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How to Get Familiar with Some Lesser Known Games

The average Joe and Josephine who play the many online casino games we offer here at Jackpot Capital online casino, often go directly to games with a progressive jackpot.  For sure, if you win the big progressive jackpot, it will surely be a dancing day! 

Jackpot Capital Has Many Other Games!

As popular as the progressive jackpot games are, we carry a very large assortment of games.  We would like to run a couple of articles talking about a few of the games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital casino that should be getting more “attention”.


This is a lottery type of game.  You choose numbers from a grid that contains 80 numbers.  You get paid when the numbers you chose come up “on the board”.  In a sense, Keno is like roulette since you pick numbers and then you hope they come up. 

Keno is actually quite different than roulette for two basic reasons.  One is that there are a lot more numbers to choose from in keno.  That makes the payouts much higher in Keno than in Roulette.  The second big difference between Keno and Roulette is that there isn’t a wheel in Keno.

Because there isn’t a wheel, Keno is more similar to a standard lottery than it is to roulette.

A Retro Look in a Modern Game

Gamers really like the retro look Real Time Gaming has given their Keno game.  The background music also has a retro sound so the game does offer a few moments of nostalgia!  Now, 2020 is one of those years that make people nostalgic for 2019!  RTG had the 1950’s in mind when they decided to go retro with Keno!

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Pick up to 15 Numbers

First you decide how many numbers to play for.  The game allows you to pick up to 15 numbers.  One of the best features of the RTG Keno version we carry is that if you pick 13, 14, or 15 numbers and you don’t hit any numbers at all, you will win a small compensating reward!

The return to player arte in Keno is admittedly pretty low so we suggest playing it strictly as a diversion.  Some statistical analysts claim that betting on four numbers is the optimum bet but we think that the return to player rate is highest with a bet on 11 numbers.

At any rate, this retro game will soothe the soul after a rip roaring set of slots that might take you from ancient Rome to interstellar travel in a future century.  Keno will quiet your pumping heart after a session of multi-hand video poker!  Keno has similarities to Bingo but it plays much faster than Bingo.


This game enjoys a lot of similarity with blackjack but there is one very big difference: you can bet that the dealer will win!

In Baccarat, the dealer is called the banker which is where the alternative name Banco comes from.

Baccarat was extraordinarily popular in Asian casinos way back when there were only land based casinos circa the 1950’s and before.  Then James Bond introduced Baccarat to western audiences.  Many gamers saw Sean Connery call Banco and went straight away to their favorite land based casino to bet on the bank, themselves!

The idea in Baccarat is to be the closer of the two players, either you or the banker, to nine points.  In Baccarat, you can’t bust which makes it extremely popular among blackjack players, especially after a session in which they busted more often than not!

The reason you can’t bust in Baccarat, is that al 10-point cards count as 0 points and, if your total does go over 9 points, only the last digits counts to the value of the hand.  That means that a point count of 11 is actually a 1, not likely to win the hand!

If you bet on player to win, you get a 1-1 return for a win.  If you bet on the banker to win, you get a 0.95-1 return as the house takes 5% from the bet.  If you bet on a tie, you will be paid 9-1 if a tie actually ensues.

On the surface, it would seem that the best bet is on the player but the rules of the game are such that the banker will win slightly more often than the player.  Even after the house takes its 5% cut for a bet on the banker, betting on the banker is very slightly better (but it is statistically better) than betting on the player.

The tie bet pays out at 9-1 but the house edge is still about 10% making betting on a tie for the highest of high rollers only!

We include the following apparently very complex table to show that there is some strategy to baccarat.  Keep in mind that the best bet is on the banker even though the difference between a bet on the player or on the banker is very, very small!

  1. If either the player or the banker has 8 or 9 points, the hand is called a “natural”.
  2. The player takes a third card if he or she has five or fewer points.
  3. What if the player doesn’t take a third card?  Then the banker stands with six points but takes a card if he has five or fewer points.
  4. If the banker has 0, 1, or 2 points, she takes a third card.
  5. If the banker has three points, he takes a third card unless the player’s third card was an eight.
  6. If the banker has four points, she takes a third card unless the player’s third card was one of the following:  a zero, one, eight or nine!
  7. If the banker has five points, she takes a third card unless the player’s third card was one of the following: a four, five, six or seven.
  8. If the banker has six points, she gets a third card unless the player’s third card was either a six or a seven.
  9. If the banker has seven points, he stands.

What’s in Store for Next Month?

In this article, we covered the less well known games of Keno and Baccarat.  Next time we will direct your attention to Craps, Three Card Rummy, and Pai Gow Poker.

In the meantime, take the golden opportunity of playing many games here at Jackpot Capital.  The convenience of online gaming is such that you never have to leave your seat to play another game!  All you have to do is go to that game!  You can return to the previous game at any time, no matter how many thousands of players are already playing that game!

Happy Gaming!

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