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How to Play, Enjoy, and Win Progressive Jackpot Games

Jackpot Capital online casino carries several progressive jackpot slots and other games.  Here we would like to go into some depth on the subject of progressive jackpots so you as our loyal gamers know exactly what to expect from a progressive jackpot game.

The Network Gets Together

Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, has a network of online and land based casinos that carry their games.  Some casinos, such as Jackpot Capital casino, are exclusively RTG casinos while other casinos carry games from a number of game providers.

As far as the reach of any online casino might be—and Jackpot Capital has worldwide reach—the game provider, since its games are carried by many casinos, has even greater reach.  The game provider is actually part of a network of casinos.

So, when a game provider runs a progressive jackpot, it takes a few pennies from every bet and puts all of those pennies together to create the growing jackpot.  It is called a progressive jackpot because it grows progressively.

Some progressive jackpots are won when a player gets five of the symbol that triggers the jackpot in a winning payline.  In those games, everyone waits patiently until a lucky player wins the big jackpot.  Other progressive jackpots are entirely random.  They can be won even by a player who didn’t get five of a kind!

In both cases, once the progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot, which may have grown to seven figures from its starting point, reverts back to its pre-determined starting point and the process repeats itself.

Progressive Slots at Jackpot Capital

Cleopatra’s Gold is an example of a slot with a random progressive jackpot.  This slot also features a wild symbol that doubles wins and a free spins bonus round that has a 3x multiplier on wins.  This slot has 20 paylines with a maximum bet per payline of ten cents.  That means that the maximum bet per spin is $2.

Cleopatra’s Gold is considered a medium variance slot which means that gamers will enjoy many fairly large wins at a relatively low rate of wins.  Some slots are high variance games which means that the wins are generally higher but the rate of such wins is lower and some slots are low variance which means that there are a lot more wins but that the wins tend to be on the small side.

A progressive jackpot slot will always have the big jackpot looming in the background.  A random progressive jackpot such as the one in Cleopatra’s Gold gives players the feeling that winning the big jackpot is just around the corner!

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Spirit of the Inca

One of the driving ideas in modern video slots is that history is very fertile ground for ideas for new slots!  Just as Cleopatra’s Gold takes us to ancient Egypt, Spirit of the Inca takes us to the vibrant culture of the Inca nation which began in the 13th century and thrived in South America centered on modern day Peru in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Spirit of the Inca sets out to capture the civilization and spirit of the Inca people even though the advance of the European explorers and settlers coincided with the Inca’s heyday and usurped their culture.

Spirit of the Inca features pottery and pyramids, jewelry and jade, beautiful purple flowers and beautiful women adorned in purple clothing, and a powerful warrior with a spear, an ornate shield, and a metal headdress festooned with flowers.

Thus we learn that the Incas knew the science of building great edifices, the intricate and delicate arts of pottery, painting, and jewelry making, had a strong appreciation of the value of gold and other precious metals, understood how to dye cloth, and could fight fiercely when called upon to do so.

In Spirit of the Inca, there are five boiling jackpots which make up the progressive jackpot feature.  If you bet the maximum, you qualify for all five boiling jackpots but if you reduce your bet, you will lose one or more of the boiling jackpots.  So, it is always the best strategy to bet the maximum and be qualified to win the entire progressive jackpot.


The theme in this great slot is the ancient “civilization” of the mighty dinosaurs.  Some dinosaurs, despite being taller than ten Inca warriors were herbivores.  That means that they ate plants and were harmless to small animals such as human beings if there were any during the halcyon days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Other dinosaurs were ferocious hunters.  They would gobble up any flesh and blood creature they could find!  The life of the herbivore dinosaurs was one of grand leisure as they could munch on tall branches and leaves all day.  Their only fear was the hunter-saurs. 

The life of a hunter dinosaur was much less pastoral since they were constantly on the lookout for prey! 

Your biggest prey in Megasaur will be the progressive jackpot but you can also enjoy more modest wins in the free spins bonus rounds.  Gamers love Megasaur for the chance to walk vicariously with the dinosaurs without the feeling that they might end up as some dinosaur’s late evening snack.

Poker Variants with Progressive Jackpots

We feature three poker variants with progressive jackpots: Let em Ride, Caribbean Holdem, and Caribbean Stud Poker.  The progressive jackpots in these games are based on side bets.  A lot of gamers don’t make the side bets so the progressive jackpots grow more slowly than in the progressive slots.  Despite the smaller jackpots, poker players love these games as they are challenging in their own right.

Unlike slots, which for all the talk about wild and scatter symbols are basically games of pure chance, poker variations such as these three and video poker are all games of skill mixed with chance.  If you play well, you increase your chances of having good luck and winning! 

We always tell our gamers to study the basic strategy for games of skill.  It is one of the many pleasures of gaming at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital when you play a game of skill so skillfully that Lady Luck shines on you and you end the session in winning mode!

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

In some games, you have to bet the maximum to qualify to win the progressive jackpot.   In other games, you need to make a side bet to qualify to win the jackpot.  We emphasize at all times that progressive jackpots do usually put more pressure on gamers’ bankrolls. 

If the game is too rich for your financial gaming means, then play them sparingly.  Many gamers find that a few hands or spins on their mobile device when they are away from home and have just a few minutes to play is enough time to try their hand at one of the progressive games we offer.

Then, when they get home and curl up to play the full line of games we have on offer, they can play games that offer great fun but are less strenuous on their gaming budget!

Jackpot Capital offers over 300 great games so you can always find lots and lots of games that you really like to play!  We say that with more than 300 games to choose from, gamers at Jackpot Capital can enjoy at least 300 games to the utmost!

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