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How to Waste Less so You Have More

Almost everyone who plays online casino games at a jackpot casino is primarily attracted to jackpot slots.  Slots are not the only game in cybertown.  Jackpot Capital online casino has over 300 great games from the creative teams at Real Time Gaming so our gamers have a wide world of gaming opportunities at hand.

Over 300 Games, Oh My!  

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Over 300 games?  Yup.  What kinds?  Well, we've got MY!

So, here is a question that we have recently heard especially from some gamers who are dead set on returning to the land based casinos of their dreams: “Isn’t gaming at an online casino more expensive in the long run than gaming at a land based casino simply because an online casino such as Jackpot Capital casino has so many games?  Don’t gamers actually waste money playing at an online casino where the temptation to try out every game is so strong?

And the Answer is….


As in: “Are you kidding me?”

How do online casino gamers or anyone for that matter keep their finances in check so that they don’t “waste” money on frivolities or on trying out every new thing that comes along?

Thus, we are devoting this article to answer the age old quandary of how to waste less and have more.  We will show how people waste less in everyday life and then we will show the online casino equivalent of good prudence.

Do You Buy Everything For Sale at the Supermarket?

And the answer is….


A large modern urban supermarket may have tens of thousands of individual items on sale.  We have heard from gamers who don’t live in the United States and were visiting friends there.  They all went shopping one day and the friends told them to go to the milk refrigerator and buy milk.  Ten minutes later their friends found them staring at the vast selection of “milk” in the refrigerator.  So, we don’t buy everything in the supermarket.

How, then, do people waste less at the supermarket.  The simplest way to waste less is to make a shopping list and to stick to it.  No point of purchase purchases.  No last second deviations from the list.

The online casino version of The Shopping List is to set a strict time limit on your gaming.  No point of purchase purchases means no playing on for “just five more minutes”.

Do You Look at Price in Restaurants?

Most people do look at the price of menu items.  If it’s too expensive, most people will order something less expensive.  A corollary to this maxim is that if the restaurant is too expensive, most people will go to a less costly one.

In fact, choosing a restaurant by both reputation and cost is a given among most groups of friends.  It is such an important way to waste less and save more that the popular television series Friends had an episode about it.

The online casino version of choosing a game by price can be found in several areas. First is the cost of playing progressive jackpot games.  Since you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline to qualify for the progressive jackpot, a gamer looking to conserve his or her bankroll will play just a few hands at the progressive game and then might switch to a low variance slot.

Low variance means that you will get a lot of small wins that will keep your bankroll in good shape as opposed to the fewer but bigger wins in high variance slots.

Another way to conserve bankroll at the casino is to play single hand video poker.  Of course, you could play multi-hand but then you would have to put up a lot to bet the maximum to qualify for the big extra win if a Royal Flush comes up.

Finally, we have the simple yet highly effective method of conserving money by simply setting a budget.  We recommend setting two budgets, one for the bankroll you will start the session with and one for the established length of the session.

Shop Sales

One of the best ways to stretch your money is to shop sales.  Here we mean to shop for items you need and can get good quality items at a sale price.  Sales are the most effective marketing tool for any business.  Advertising sales brings in customers. 

It is often the case that a customer will go to a store to buy something that is on sale only to spend money on non-necessities.  The person who successfully goes to a store and buys only what he or she wanted from the sales department will have saved a substantial amount of money.

The casino equivalent of shopping the sales advertisements is to take deposit bonuses.  Let’s say that you want to make a deposit and tomorrow we are running a promotion in which you can get a 100% bonus for your deposit.  Well, we suggest that you either wait entirely until tomorrow to deposit, take the bonus, and play or deposit a very small sum today, play for a bit, and wait until the next day to make a more substantial deposit.

The casino equivalent of spending the money you have saved by buying something on sale is taking a bonus and making bets that are too big for your true bankroll.  The methods we spoke about earlier—of setting time and money budgets—can go a long way to prevent you from making the mistake of over-betting with your bonus money.

Go to Free Events

There are local fairs, state fairs, festivals, free concerts in the park, amusement parks, and the list goes on and on!  There are many outdoor activities that cost nothing such as walking a trail, bird watching, fishing, going to the beach, and the list goes on and on!

The casino equivalent of saving money by enjoying local and nearby freebies is playing in our unlimited free play mode.  Most gamers play in the free play mode just to get acquainted with a game they have not played yet.  But free play is still free so if you need it to continue the gaming fun and to preserve bankroll, by all means play in our free play mode!

Saving for a Rainy Day

We all have several reasons to save money or to conserve bankroll.  One of the best reasons is to have extra money on hand for when you want to spend the money on a planned outing.  It might be a vacation to a place where the kids will want to go on every ride at least five times.

It might be a romantic weekend with that special someone.

It might be a major upgrade of your computer, television, refrigerator, sofa, mattress, or car!  As they say, upgrades are good!

Whatever you are saving for, we hope you save the money quickly and well and get what you want not just what you need!

Let us wish everyone the best in gaming and the best in getting what you want and what you need!

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