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How to Find the Slots that are Best for Me

There used to be a game show on American television called Let’s Make a Deal in which the player had to choose between two possible prizes.  The player couldn’t see what the prizes were of course so they were flying blind, as they say.  In a way, this is like playing a progressive jackpot game at Jackpot Capital online casino: you know that a huge, life-changing win is just over the rainbow but it is also ephemeral since you can’t see it precisely.

The host of the game show was a man named Monty Hall.  In the 1970’s the great American standup comedian, George Carlin, did a riff in which he had the player saying “Oh Monty Monty” in a goofy and very funny way.  Here at Jackpot Capital casino, we use the “Oh Monty Monty” meme occasionally and this is the perfect time to do so!

You see, asking which slot is best for me is a quintessential “oh Monty Monty” moment!  Jackpot Capital has a couple of hundred excellent slots.  You can get a lot of pleasure from any of them!  Still, we understand that some gamers like to travel back in time while others prefer going on a vacation in the here and now.

So, we will take the question: “How can I know which slots are best for me” as seriously as we can.

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What are Your Outside Interests?

If you like history, you might like slots based on historical; societies.  We carry slots on Aztec, Inca, Maya, Greek, Roman, China, Japan, and Norse cultures from the past.  On the other hand, even if history is your favorite subject, you might try a slot that is far from historical.

We have many slots based on Halloween, Christmas, vacations, undersea creatures and many other such themes.  We assume that if you play a Halloween themed slot you won’t be rushing to the encyclopedia (online of course) to find out the history of Halloween!

In general, people do flock to slots that reflect their most basic interests.  Here is where playing slots online at Jackpot Capital casino can be a game-changer.  You can always come back to a slot that you like at any time.  That means that you can, and in our opinion, you should try out all of our slots.

You might find a slot that entertains you better than the slot about your favorite subject to your great surprise!

If you have always played casino games at land-based casinos you would probably fall into one of two categories.  The first is someone who became curious about our online casino irrespective of the absence of land-based casinos or someone who discovered Jackpot Capital casino specifically because they needed to replace the land-based casino experience because of the closures.

Both of these types of gamers may go back to playing at land-based casinos.  However, we feel that the very fact that you can go from slot to slot without having to deal with other gamers is such a giant advantage of the online casino milieu that you might very well stay here at Jackpot Capital!

So, Which Slots are Best for Me?

We are back to the big question.  Now we have to change course in our discussion.  Up to now we spoke about all of our slots being good entertainments, the chance to sample all of our approximately 200 slots with no hassle at all, and perhaps expanding your interest by playing slots with themes that you might have thought were not interesting to you.

We have to leave that part of the discussion and talk about money.  If you are such a high roller that money is not an object of any interest to you at the casino, then the following discussion is not for you.  In that case, suffice it to say that the gamers who fit this description are very few indeed!

For most gamers, money is a subject of some concern.

The intersection of searching for the best slots and money is called variance or volatility.

High Variance Slots

Variance is the term people use to describe the frequency and size of wins.  A high variance slot will have fewer wins but the wins will generally be for higher sums.  All progressive jackpot slots are high variance slots.  That’s because the return to player rate reflects the money taken from each bet to fund the progressive jackpot.

Some slots have random jackpots.  The difference between a random jackpot and a progressive jackpot is very significant.  A progressive jackpot is actually run by the game developer.  They take a few pennies from every bet made on that slot everywhere in the world.

Even though they take pennies per spin, the progressive jackpots rise fast.  A lot of people play progressive jackpots!  The return to player rate doesn’t take the jackpot into account since it is paid by the game developer but it does take the pennies per spin into account.

A random jackpot is run by the game.  The return to player rate is reflected in the random jackpots.  So, all progressive jackpot slots and most slots with random jackpots are high variance slots.

In addition, in order to qualify for the giant progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline which may price the slot beyond the means of many gamers.

Low Variance Slots

These slots simply give gamers many more wins and most of these wins are for very modest sums.  That is one important factor for gamers closely watching their gaming budget.  It also adds to the fun side of slots play for many people.

Slots players play for the storylines, the characters, the way the wild symbols work, and the free spins bonus round.  Some emphasize the graphics more than others.  Some emphasize the colorfulness of the symbols.  Everyone has their subjective preferences and low variance is an important parameter for many gamers.

How to Decide

Here is where gaming at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital comes into play.  As we said above, we allow gamers to play as many slots as they want!   The essential nature of an online casino is that gamers have a lot more freedom to wander about the casino!

We suggest trying out all of our slots.  Give them about 50 spins each to see how much you like each one.  We hear often that a gamer discovered that a slots theme that they never played at any land based casino was actually a lot more fun than they had imagined it could be!

The Importance of Mobile Gaming

There is no good reason for land based casinos to offer mobile gaming to their in-house players.  They do because mobile is the wave of the future and a powerful wave it is turning out to be.

Mobile is the twin sibling of online casinos.  We offer desktop and mobile gaming platforms.  The mobile platform is now the more popular platform by far.  It is more convenient and more comfortable and it also has a role to play in the dichotomy between high and low variance slots.

Many gamers play high variance slots only on the mobile platform and only when they are not at home!  This allows them to splurge budget-wise on a few high variance spins but save the bulk of their gaming budget for low or moderate variance slots.

The Final Word

Jackpot Capital invites everyone to sample every slot we have on offer for about 50 spins each.  This assumes that such an experiment fits into you gaming budget.  All of our slots have excellent entertainment value!

Happy gaming to all!

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