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Naughty or Nice Slots Make Christmas Gaming Extra Fun

This Christmas, we suggest you combine your quest for a slot machine jackpot with the new Christmas promotion at Jackpot Capital online casino, the Christmas Bonus Bakery promotion.  This great Christmas promotion will combine a matching bonus every day with free spins on a variety of Christmas themed slots game headlining the Naughty or Nice series.

So, to get you in the mood, we will review each of the slots in the Naughty or Nice series.

Naughty or Nice I

Naturally, this grand slot was introduced to the slots gaming world as simply Naughty or Nice because at the time it was the only one in the series!  Naughty or Nice I is a 50 payline progressive slot.

As you might expect, being naughty or nice is the theme that permeates this slot.  The Naughty or Nice logo is the scatter symbol and there are two wild symbols, the naughty girl and the nice girl!  The naughty and nice girls do a bit of animated dancing for you to get you in the holiday spirit.

Santa is here, of course.  He and Mrs. Santa are the highest paying symbols in the regular game.  A holiday wreath will get you in the mood for a kiss or two, the baubles will make you want to decorate your tree, the gifts will get you started on your Christmas shopping, and the moose stands tall and sturdy despite the howling winter winds just outside.

The naughty or nice girls are the scatter symbols but their value doesn’t end with the ten free spins they bring.  You have to choose one of the scatters to be your primary scatter and the other to be an alternate scatter as it were.  The alternate scatter icon has a 2x multiplier if she appears on any win.  If the alternate scatter appears during a free spin, you get a couple of good choices which may become a 20x multiplier, extra free spins, or the reel is held over for the next spin.

All in all, Naughty or Nice has become a classic at Jackpot Capital casino.  Real Time Gaming was not long in coming out with Naughty or Nice II.  Let’s see how they did!

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Naughty or Nice II

This slot takes us to about the halfway point in the year when naughty still has plenty of time to become nice.  It is also called Spring Break because it takes place on a warm, sunny beach during the spring vacation.

The naughty or nice girls are no longer all bundled up as they are in Naughty or Nice I.  You’ll be happy to know that Santa and Mrs. Claus are also on their spring break with the naughty or nice girls but Santa and Mrs. Claus don’t exactly take to the beach dressed like the naughty or nice girls!

You might expect to see a muscular lifeguard and he is here.  There’s also a dolphin who lends his quiet and friendly nature to the side of being nice, a surfer, a cocktail, the beach umbrella game logo and the numbers 9 through ace.

We have five reels and 30 paylines.  The two girls are the wild symbols giving you many chances to win.  In fact, with two wild symbols, you probably have twice as many chances to win as you do in most other slots!

The game logo is a beach umbrella with the name Naughty or Nice II embossed on it.  This is the scatter symbol.   If you get four scatters, you earn a 20x multiplier for the win in addition to going to the free spins bonus round.  With five scatter symbols, the multiplier jumps to 200x!

The scatter takes you to the free spins bonus round but here you have to make a choice.  You see, there are two bonus rounds.  One is called the nice girl bonus round and the other is the naughty girl bonus round.  You have to choose which bonus round you want.

Naughty Girl Bonus Round

Here you get 10 free spins.  There is a 3x multiplier for every winning spin.  The naughty girl may also reveal to you one of her special bonus prizes.

Nice Girl Bonus Round

Here you get 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier.  The nice girl also has special bonuses which she may award you if you choose her.

The two free spins rounds present a classic conundrum for gamers.  Should I take a higher multiplier with two fewer free spins or should I take the two extra free spins with a slightly lower multiplier?

Winter or Spring

The first two Naughty or Nice slots take place first in the winter and then in the spring.  You see, as Christmas approaches we all know if we have been naughty or nice.   The naughty girl is not really naughty!   You might say that she represents the desire of everyone celebrating Christmas to embrace the nice side of their natures.

The nice girl represents success in embracing the nice side of our natures.

Naughty or Nice II takes place in the spring when we all just want to have fun.  But Santa and Mrs. Claus are there too!  They remind us that even when we are letting go a little at the beach on a beautiful spring day, we need to think about being nice!

Naughty or Nice I and II

Even though these sots remind us about the importance of always being nice, we also love playing them because they are so much fun!  The big bonus rounds offer up a lot of chances to win, the graphics are at the peak of today’s technology, the animation will have you wiggling and wriggling as you play, and the multipliers will multiply both your fun and your wins!

So, play Naughty or Nice this holiday season.  Come join our great Jackpot Capital Christmas Bonus Bakery Promotion starting on December 16 and running for 11 days.  You can enjoy free spins in the Naughty or Nice series every day! 

In this article, we reviewed only two of the slots in the Naughty or Nice series.  We will cover the other games in the next article.

Happy Spinning!

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