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What Will the Future Online Casino Look Like?

Hooray for us!

Jackpot Capital casino has been online for over two decades and so much has happened in those years!  Let’s look forward to the Jackpot Capital online casino of the future.  Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at what online casino gaming and Jackpot Capital might look like in about 25 years!

Welcome One and All

With Instant Play in its latest manifestation, gamers will be able to access over one million games at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos.  At the same time, land based casinos will continue to downsize.

The Jackpot Capital welcome bonus will grow and the number of bonuses gamers can enjoy after they have completed the Welcome Process will expand from one almost every day (at present) to one every morning, afternoon, evening, and the Nighty-night Bonus for people headed off to bed!

Gamers will be able to get a Nighty-Night bonus only between 10:00 pm and midnight local time!  This will prove to be the single most popular bonus of the hundreds of bonuses Jackpot Capital will offer in the future.

A Plethoric Plethora of Games

At the present time, we offer hundreds of slots plus table games, specialty games, video poker, progressive jackpot games and more.  In the future, the “and more” side of Jackpot Capital will be bigger than the whole casino is today!

Online Casino Games Start with Slots

The number of games available at Jackpot Capital will reach into the thousands!  With so many games available, the range of vicarious experiences gamers can enjoy will grow exponentially.  Today gamers can travel back in time to the days of the Greek and Roman Empires, to the Golden Age of Egypt, to the Native American cultures of the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Mayas.

What will it be like to experience the Exodus from Egypt, the discovery of great medical cures, the growth of cities, and the development of higher species from lower species as per evolution?  How would you like to be at the center of the Big Bang?

The only thing we need is a market to develop all of these games for and the technology to simulate these amazing events.  We will be able to juxtapose slots play with real life film of birds flying in tandem as they travel north or south in season.

We would like to see a slot that takes real life footage of a football (soccer ball to North Americans) in flight, an American football in flight, a baseball in flight, and a basketball or hockey puck in flight and combines that with the regular slots action.

We are perhaps just a couple of technological advances away from gamers being able to create their own slots games!  How would you like to recreate a scene from your childhood?  How about recreating a favorite book as a slot?  Would fans of the Chicago Cubs like to relive, as a slot, the 2016 World Series win?

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Wilds will Stay Wild

The wild symbols in slots have also undergone tremendous development because of advances in technology.  Animation in the wild symbols is now de rigueur in slots.  Animation in the wild symbols will get more and more involved and complex as gamers request ever wilder wilds!

Twenty years ago no one thought about sticky wilds.  Now everyone has them!  So what will the wilds do in 2050?  Maybe some slots will have a wild symbol for each reel.  Maybe there will be slots with more than five or six reels!  Maybe the configuration of the reels will be entirely different than the configurations of today.

We can expect the wilds to combine some of the features the wilds have today.  How about combining the ideas of sticky wilds and exploding wilds?  We can’t wait!

Will 21 Still be Blackjack?

As gamers learn the best strategy for each variation in blackjack, we might anticipate a couple of changes in the game.  First, there will no doubt be new variations of blackjack that will cause gamers to learn another set of strategies.

One such change might be to make 22 the goal rather than 21!  Can you imagine the change in strategy were a blackjack variation with that change created?  How about if the royal cards had different point values?

Will Texas Holdem Come to Video Poker?

We can expect great developments in video poker as well!  As of now, all of the variations in video poker are of five card draw poker.  What if someone could adapt other famous poker games to video poker?

What will Banana Jones Do Next?

Banana Jones is the hero of one of our casual games.  How many casual games will we have twenty five years hence?  The other casual game is Fish Catch in which players can play “against” players from other countries.

We are sure that the day is not far away when gamers from one country will be able to play against or with players from another country in many games.

What Will Happen to Mobile Casino Gaming?

We can only expect mobile to become better and better.  Who could have anticipated that mobile would take over gaming to such an extent that even some land based casinos now offer a mobile gaming platform so players can travel to the casino and play on their mobile device just as if they were at home!

Honestly, who woulda thunk it?

Twenty five years from now everyone will be saying who woulda think it about all of the changes that will have happened in online casino gaming over that quarter of a century!  Jackpot Capital will continue to be a leader in every aspect of gaming known and yet to be discovered as time goes by.

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