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Real Time Gaming Shines Bright in Every Slot they Develop

We want to get into some depth regarding Real Time Gaming, the exclusive games provider here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  RTG, as they are called by gamers and industry people alike, has been around for over 30 years.  That experience shows in every slot game they develop!

Suffice it to say that RTG knows the kinds of slots, slot themes, features, quirky side effects, and overall slots game play that any gamer at a jackpot casino might want.  So, let’s take a look at these aspects of the RTG library of slots.

Kinds of Slots

The key to keeping slots players happy at Jackpot Capital casino is to have a wide variety of slots and slot themes.  We carry three reel, five reel, and even the more unuaual six reel slots.   We have a good selection of progressive jackpot slots.  Many gamers play progressive jackpot slots almost exclusively on their mobile devices when they are away from home and have just a few minutes at most to play.

Mobile is, for many, the perfect gaming platform for playing progressive slots.  RTG takes a few pennies from every bet that gamers all over the world make on these progressive slots.  Therefore, in order to actually win the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum. 

Many gamers prefer making smaller bets when they play at their leisure at home in order to best manage their bankroll but are happy to bet the maximum and take a shot at the progressive jackpot when they are playing for just a minute or a few minutes while on the go during their busy days.

So, even though progressive jackpots do have a very broad appeal, RTG has known that it needs to have a very large library of more conventional slots in order to keep gamers engaged and happy!

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Quirky Slot Themes

We have talked about this is other blogs but it is always good to repeat one of the best features of RTG slots.  This gets back to one of the very big differences between land based casino gaming and online gaming here at Jackpot Capital.  Players at a land based casino generally play a small handful of slots if they play that many!

Many players spend hours at the same terminal!  Online gamers can and do play all of the slots available on that casino.  Here is where RTG excels!  As a games provider they are second to none.  They come out with a new slots game every month and these new games all become instant classics.  That is, they become classics in the sense that hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the world fall in love with every new RTG slot!

One of the reasons players look forward each month to the new RTG slot is because the company has become known for its quirky slots themes.  Every month gamers wait for the newest slot and they also look forward to the themes that will thrill them that month and beyond.

So, here are a few themes that RTG has explored in recent months and has developed slots around these themes:

  • Mexican Mariachi music
  • Cute smiling pigs
  • Ferocious sharks
  • Muscular wrestlers
  • The African jungle
  • The US Wild West
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragon mythology
  • Silly, cubist characters
  • Halloween

Keep in mind that these varied themes are representative only of the last year or so of creative slots development by RTG!

Quirky Slots Features

This is another area where game developers have to shine and RTG shines brighter than any!  A slot can be a dull, drab entertainment , something like a stale situation comedy of fifty years ago.  Or it can be rousing entertainment.  A lot has to do with graphics, animation, and sound.  RTG is always in the forefront of changes in technology which lead to greater clarity in graphics, greater possibilities in animation, and better sound. 

Cubee is a good example of graphics for the 21st century.  Everything in the many cubed characters is perfectly realized.  The slot features bright, child-like colors which when coupled with adult-like cubed characters makes you feel like you’re playing a game for adults with a theme straight out of childhood.

Cubee is a perfect slot game to play in free play mode with your kids.  You will be extremely well-entertained even though you’re playing in free play mode and the kids will love the overall appearance of the game!

The Mariachi Five slot is a perfect case in point regarding sound.  When you play this slot, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a plaza in Mexico listening to the local Mariachi bands!


The earliest slots were mechanical three reel machines with an arm you pulled to get the reels moving.  We have certainly come a long way from that old-fashioned start!  Today, whenever you win, the slot may turn into a 3D animation where it seems like money is jumping out of the reels!

In modern slots, one of the extra features of the free spins bonus rounds is that the characters may talk to you; they may dance for you when you win; and there might be different ways for the wild symbols to animatedly win extra money for you.


In the free spins rounds, the multipliers can get up into stratospheric heights.  In Lucha Libre and Secret Jungle the multiplier can get as high as 50,000x your bet!  Sometimes you have to choose between more free spins and a lower multiplier or fewer free spins and a higher multiplier.

RTG was one of the first games providers to add this particular wrinkle to the entire concept of free spins and multipliers.  When it was introduced several years ago, it took the online gaming industry by storm as gamers flocked to play those newfangled slots with the new and interesting twist on free spins and multipliers.

RTG has also always been a leader in making the wild symbols as wild as they can be.  So, you can thank RTG for expanding wilds, stationary wilds, and double-size wilds.  Expanding wilds can expand in every direction making every reel and every payline a potential big winner

Stationary wilds are a great feature since it means that once a wild appears on the reels it stays there until the free spins bonus round is over.  Double-sized wilds are just that: they occupy an extra large space and are wild for every other symbol that touches them!

Playing Every Game

We spoke about how so many gamers at land based casinos become rooted to one terminal.  At Jackpot Capital casino, you are never rooted to one terminal.  You can go from slot to slot or from game to game and you can always come back to any game in a matter of seconds!

That’s why we rely on RTG to provide the best games: so our gamers will want to play all of them even though everyone does have a favorite slots game that they come back to again and again!

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