drink or two.

At an online casino, you are never “captive” to your preset time at the casino.  Free alcohol while you’re on the casino floor means that you don’t have to pay for drinks later.  The amount of money players lose per drink is so high that it’s the main reason the casinos continue to give alcoholic drinks away!

It’s so much better to play with free money! 

Why Cash Bandits 3?

Cash Bandits started it all off.  In that slot, gamers could steal the cops’ donuts, burn rubber getting away in their..….getaway car, get the gang together and enjoy many other excellent cops and robbers features.  Great graphics and big jackpots make for exciting slots action and Cash Bandits delivered on both counts.  The game proved so popular that RTG was compelled to bring out Cash Bandits 2! 

The idea in Cash Bandits 2 was similar to that in Cash Bandits: steal as much money as possible!  This is not a pass-go-and-collect $200 kind of game!  In Cash Bandits 2, RTG brought out a few new graphics: the alarm bell, a policeman’s badge (or a policewoman’s badge, naturally), bags of money, wads of money, gold coins, the heavy vault with those heavy doors and everything soooooo heavy, a scary looking bank robber and a terrified woman, a Wanted sign straight out of central casting for a Wild West movie and the ubiquitous handcuffs!

The two slots in the Cash Bandits series are so very popular that here is RTG once again with another addition to the series.  Will we finish with Cash Bandits 3 or will the series continue until Cash Bandits 33 or beyond?  Only time will tell!

You have to play Cash Bandits 3 to see the finer points of great casino slots!  The graphics are great as usual with RTG slots.  With a smidgen of luck, you’ll win as many as 390 (!) free spins and with a tad more than a smidgen of good luck, you will win 115,000x your bet!  Now that’s a good reason to be a cash bandit!

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So, join Jackpot Capital now if you aren’t a registered member yet!  If you are a member go straight to the last two promotions for Cash Bandits 3 and get your bonuses!  Take your free spins and see how much fun you can have “being a bandit” for even a short period of time!

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