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Great Customer Service is Good for Gamers and Jackpot Capital Alike

Let’s talk a bit about customer service.  Jackpot Capital online casino has a 24/7 customer service office to help you in every way possible.  We encourage gamers to ask questions.  We also have a FAQ page but we realize that we can’t put every possible question on that page so we encourage gamers to contact us with any and all questions.

Frequent questions refer to the game play in our progressive jackpots slots.  We often have to remind gamers that they have to bet the maximum on the winning payline in order to qualify for the big jackpot (don't forget - this is an important one...).

Rather than try in this article to list another twenty or so common questions gamers ask, we will talk about why we encourage questions to the extent that we do.  In short, we feel that, the more questions our gamers ask, the better gamers you become and the better Jackpot Capital casino becomes as a top online casino.

Questions Require Answers

Every question you ask us puts us under a microscope.  We are under pressure to answer the question in a way that will satisfy the questioner.  Our representatives go through hours of training learning how to answer many questions but still gamers ask questions that we never anticipated.

Our representatives are trained to tell the gamer asking the question to hold while he or she brings the question to a more experienced rep.  The team may have to get together to find the correct answer to the question.

So, every question is valuable not only to the gamer but also to us.  Jackpot Capital becomes a much better online casino every time we answer any question and especially the tough ones.

A Question May Lead to a Promotion

It would be nice if every one of us was a pure genius in our own right!  We openly acknowledge that we need the input of many thousands of gamers to find the best casino-wide approach to games and promotions going forward.

If gamers are like people in general, we might find that many, if not most gamers, are a bit shy about asking questions.  We would like to tell all gamers that no question is “wrong”.  All questions are good and they work synergistically making gamers happier and making us, Jackpot Capital, more responsive to our gamers’ needs and more attuned to what gamers want.

Big Questions Lead to Big Answers

Albert Einstein became famous through his theory of relativity.  Sometimes people think that relativity was obvious to him.  It wasn’t.  Einstein used to practice what he called thought experiments.  One of his thought experiments was to try to imagine what the universe would look like if he rode through it on a beam of light

From that thought, which would have amused most people but which Einstein took very seriously became after years of thought and mathematical analysis what we now call the theory of relativity.  Einstein really had no idea where his thought experiment would lead at first!

We never think of our simple online casino as being in the same category as life-changing thoughts such as Einstein and Charles Darwin struggled with.  We do, however, feel that every question gamers ask becomes for us a type of thought experiment which often leads to ideas for promotions or new slots.

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People Feel Like Schoolchildren when They Ask Questions

There is a natural tendency among adults to think that they are “bothering” other people when try ask “too many” questions.  Teachers like to say that there are no wrong questions but even teachers get frustrated when a schoolchild asks a lot of questions.

Teachers know that in many subjects there aren’t any perfect answers.   Many politicians, especially those who are losing against stronger opponents, get exasperated when people from the general voting public ask perfectly reasonable questions.

So, many people shy away from asking “too many” questions.  We want you to ask any question that you can’t answer on your own!  Our representatives will do everything they can to answer you or to find someone else in the customer service office who can answer you!

Good Questions Clear up Confusion

We have a general Terms and Conditions (T and C ) page and also a Terms and Conditions page for every promotion we offer.  We publish the T and C pages prominently so every gamer can read them.  We publish the T and C in plain English so they are as easy as possible to understand.

We wish that every gamer would read the T and C before gaming at Jackpot Capital or before participating in a promotion.  We find that as much as we try, there are gamers who are still confused as to the rules after reading the T and C.  We want very much for any gamer who is confused at any time while gaming at the casino to contact us.

It could be a mantra: good questions clear up confusion.  The corollary, of course, is that good answers also clear up confusion.  Your questions and our commitment to good answers work together to clear up confusion.

Good Questions and Good Answers Create Strong Relationships

When a gamer asks a good question and gets a good answer, a dynamic begins in which the relationship between the gamer and the casino changes.  The casino becomes more loyal to that gamer and by extension to all gamers and the gamer becomes more loyal to the casino.

You can see why we encourage all gamers to contact us with any question under the sun.  When we give excellent service, it makes us a better casino!

Contacting the Casino Can Make Gaming More Fun

Imagine playing a game and being confused as to how the wins are tabulated.  Some gamers allow their confusion to linger for a long time.  We feel that letting any sort of doubt linger for a long time has a negative effect on the overall gaming experience.

We want your gaming experience to have a long lasting positive effect.   So, by asking any and all questions, you can turn a confusing game into one that you understand perfectly.  That can only have a very positive effect on your gaming and positivity brings about a greater sense of fun!

Jackpot Capital is open for questions on a 24/7 basis through chat, email, and telephone.  Speak to us as often as you like!  We hope you always have a great gaming experience here at Jackpot Capital.  Your questions and our good answers can lead to great gaming experiences!

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