What are a Few Under-the-Radar Advantages of Online  Casinos?

Why is Online Gaming at Jackpot Capital Better than Gambling on Land?

We realize that we will be tooting our own horn here but we feel strongly that when gamers play at online jackpot casinos, they are getting a lot more gaming for the cost they may or may not incur.

This Subject Sounds Like it’s Old Hat

Yes, indeed, this subject has been broached quite often as there is a lot to say about the advantages of online casino gaming.  Here are a few of these advantages that we will not be discussing in this article simply because everyone already knows them (or should):

  1. Comfort
  2. Convenience
  3. A lot of games
  4. No waiting to play
  5. No travel costs
  6. No free alcohol
  7. No obnoxious gamers bothering you
  8. A lot of promotions that include bonuses, free spins, and more
  9. A blog or articles section that gives gamers a lot of useful information
  10. Excellent customer service

Okay, we listed ten of the best known advantages of online casino gaming.  Now let’s look at a few that are more under the radar.

Online Gaming Puts Fun Front and Center

At land-based casinos, they push the “gaming experience”.  What they don’t tell players is that the gaming experience is quite artificial at land-based casinos.  Ask yourself: Why do land-based casinos have no clocks on the walls?  Why do they have no windows?  Why do they push free alcohol?

The idea at land-based casinos is to keep players on the casino floor as long as possible.  At Jackpot Capital and all of our top notch sister casinos, we encourage relatively short gaming sessions simply because our gamers can come back whenever they want to!

Land-based casinos want to get as much gambling out of their players as they can in the few days—if that long—that the player is at the casino.  Jackpot Capital wants gamers to have fun!

Online Casinos Offer Unlimited Free Play

We want gamers to set reasonable time and money budgets.  We also know that sometimes the money runs out before the time does.  In that case, we encourage the gamer to play at no cost.

There is another good reason why we offer free play: we want gamers to understand any game they want to play before they put real money down.  Since we offer so many games, we feel that it is our responsibility to allow gamers to play in demo mode before playing in real money mode.

You'll NEVER see a land-based casino with free play on ANY game.

Gamers Can Multi-task While Playing

We don’t mean cooking or working on a project.  We really mean that since most gamers now play on mobile devices through the internet, they can surf the internet while playing.  Do you want to know what the weather will be like over the weekend when you take a real vacation with the money you save not travelling to a land-based casino?

Are you playing a slot about dinosaurs and it piques your curiosity so you look up dinosaurs?  Are you playing a slot about ancient Mayan, Aztec, or Inca culture and you are interested in knowing where these cultures thrived and what differentiated one from the others?

In other words, at a land-based casino there may be someone waiting to play at the terminal you are at and they will not be pleased if you stay there while you take a break to look up the history of the dinosaurs!

This never happens to gamers at Jackpot Capital!

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It is Easy to Snack and Get a Drink

We suppose that if you have a bottle of water while playing at a land-based casino, no one will stop you if you “gotta have a sip”!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFWgxOHN9JQ (at the 2:30 mark)

But how about taking a couple of minutes to boil water for coffee?  At home, as you play on your soft and cuddly sofa, you have a coffee table to put the cup of coffee on!

We also think that snacking is fine while gaming.  We do not encourage eating a full meal and then playing.  That is what land-based casinos do as they give vouchers for free meals at the buffet knowing that the buffet will encourage a bit of over-eating which will make the player a bit drowsy which leads to poor betting decisions.

On the other hand—the Jackpot Capital hand—a few peanuts, or raisins, or pita bread with hummus make for a fine snack!!

Online Gaming Encourages Romantic Interludes

First we have that soft and cuddly sofa we spoke about.  We might add playing in bed.  We might add snacking on strawberries or rather looking forward to later snacking on strawberries with the help of some Champaign.

Any way you cut it, online gaming leads to more romance than gambling at a land-based casino with your mate or significant other.

Online Casino Gaming is Great for Winding Down

We work hard!  We need to relax and wind down when we get home.  We want to meet friends or that significant other mentioned above!  Spinning a few slots or playing a few hands of blackjack or video poker are excellent conduits to relaxing and getting ready for the rest of the evening.

Land-based casinos can’t encourage winding down.  As we said earlier, land-based casinos need to get players to spend as much time as they can on the casino floor.  So, while we at Jackpot Capital see gaming as, among other things, a perfect way to relax, land-based casinos try to get player wound up!

Jackpot Capital Offers Many Variations of Blackjack

Even before the corona virus caused a crisis, land-based casinos could not offer as many variations of blackjack as we at Jackpot Capital can.  Land-based casinos need more floor space for terminals especially of slots!

Tables for blackjack take up a lot of room.  So, land-based casinos often had one or two blackjack tables.  They often had relatively high minimum bets.  They also sometimes—increasingly—pay 6-5 for a blackjack which increases the house edge by several percent!

Now, with land-based casinos reopening but with space restrictions, the easiest way to achieve better social distancing is to take out a blackjack table.

None of this ever happens at Jackpot Capital!  We can offer many variations of blackjack because we are in cyberspace which to the best of our knowledge has no walls or other limits.

VIPs Can Benefit Every Day

Land-based casinos also have VIPs.  They can give their VIPs a lot of special treatment like a giant suite or front row seats at the show.  However, a VIP at a land-based casino will benefit from their high roller status only when they come to the casinos!  It is obvious that a high roller at Jackpot Capital can and does come to the casino a lot more often than high rollers go to the land-based casino that recognizes them as high rollers.

Well, Did we Succeed in Showing the Under-the-Radar Advantages of Gaming at Jackpot Capital?

We feel that we did!  And we encourage any gamer who has not yet signed up to play at Jackpot Capital to JOIN NOW!

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