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What are the Best and Cleanest Foods to Eat while Gaming on Mobile?

More and more people are playing the more than 300 games we offer here at Jackpot Capital casino.  We are a lot more than a jackpot casino!   We offer many games in many other categories.  And if we may be allowed to say so, Jackpot Capital online casino wants you to keep your sofa clean!

What Did You Say?

Yes.  You heard us correctly.  We know that more gamers are playing on their mobile devices while lounging comfortably on their oh so soft sofas!  While you play, you might want to snack.  So, we decided to put together a short list of sofa friendly snacks that will keep your sofa clean while you play.

Easy, Start with Pizza.

No! No!  And lest you missed it: NO!

Pizza is great snack food.  But it drips.  It drips oil.  So no pizza while you play online casino games on the sofa.  Pizza is fine if you are still playing on the desktop computer but so few people are playing on the desktop these days that we aren’t even considering foods that work for desktop gamers!

Okay. Let’s Set Some Ground Rules

Indeed, let’s.

  • No foods that drip.
  • No foods that can fall apart while you’re holding them with one hand.
  • No foods that require two hands to eat.
  • No foods that melt in your hands not in your mouth.
  • No boring ho hum foods.  This means popcorn to start the list.  Even caramel corn is on this list.

Okay. We Get It

We aren’t so sure that you get it since you wanted to start the list with pizza.  So, let’s expound on the expanded list and see what’s on the no eat list before we happily make our way to the sofa buffet.

Foods that Drip

This includes all sausage type foods especially foods that absolutely must have mustard on them to be considered food in any context.  Hot dogs, Polish sausage, Italian sausage, bratwurst, and so on are all on the no eat list.

Italian beef is also on the list since it falls apart and the only really good Italian beef is a sandwich on a hard roll that you dip into the juices.  Fall apart, Italian beef is thy name!

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What Else Falls Apart

Falafel sandwiches almost always fall apart.  If you put a lot of tahini on them, they also drip.   Ice cream cones fall apart and drip.  Oh my God, Sloppy Joes are so wrong for this list in every possible way.

We love Sloppy Joes but only at the table, with two hands, and a big plate to catch the falling rocks, and a fork to eat the half that falls out of the sandwich.

Monica’s turkey sandwich with the moist maker.  This falls apart even before the boss tosses it in the garbage can.

Peanut butter and jelly often falls apart if you make it with soft white bread.  Peanut butter on any other bread is not a true peanut butter sandwich.  If you put jelly on the peanut butter you have a drip fest in the making.

Foods that Require Two Hands

We already listed a few but we can now include any food you need to cut, any food that is too big for one hand, almost any sandwich, buffalo wings, any fried foods, and so on.  These all have an honored place in the snack food kingdom but not on the sofa during a happy gaming session.

Nothing turns a happy gaming session into an unhappy gaming session more than a mess on the sofa!

Foods That Melt in Your Hand

This is the category for that holiest of holies: chocolate!  Never eat chocolate on the sofa while gaming.  Even if you are sure that the chocolate morsels will not melt in your hands, your fingertips will surely get residue of chocolate on them and you’ll touch the sofa and you won’t be happy.

Chocolate is happy food so keep it away from your sofa-bound gaming sessions!

Ho Hum Foods

We mentioned popcorn in all its variations.  Add to the list corn chips, potato chips, taco chips, tortillas, British chips (French Fries), trail mix, and anything else you likely have seen at a party in the last ten years.

Now, At Long Last, THE LIST

Frozen Dates

They stay frozen for a long time.  The best dates for this purpose are the super juicy medjool dates.  You might have to search for them in a specialty grocery but they are worth the quest. 

Thick Fruit Shakes

Let’s stay with the freezer section for a while.  A thick fruit shake is delicious, it stays in its container, usually a cup, you can drink it straight from the cup, or suck it out with a straw.  The possibilities are endless.  All you need is frozen fruit, milk or juice or water or soy milk, and a good blender. 

Heaven is medjool dates, a thick fruit shake, and a winning gaming session.

Herbal Tea

Tea is much better than coffee since if you add milk or cream to coffee you risk drops getting on your sofa and camping out there forever.  There are so many herbal teas to choose from that this can be a heavenly way to stay hydrated whilst gaming.

Wine will stain your sofa and beer is alcohol which is one of our biggest no-nos: no alcohol while gaming!

Pita Bread for Scooping

No other bread form works as well as pita for scooping.  White flour pita bread is much better than whole wheat pita.  The whole wheat variety falls apart.  The white flour variety clings together.

There is a long list of good snack items you can scoop with pita bread.  The Middle East has given us hummus and we should be thankful.  Eat hummus as a scooped up food and your sofa will live to see another day.

Falafel Balls

We mentioned that falafel sandwiches are on the no eat list but a well baked falafel ball, scooped up by a small piece of white flour pita is a sofa-safe snack food!


This is the last of the Middle Eastern foods on our list.  It is made with semolina and is usually covered with a non-oily cheese.  If you get really good kanafeh you can eat it in bite-sized pieces and your sofa will breathe a sigh of relief.

Pumpernickel Bread and Cream Cheese

Pumpernickel bread is a very sturdy bread. Cream cheese has no drip to it.  It won’t slide off the bread.  It is really an excellent snack for gaming on the sofa.

Cream cheese works so well that you can add many other flavorful herbs and spices to it and your sofa will still be safe!


This is the quintessential Italian food.  It blends basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts into a thick spread.  You can thin it out to use as a spaghetti sauce or as a salad dressing but, in our case, leave it thick.  Find low fat crackers and spread the pesto on the crackers for a great sofa-friendly snack.

Levity Elevates

So, with tongue firmly in cheek we welcome you to Jackpot Capital casino.  Many of you reading this blog will have played almost exclusively at now-closed land based casinos.  We hope that you realize by now that fun is the key word for healthy gaming at Jackpot Capital.

And good health is on everyone’s mind these days.  So, good health to all and happy snacking!

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