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How to Say Welcome in Many Situations

Jackpot Capital offers an excellent package to new members of the Jackpot Capital family.  We also offer a great Jackpot Capital welcome bonus.  We feel that the bonus is just one way we can say not only welcome but thank you for joining our casino “family”.

This train of thought made us think about how people welcome new people to a neighborhood, an office environment, a church, synagogue, or mosque or to any other place where a new person feels very much like a new person and would like to be made to feel welcome.

We will return to the Jackpot Capital welcome package later.  As you will see, many of the traditional ways that people welcome new people are not available to us as an online casino.

That just wants us to be better at saying hello in the ways we can.  For now, let’s take a look at how people say welcome to new people.

The Traditional Handshake

Sadly, the corona virus has put a major damper on this traditional way of saying welcome.  In fact, the handshake itself has gone through its own history and development.  At one time, it was not always acceptable for a man to shake a woman’s hand.  It would be wrong for him to extend his hand to her and for her to extend a hand to him.

This archaic protocol no longer exists in most modern societies.  However, some religious groups still frown down upon opposite sex handshaking.  Still, for the great majority of the world, a handshake is the single most traditional way to say welcome.  We hope it returns soon!

What Should a Person Say when Welcoming another Person?

In English, a handshake offered to a new acquaintance is accompanied by a statement of greeting such as “How do you do” or “Nice to meet you.”

There is a very interesting side aspect to these traditional greetings.  English speaking people will say “how do you do” once, at the moment they meet someone for the first time.  Thereafter, and even if the next time they see each other is a year or more later, it would be an insult to say “how do you do”.   From the second meeting and so on, the proper welcoming greeting is “How are you?”

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Welcome Wagon

In traditional small towns in many countries a civic institution was called the Welcome Wagon.  In most places it wasn’t a wagon at all.  It was a way for the community to make new people feel welcomed.

The Welcome Wagon might be simply one or two people coming to a new resident’s home and saying welcome on behalf of the community.  They might offer to take the new people around the town.

In addition to offering information, neighbors often would bring over a pie or cake to their new neighbors.  That practice has also fallen on hard times since so many people have eating habits that don’t comport with traditional welcoming sweets!

The Essential Value of a Smile

Just because we no longer bring a pie or cake to a new neighbor’s house doesn’t mean that we don’t say hello.  The easiest and most satisfying way to say hello is simply to say hello with a smile.

A smile is worth a lot more than the sum of its parts!  The famous Sam Walton of Walmart fame, instituted store greeters whose one and only job was to say hello with a smile.  These greeters, after they had worked at Walmart store for a while could also help shoppers find the items they were looking for but their “job” was to say hello with a smile!

A Large Business Benefits from a Small Smile

A gamer wrote to us about how Jackpot Capital made him feel welcome.  He related a story of sorts about the two supermarkets in his small town.  At one supermarket, the staff is not exactly unfriendly but they are not friendly!  The easiest way to know if a store’s employees are going to be friendly and helpful is if they smile.

At the second supermarket, the store employees including shelf stockers, front desk workers, and all cashiers and baggers are not only friendly but they smile....a lot!

New Employees are Nervous Enough

Even after a lengthy interview process, a new employee will feel uncomfortable for some time on the new job.  There is a lot of helpful information online and in books on how to make new workers feel welcome.

It really is no different than making a new neighbor feel welcome.  Once again, a friendly approach, a warm handshake, and a smile go a very long way to making people feel at home.

Feel at Home

These are three short words but they pack quite a wallop in a good way!  We say “feel at home” when we greet a guest in our home.  It is especially important to say “feel at home” when your son or daughter brings home a special someone for the holiday!

Jackpot Capital wants everyone to feel at home at our casino.  One way we can do it is to make the casino easy to navigate.  We tried out several fonts and letter sizes for the words on the home page but actually on every page.

We have colorful “people” and characters on the home page as well.  We want new gamers to be able to easily access any information they might want to read and to present it in a very readable manner.

We wrote the general terms and conditions for the casino in less legalistic terms so every gamer could read then and understand them.

We make banking easy.  We also have added banking methods as new ones have come along that we feel will be the way many gamers would want to deposit and withdraw funds.

We run a customer support office whose sole task is to deliver the best possible customer service!

We publish articles.  Of course, you know that since you are reading this one!  Did you know that we have already published about 400 articles?  Did you know that we try to add three articles a week?  These articles are one of the ways we try to get gamers to feel our smile coming through cyberspace to you!

We Say Hello Every Day!

At Jackpot Capital, we feel that our gamers deserve to feel welcomed every day.  We offer bonuses almost every day and more than once on some days.  We run other promotions as well.

We invite everyone to join the Jackpot Capital family NOW and to discover what it feels like when an online casino goes all out to make you feel at home.

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