Bonus features can make all the difference when you play and are going after a huge score. Join us as we review Jackpot Capital’s Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features

As a valued member of the Jackpot Capital family, we know there are a few things you look for when searching what slot you want to play. With so many choices, we decided to come up with a list of the favorite bonus features, influenced by our very own online slot games, available anytime, anywhere. We’ll delve into what makes each feature so unique and rewarding. These features can take your gaming experience to a whole new level, that’s why they’re on our list! Whether it be a progressive jackpot or huge multipliers, whatever can make your win into an unforgettable score, we think it’s safe to say, you’re all for it! Join us for our countdown of the Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features, then come by and spin the day away with us to land a gigantic win!

1. Free Spins / Bonus Rounds

Nothing gets you on a roll more than hitting a bonus that triggers Free Spins or Bonus Rounds. This leads to a chance to up your winnings without sacrificing anything. Most slots trigger this feature with Scatters or Bonus icons. The amount of spins and/or rounds are determined by the amount of Scatters or Bonus icons you hit. Such is the case in with our new game for November, Swindle All the Way, check out the review. When you land 3 Scatters in Swindle All the Way, you go to the Bonus Round where you are also able to land Multiplier wins when you play the mini-game. All of this makes for one fun gaming experience. It’s not a surprise that this is the first feature up on our Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features; prepare to let your winning potential soar.

2. Wild Symbols

It could be argued that the Wild symbol is the best determining factor in playing a slot. One can’t really enjoy a slot if the Wild symbols are lacking. There are several different ways the Wilds are used, depending on the slot, but the following are some of our absolute favorites.

Expanding Wilds cover entire reels, meaning, if you get a Wild symbol in reel 5 (for example), it’ll expand to cover all the symbols (bar Scatters) on that reel, increasing your chance at a monumental score. There is nothing better than watching that one Wild turn into several, right before your eyes. You can see that when you play our new game for October, Bubble Bubble 2. Check out the blog post on this slot review to see how this feature is used so well!

Frozen Wilds are also a cool feature. These are Wilds that stay “frozen” on the reel for several spins. Adding to the Wild craze, we have the stacked Wilds which appear in groups, walking Wilds, which move across the reels, while random Wilds are just that, completely random on any reel at any time, substituting any symbol! As you can see, these are all designed for the same effect, to make sure you get the most bang for your buck; sounds like a fair running up!

3. Multipliers

The Multiplier is definitely one of the ultimate bonus features. Nothing beats seeing a Wild, Scatter or Bonus round that features some sort of Multiplier. Different slots use this in a variety of ways and combinations. There is no limit to how the feature can be used or how it is applied. Some slots will grant a Multiplier for landing a certain amount of Scatters. Others will have Wilds give a Multiplier, also depending on the amount and/or combination. The best Multipliers though, are often found in Bonus rounds. That’s what makes our new game for November, Swindle All the Way, so special. Not only do you have a load of New Game bonuses to take advantage of, but the Multiplier plays a big role in how much you could win! In this instance, 1 plus 1 or 3 plus 3 Multiplier, depending on the amount of Scatters.

Easy to see why the Multiplier is such a crowd favorite. Who doesn’t want to have their score doubled, tripled or more? That’s why this is an easy choice to include in our Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features list.

Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features

4. Minigames

The minigames feature is certainly yet another player favorite. These mini-games are often triggered by Wilds or Scatters, or a combination of the two. They lead you to watch as the game is played out, sometimes enabling more Bonus features, Wilds leading to Multipliers or Scatters leading to more spins! The combinations are endless and the possibilities are through the roof when it comes to how much you can win, depending on the slot.

In-feature minigames also have a second variation besides the predetermined spins, where the player does virtually nothing, or has a pick of the type of mini-game played, this is the board style game. This type of option lets you pick up prizes as you go along the “board”, until luck or time run out. This makes the winning even more fun and can be a top feature for the slot that uses them. Where does this feature rank on your list?

5. Progressive Jackpots

Last but certainly not least, we have our favorite feature, the Progressive Jackpot! There are certain slots that make their mark as a player favorite due to this feature. One of the most popular games in the Jackpot Capital family does just that, Aztec’s Millions!
In a Progressive Jackpot, a portion of every wager makes its way into the jackpot, usually triggered differing combinations, depending on the slot, but leading to some monumental amounts. Aztec’s Millions can have a progressive jackpot with winnings of over a million dollars! How’s that for a life-changing feature? This feature is impossible to beat, which is why it’s one of our favorites and a shoe-in for the Top 5 Favorite Bonus Features list.

Regardless of which of these bonus features or slot is your favorite, we’re sure you’ll agree, the fun is in trying your luck to rake in mega wins! As long as you play with Jackpot Capital, there will be a wide selection of your favorites and the newest games with the best bonus features, to keep you entertained. Why wait? Stop by our Bonus page and get to spinning today!


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