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Here are a Few Unsung Reasons Why Online Gaming Trumps Land Based Gaming

Let’s talk gaming!  As an online casino, we always talk about the advantages of gaming at Jackpot Capital casino.  We talk about this subject often but today we would like to talk about some unsung and overlooked reasons why online gaming is quite often better than gaming at a land based casino.

The Extraordinary Convenience of Mobile Gaming

It’s true that some land based casinos are now offering mobile gaming as well!  This takes the convenience of mobile gaming and stands it on its head.  Mobile gaming has two major values.  You can play anywhere you are!  Many gamers go after an elusive progressive jackpot only from their mobile device and only when they aren’t at home.

This convenience allows you to regulate your bankroll and your gaming time much better than going to a land based casino.  It is just a little bit lame to take the day to day convenience of gaming on the Jackpot Capital online casino mobile platform and travel to a land based casino where you will probably spend many hours on the casino floor and then, when you finally make your way back to your room, you spend more time gaming on the casino’s mobile platform!

The second top benefit of mobile gaming is that since the graphics on mobile devices are light years better than they were only ten or so years ago, you can play while curled up on a soft, comfortable sofa.  You can play with Mr. or Ms. significant partner in bed.  Do you have to travel to a land based casino hotel to enjoy the momentary fun of mobile gaming before the gaming segues into something else?

The Atmosphere at a Land Based Casino

This chestnut is repeated often by people who are “selling” land based casino gaming.  It is true that there is a vibrant atmosphere at a land based casino.  Is a vibrant atmosphere available only at a land based casino?  Far from it!  You can experience a rowdy and raucous and friendly atmosphere at a state or county fair, at any of the thousands of festivals that go on every year, at an amusement park, at a local pub, at exciting sporting events, and at many other locales.

So why should you choose the atmosphere at a land based casino?

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The Downside of the Atmosphere at a Land Based Casino

This section will be a bit negative towards the crowds at land based casino.  Let’s start with a casino floor that is so crowded you can’t find a game or table to play at.  The casino might have ten terminals of a very popular slot and there might be twenty people waiting for one of those terminals to open up.

You might hear someone behind you berate you for playing too long on the slot he or she wants to play.  The rude talk might get stronger and stronger depending on how long the other gamer has been waiting and how long you’ve been playing.

If there is a huge crowd behind you at the bank of slots, you might get jostled from behind.  Sometimes the “jostling” is a lot more unwanted than simply getting bumped into.

The atmosphere at a land based casino is entirely artificial.  The atmosphere is actually designed to create sensory overload so your decisions will be less sound than they normally are.  Even though there are people who talk about the friendly camaraderie at land based casinos, this so-called camaraderie ends as soon as gamers decide to move on.  The reality is that at a land based casino you are lost in a sea of strangers.  A land based casino is not a place to meet new people and make new friends.

Many gamers at a land based casino see it as an event.  We like to think about online gaming as a pastime.  We see online gaming as a pastime while land based casino gaming is an “all the time” event.  Online, you can play for as long and as little time as you like.  No one will tell you to give up your seat.  No one will pretend to be your best pal.

Finally, the flashing lights also serve a purpose.  Lights work in the same way that candles work.  We become mesmerized by them.  The big difference between casino lights and candles is that candles melt down while casino lights go on forever.

When You are Looking for a Game

The people in front of you playing or also looking for a chance to play may resent your being too close to them.  You might be mildly of forcefully threatened!  This is one of the many inevitable results of a casino that is full of real live people.

Free Alcohol

This so-called benefit of gaming at a land based casino fits under the category of temptation.   A land based casino will do everything it can to lead you unto temptation.  Free alcohol is just one of many ways the casinos lure you away from concentrating on the games you are playing and get you to lose more money than you should.

Alcohol also leads some gamers to spend time on the casino floor when they should be sleeping it off.  They may be happy drunks but if they have been losing, thy may be very unhappy drunks.  You will never face such a situation when you play online.

Land based casinos have many ways to tempt you.  The cocktail waitresses are scantily dressed.  There is a well-stocked buffet restaurant that calls to you.  Then, when you come back to the casino floor, you are tired and cannot concentrate as much as you should.

The big land based casinos have shows with top talent.  There is no denying the level of the talent in the shows at these casinos.  Still, we question whether you would consider paying hundreds of dollars to see a ventriloquist if the show was taking place at a theater in the city where you live!

Take Day Trips from the Casino

It is true that you can also enjoy yourself in the great outdoors using the casino’s hotel as your base.  If you do that without spending an excessive amount of time on the casino floor, then you are actually on a nature vacation rather than a gambling holiday.

The attitude you bring to the casino makes all the difference!  The truth is that at a land based casino, gamers have the distinct tendency to play for too long a time.

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Even if you can never give up gaming at an land based casino, you can discover the overwhelming benefits of gaming online many times a year over gaming at a land based casino once a year!

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