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How to Have Fun Robbing a Bank? Play Cash Bandits 3!

The Cash Bandits slot series began in 2015 and has become one of the most popular jackpot slots series at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Now, along comes Cash Bandits 3.  We can’t say how far Real Time Gaming will take this series but we can tell you that Cash Bandits 3 is a worthy successor to Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2.

Will the fun never end?  We certainly hope not!

Symbols and Characters Align with Mayhem and Mirth

A bank robbery is no laughing matter unless it’s the theme of a happy slot from RTG!  They know how to create fun and fancy!

That’s one of the big reasons they are the exclusive game provider for us at Jackpot Capital casino.

The three characters in Cash Bandits 3 are the scared teller, the policeman, and the cash bandit himself.  The scared teller is so exaggeratedly scared that she seems colorful!  Her glasses are from a different century (if there was style in eyeglasses in the 19th century, her glasses would be from then!) and her lipstick seems plastered to her face more than to her lips!  She is shocked beyond measure by the presence of the goofy looking bandit.

The policeman doesn’t help matters much.  In this slot, the bank robbery is going down!  The only question is how much are you going to take from the bank, meaning the game? 

The Policeman’s Props

Like any good policeman, our cop comes equipped with all of the things a self-respecting policeman needs to do his job well!  There are handcuffs to immobilize the varmints.  There is his trusty and rusty badge to show one and all that here is a man of the law even if he looks like a man of the vaudeville stage!

He comes tearing down the road in his police car with red and blue lights ablaze.  And can we forget the most important equipment: the cup of coffee and doughnuts?

The Bandit and His Prey

Now we can get down to the nitty gritty of what the cash bandit is doing here.  He is after the bags of gold coins and the wads of money!   A lot of the money is stored away in the vault.  Everyone thinks that the money is safe in the vault and it might be but, if you have anything to say about it, the vault will open and the cash bandit will make his getaway with a massive wad of cash!

The newspaper has a blaring headline announcing the return of the cash bandit!  Like all newspapers these days, it is far behind the news cycle!  Even as it blares forth the news that the cash bandit is back, he and you are plotting a way to get the vault open!

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Get Three Scatters ad Set Your Plan in Motion

First you need to get three scatters.  It is a lot more common to get a win with a wild symbol.  The wild symbol is stacked to cover an entire row so you have many chances to get regular game wins on any or many of the 25 paylines.

The really big wins are in the free spins bonus round.  That’s where the scatters make their mark!  So, we have three scatter symbols and go to the free spins round.  But like any good bank robbery, we have to open something with a code that makes it hard to open.

The Eternal Mystery of the Free Spins and Multipliers

In Cash Bandits 3, the free spins are a mystery of sorts.  In addition, they come with a multiplier that is also a mystery of sorts.  We are confronted by four safes and a vault.  The “game” asks us to try to decode the codes that guard the safety of the safes!  If we open a safe, we find out then how many free spins we’ll get and with how large a multiplier.

Then we try to open the next safe.  If we are modesty lucky, we will open a few safes and we’ll be amazed at how many free spins we’re going to get and for how large a multiplier.

We don’t have to be satisfied, yet!  We can also try to open the vault.  The big money is in the vault and, when we open it, first a huge mound of free spins comes pouring out and the free spins are accompanied by a massive multiplier.  We add all of the free spins we won by opening the safes and the multipliers they cane with and the final total of free spins and multipliers will put us in the slots version of shock and awe!

The largest number of free spins available to lucky gamers is 390 and the highest multiplier is 23x!  We are in awe ourselves at the thought of 390 free spins with a 23x multiplier!

Grand Cooperation between You and the Cash Bandit

So, you can see just how important it is to the cash bandit to merge his bank robber skills with your skill at decoding safe and vault codes!  The largesse is quite large but that’s not all Cash Bandits 3 has to offer!

Mini and Maxi take on New Meaning

It’s almost as if RTG didn’t realize that they had a slot with potentially 390 free spins at a 23x multiplier!  They also have two random progressive jackpots the mini and the major.  These jackpots are sizable enough in their own right so they add an extra dimension of bank robbing excitement to Cash Bandits 3!

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