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What is So Unusual about Vegas Lux the New Slot at Jackpot Capital?

Jackpot Capital online casino is happy to be adding an unusual new slot to our repertoire of great slots and other games. Vegas Lux is an unusual slot in several ways.  First, it is a very low variance slot which means that it will give you a lot of relatively small wins.  So, if you really enjoy playing for a big slot machine jackpot, you might try any of our many progressive jackpot games. 

We highly recommend that you play Vegas Lux also since it is such a good game!  Real Time Gaming has truly pulled out all the stops with this game!

Viva Las Vegas

The second unusual aspect of Vegas Lux is that it’s a slot running in an online casino that actually celebrates Las Vegas!  We as a prominent online casino are running it!  And we are running it so prominently that we have not just one but two great promotions to go with the game!

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720 Ways to Win

The third unusual aspect of Vegas Lux is that there are 720 ways to win on five reels!  The reels are set up in the 3-4-5-4-3 pattern which gives a bit more room for wins but 720 ways!  As you can imagine, with 720 ways to win, there are a lot of winning spins.  That makes Vegas Lux a very low variance slot, meaning a game with a lot of small to modest wins.

Two Scatter Symbols

The fourth way that Vegas Lux is a bit odd is that it has not one but two scatter symbols.  The first scatter is the diamond.  It wins in all positions and directions as only a scatter symbol can.  The win with this symbol is a multiplier of your bet.  Three diamonds bring you a 2x multiplier; four diamonds carry a 10x multiplier; and the top of the line five diamond scatters brings a 50x multiplier!

The Free Spins icon is the second scatter.  To get the free spins you need to get five of a kind with this scatter.  The Wild symbol can’t help you here even though it does help in every other way!  Actually, getting five of a kind is not so hard with the setup of the reels as they are.  In fact, it often happens that a gamer will get two sets of five of a kind on the same spin!  Since one set of free spins is worth eight freebies, two sets are worth a full 16 free spins!  Believe it or not you can retrigger the free spins 29 times!  That means that you can enjoy 240 free spins with some pretty good luck, of course.

The Luxury of Las Vegas

The symbols invoke both the gambling side of Las Vegas and the luxury side as well.  We have the four suits in a deck of cards symbolizing gambling.  We have the three sevens and the cherries which represented to best winning combinations in the slots of yonder days.

We also have a woman decked out in the finest jewels.  We can only imagine who she might be.  An heiress of a billion dollar fortune?  A top Wall Street investment banker letting her hair down, so to speak?  The wife of a very wealthy man?  A woman who made millions or billions in commodities following another famous woman’s surefire investment methods?

In addition to the mystery woman, we have a mystery man.  He has a beard and moustache perfectly trimmed by his high level barber.  Who is he?  He might be the same as the mystery woman.  He might be a man who made his fortune winning a seven figure progressive jackpot right here at Jackpot Capital!  In any case, he is dressed to win over hearts and minds!

Two Great Promotions

As we said, we are running two promotions in honor of the reopening of Las Vegas after so many weeks of lock down.  The first promotion has two parts both of which end on June 6th so hurry!  The first part is a 55% bonus up to $1000 and 15 free spins on Vegas Lux.  The code for this promo is 55LUX.

The second part is a 125% bonus up to $2000 and 25 free spins.  The code for this promo is 125LUX.

A VIP Promotion

If you are a VIP, you can enjoy two promos in honor of Las Vegas just for a gamer of your status.  The first is a 125% bonus up to $2000 and 25 free spins.  The code for this option is 125LUX.  The second option is a whopping 225% bonus up to $4000 and 55 free spins.  The code for this amazing offer is 225LUX.  This VIP promo also ends June 6 so act quick to not miss out!

Jackpot Capital Runs Promotions Every Day

It seems like we run a new promo every day.  Tuesday—promo; Wednesday—promo; Friday—promo; weekend—promo; Saturday night—promo!  So many promos!  These are all bonus offers.  We also run a loyalty points program which gives you casino credits when you accumulate a minimum number of loyalty points.  We have a cashback program that gives you…cash back!

Gamers Delight

Playing at Jackpot Capital is a gamer’s delight!  We offer over 300 games.  Most of our gamers prefer slots but that doesn’t stop us from offering great table games, video poker, and Banana Jones.

Banana Jones is like a promotion unto himself.  He is forever striving to get hold of the crystal banana so he can place it in a museum where it belongs.  He loves it when gamers take a few minutes out from slotting, blackjacking, video pokering, or just eating and help him in his pursuit of the crystal banana.

Jackpot Capital Offers Fun

We love hearing from gamers about how much fun they have had playing at our casino!  We do everything we can to keep the good times rolling.  Every month we bring out a new game.  This month Real Time Gaming brought out a game that extols Las Vegas and we ran with it!

We have benefited from the lock down and now we wish good luck to the casinos on the Strip and Downtown.  We are also pretty confident that a lot of the gamers who came to us during the lock down will stay with us.

So, happy gaming wherever you choose to play!  And have fun taking advantage of our great promotions!

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