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How to Return to Land Based Casino Gaming

Does it seem a bit weird that Jackpot Capital online casino is offering, of our own free will, good advice to gamers who are planning a return to land based casinos?  It shouldn’t!  You see, we at Jackpot Capital casino are fully aware that a determined gamer can play jackpot slots at either our online casino or at a land based casino!

We have so much confidence in the gaming experience that Jackpot Capital offers that we are willing to offer sound advice to all gamers planning to return to land base casino gaming or are at least contemplating such a move.

What is True Self-confidence?

True self-confidence means being at one with one’ self.  A confident person knows that he or she is not perfect and, while doing one’s best to improve, is also aware and accepting of the fact that no one can ever expect to achieve perfection.

The same holds true for corporations.  In the corporate sense, it means being at one with who you are as a business.  We are in the business of online casino gaming.  We know that there may be a tendency for some gamers to overdo the gambling side of online casino play.

Jackpot Capital Offers Four Solutions

We have four solutions to that problem.  The first is that we constantly talk about changing one’s mindset from gambling to gaming.  Gambling leads to excessive betting while at most gaming leads to a bit too much gaming!

Secondly, we emphasize that gaming has to fun above all else.  This means that if you feel that gaming has become less fun than you know it should be for whatever reason, you know that the casino, the very business that welcomes your betting on our games, urges you to stop!

Third, we offer unlimited free play.  In that way, we make it as clear as we can that we feel that gaming is more important than betting even as we make it easy and fun to put some money on the line in all of our games.

Finally, we are committed to the ethic of responsible gaming.  We support private and public efforts to educate the public about responsible gaming.  To that end, we encourage or gamers to set time and monetary budgets on their gaming at Jackpot Capital even though such limits seemingly work against our corporate interests.

Therefore, we feel that it is actually consistent with our corporate interests to offer a few out of the box tips to gamers who are thirsty for a return to land based casino gaming!

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Which Casino is the Alternative?

We understand the desire to go to land based casinos.  however, while twenty years ago and less, most players who loved land based casinos, at best saw online casinos as the alternative to land based casinos—and, in many cases, as we have seen since the lockdowns brought about by the corona virus crisis, many gamers never even joined a single online casino—today we feel that land based casinos should be seen as the alternative to online casinos!

Why are Online Casinos the Primary Casinos?

Online casinos are more convenient than land based casinos, offer more games, offer gaming with absolutely no “lines” or waiting, offer mobile gaming for even more convenience, have higher return to player rates because of lower operating costs, offer bonuses and other promotions that land based casinos find hard to offer, and never offer free alcohol to gamers!

The attraction of land based casinos is similar to the attraction of attending a sporting event over watching it on television, attending a performance of a great symphony instead of watching it on YouTube, and the excitement of seeing great natural wonders in person over seeing them on the National Geographic site!

Schedule Your Time

Just as you schedule your gaming at Jackpot Capital, we suggest that you do the same when you go to a land based casino.  It might even be more important to do so when you are at a land base casino since the temptation to stay on the casino floor for endless hours may otherwise prove to be too strong to resist.

How to Set Time Limits on Land Based Casino Gaming

The best way is to set a limit on how long you will be in the casino or in the hotel.  We urge gamers to no longer fly to a casino hub such as Las Vegas.  Instead, we suggest going to a casino closer to home.

If it is at all possible, we suggest driving to the casino over flying!  The simple reason is that when you drive, you can do many touristy things along the way both going to the casino and coming home.

Even if the casino is several hours drive from home, you can turn a long weekend at the casino into a long weekend road trip to and from the casino!  There are always small parks, local parks, hiking trails, beaches, animal sanctuaries, migratory bird sanctuaries, or small towns to attract your attention for a really fun weekend sandwiched by some time at the casino.

Schedule Your Money

Whether you are about to spend three days at a land based casino or on a road trip that will include a few hours at the casino, you need to set a fair and reasonable budget for yourself.  We always urge gamers to set monetary limits on their gaming.  The same is true for any excursion or entertainment.

Just as you won’t spend exorbitant prices on sports tickets, so should you avoid committing too much money to gaming.

Always Know the Games You Play

We at Jackpot Capital try to help our gamers learn how to play our games, what the best strategy is for the games of skill, and what subtleties there are in the rules that gamers should know.   

Before going to a land base casino, be sure that you know the rules of every game you wish to play.  By doing so, you won’t be spending casino time on learning the games; you with be spending your valuable casino time on playing the games!

Understand that Land Based Casinos are Trying to be Sleek

The “look” of any business is very important.  You know that you are more attracted to a motel or hotel with an attractive architectural design or facade over a ma and pa motel that the Mr. or Mrs. built themselves.

Ma and Pa might be fascinating people, well worth meeting but you are attracted to the nicer looking motel because appearance matters.

Land based casinos work overtime trying to look sleek and attractive.

Jackpot Capital also prioritizes looking attractive but we know that the goal of looking “sleek” is very hard to achieve online.  So, we try to be the best online casino without being as sleek as a volcano erupting land based casino!

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Joining is easy.  Playing as often as you like, for as long or short as you like, and for as little bankroll as you like is what online casino is all about!  Playing for hours on end is what land based casino gaming is all about!

So, while we fully understand the draw of the land based casino, we urge one and all to see Jackpot Capital as your go to casino and land based casinos as your “sometimes” casinos!

Happy Gaming!

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