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How are Online Casino Gaming and Walking in the Rain Related?

We like to talk about gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino as a great form of entertainment.  Some of our loyal gamers have asked us to expand on that theme.  One such gamer said that from the moment a gamer accepts the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus, the entire activity of online gaming is more about betting on games rather than on playing games.

Gaming Should Always be about the Games

We would like to set the record straight: online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital should always be a form of entertainment first.  We sincerely believe that if any gamer is not having fun while playing our games for real money, then he or she should probably not be playing our games!

We also offer unlimited free play in all of our games.  Many gamers use the free play mode as a way of getting familiar with a game before they put money down on the outcome.  But you can play in the free play mode for any reason.  Cyberspace is a very big place and there is plenty of room for gamers of all types including the ones who prefer to play for free!

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What is Entertainment?

This is a fascinating question since in centuries past most people didn’t have time to be entertained.  In the modern world, we have a lot of free time on our hands.  Everything we do to fill our free time is entertainment!

Think about it!  If we do something as part of our job or as part of our other responsibilities and obligations, we are not being entertained.  But all of the things we do when we are not working or taking care of responsibilities is entertainment by logic and simple common sense.

We Seek New Forms of Entertainment

We might try something new hoping that we will like it meaning that it will become another in the long line of things we do for entertainment.  If it is good for use, we will continue to do it whenever we have the time and inclination.  If it is not so good for us, we will not do it again.  In either case, the motivation for trying the activity out was the desire to be entertained.

A Broader Definition of Entertainment

Some people place an excessively narrow definition on the idea of entertainment.  They say that entertainment is something that holds the interest of an audience or that makes people pay attention.  A fire does both of these things but very few people would dare to say that a fire is entertaining.

So, let us say that entertainment has two sides.  One is the side where we enjoy a performance.  This then includes television, movies, theater, concerts, sporting events, and much more.

The second side is all the things we do for our own pleasure.  These are things we can do alone.  They include walking or hiking, swimming and all other forms of physical activity or exercise, cooking, reading, collecting things, every art form that we can do individually, going to museums, and many other activities.

Entertainment is Much Broader than We Imagine

One of the more interesting and entertaining aspects of modern life is that we have gone from being primarily working people to being primarily people with free time and money to spend.  The fascinating truth is we don’t have enough experience being our new selves yet so we don’t yet know how to be people with free time and extra money to spend!

What Might be a Few Odd Forms of Entertainment?

Whenever we try to define entertainment, we come up with lists that may be long or short but miss the broad target by a mile.  Remember, everything we do in our abundant free time is entertainment.  Some people love rummaging through used book stores as entertainment.  It’s very inexpensive and for book lovers it’s a lot of fun.

Some people like to walk in the rain.  A soft drizzle, shoes they don’t mind getting wet, and an umbrella is all they need to spend an hour in joyful walking “in the weather”.

Some people like to go to business expositions.  Whether it’s cars, auto parts, farm equipment, or anything else that business people come together to see once a year is phenomenally entertaining to some people.

Some people love watching batting practice and fielding practice.  To these people, watching the teams practice is often more fun than watching the game itself!

Some people prefer concert rehearsals over the actual concerts.  The seats are a lot cheaper and they say that watching the conductor during a rehearsal is a lot more fun than watching her or him during the actual concert.  Listening to the conductor instruct the musicians is also an amazing experience for some people.

Can Doing a Chore Also be a Form of Entertainment?

By definition, when a chore becomes fun to do, it is no longer a chore.  Many people call this kind of chore a hobby!  To some people cooking is a big chore.  To others, the entire process from looking through cook books for a recipe to doing the actual cooking is not a chore.  It is a type of hobby.

A cookbook of southern United States cooking had a recipe for seafood gumbo.  Gumbo, by the way, comes from the Angolan word for okra which indicates that this type of soup at one time was based heavily on okra.  Modern gumbo calls for a roux or a slowly cooked oil base.  This may take an hour or longer to prepare.  So the recipe said to prepare the vegetables and the seafood the day before.

The advice in the cookbook for the actual cooking said, “The cooking of the gumbo on the next day should be a happy thing.”  This is the epitome of taking a chore and turning it into an entertainment.

How Does This Relate to Online Casino Gaming?

Online gaming is just one of many different forms of entertainment that many people enjoy.  We play online casino games at Jackpot Capital in our free time.  Just as we would never encourage anyone to stream a television series when they should be taking care of business or other responsibilities, so we would not encourage anyone to play our casino games when they should be doing more serious things.

When we have free time, or when we need to take a short break, online gaming can play a big role in keeping us calm and pleasantly entertained.  The mobile gaming platform at Jackpot Capital is a perfect conduit for a few quick spins or hands while we are taking a break.

Setting a Budget

Walking in the rain costs almost no money.  Maybe you need to replace your shoes every couple of years.  Most forms of entertainment do cost money.  We budget our money to cover necessities and extras.  Entertainment is a vital part of modern life but in terms of budgeting it is an extra.

We do the same with online casino gaming: we set a budget.  Online gaming is a lot more amenable to budgets for gaming than land based casino gambling is.  At a land based casino, if you have two more days left in your “junket” and you need more money to play, many people will buy more chips than they should budget-wise.

When you play online, you can set a budget in money and time and stick to the budget.  Even if you still have plenty of free time at your disposal you also have a very large list of entertainments to choose from!

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