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How to Understand the Meteoric Rise of Mobile Casino Gaming

These last few months have seen tremendous growth in online casino gaming.  We at Jackpot Capital casino know that a lot of that growth has come about because of the closures of land based casinos.  Still, another big chunk of growth is the result of gamers “discovering” the convenience, comfort, and excellence of mobile casino gaming. 

Jackpot Capital online casino has earned the reputation of being a top mobile jackpot casino because we have such a good mobile gaming platform and because we offer so many games, mostly slots, with sizable to massive jackpots!

Will Gamers Continue to Play on Mobile Platforms?

We expect that online gaming will stay very high as the preferred gaming platform even when land based casinos become fully operational which is still probably months away or longer.  The reason is that many gamers, who had never joined an online casino, have found out that gaming online has advantages they had not realized in the past.

So, even though many gamers who still enjoy the atmosphere at land based casinos will go back to them for some of their gaming, most will do at least half if not the bulk of their gaming online at Jackpot Capital.

Mobile gaming will account for a very large majority of online gaming going forward.

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Mobile Devices are Better than Ever

First of all, there is technology.  Many of us remember—those of us over 40 years of age sometimes are shocked and amazed that an entire generation does not remember—when cellular phones were giant monsters that barely fit into a woman’s handbag much less into a pants pocket.

These first generation dinosaurs were also not smart and not especially strong.  If you are a member of generation X, Y, or Z, you don’t know that the early cellular phones—it took some years for them to be called cell phones and then another generation before the term smartphone took hold—had enough capacity to store about 30-50 telephone numbers.

In those days, most people still knew by heart the phone numbers of the people whose numbers were safely ensconced in their cellular phones.

By the way, the term smartphone is also already passé!  The modern term is simply “phone”!  This development is all the result of technological breakthroughs that are at the heart of the mobile casino gaming revolution!

Convenience and Comfort

Some people place convenience ahead of comfort since mobile casino gaming platforms allow gamers to play wherever they are and whenever the mood and opportunity suit them.

Others put comfort first since excellent mobile platforms plus modern technologically superior mobile devices allow gamers to play while curled up on a soft sofa or in bed.

In fact, comfort and convenience are both part of the same synergy.  Let’s say that comfort and convenience play equal roles in the fast and speeding up growth in mobile gaming.

One way to describe the convenience of mobile casino gaming is to note that with land based casinos, gamers have to come to the casino while with today’s superlative mobile gaming platforms, the casino travels wherever the gamer goes!

Land Based Casinos Now Offer Mobile Gaming

This came to us as a shock when we first heard about it but it is a growing phenomenon.  In effect, land based casinos see themselves as white elephants, catering to a dwindling group of gamers.  The very fact that a growing number of land based casinos are now offering mobile platforms on the hotel grounds is testament to the popular nature of mobile gaming!

The natural place for mobile gaming platforms is in association with online casinos and so it shall continue.  Mobile gaming at land based casinos only underscores the enormous future growth we expect to see in mobile gaming.

Technology Will Continue to Surprise and Amaze Us

We might not be aware yet as to the wrinkles we will be able to experience as mobile technology gets better and better over time.  We know that 3-D will increase.  We can anticipate entirely 3-D games primarily slots but also such games as roulette and blackjack.

Is the day far off that when a garner plays blackjack at a mobile or online platform, he or she will feel as if the dealer is real, the cards are real, the chips are real, and the table is real?

Technology will make it possible to play against or with people from all over the world in real time. 

5G technology will make gaming smoother and faster.  It will empower your mobile device to perform tasks that no one thought mobile devices would ever do just a few years ago.  After 5G what’s next? Will we see 10G or the equivalent in an entirely new technology in time for today’s teens to run for high political office?

Online is Like a Megalopolis of Games

Let’s face it, land based casinos have walls.  The walls might be a hundred or more meters apart but they are there!  A land based casino has limited space.  Online casinos have unlimited space.  The space available to mobile platforms is growing apace.  We are seeing the vast growth in gaming opportunities in the growth of mobile platforms.

Land based casinos cannot hope to match the variety of games that are available at even the most superficial online casino.  Jackpot Capital is anything but superficial!  We offer over 300 of the best games from Real Time Gaming!  We never have to take one game out in order to make room for another!  We don’t need multiple terminals to satisfy the needs of all of the gamers who want to play a single game!

We can accommodate a million gamers on the same game at the same time!

Online and mobile graphics are so much better now than they were before that game providers like Real Time Gaming are taking that into account as they create each month’s new games.  There are so many online casinos and so many game providers that each casino and game provider feels the constant pull and push of intense competition to provide the best games and the best gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming Reduces Gaming Sessions for the Better

We have said for years that gamers should set not just monetary limits on themselves but also time limits.  Mobile gaming has shown many gamers that it is possible to enjoy gaming in small doses.  This comes as a big surprise to the large number of gamers who used to spend hours and days on the land based casino floor, giving up precious sleep for more gambling.

Mobile teaches us that pleasure can come in small doses.

Jackpot Capital Mobile Casino

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