better than Vegas

better than Vegas

There are not many things in this world that can compare to the magical world of Las Vegas - the lights, the atmosphere, the sounds of people bustling through the streets, in a daze of party-induced excitement, on their way to catch their next big win at the Poker table or slot machine. It is simply a sight only seen deep in the desert of Nevada; Las Vegas, in its raw and ever so real form. While these statements are true, and Vegas is great, we actually have something even better… believe it or not!

Win Big - Without Leaving Your Home!

Vacations are fun, vacations are exciting, but also, vacations are expensive! We’ve all experienced that moment of dread after a fun vacation, when we have to check our bank account and credit card bills; all of a sudden, those 4 extra Mojitos and extra round at the Blackjack wheel weren’t exactly ‘worth it’. Can you relate to this?

While it’s almost necessary to get out once in a while and see something new, when it comes to a trip to Vegas, you know you’re going to have to save some serious coin to afford it. While it may be worth it in some cases, your whole idea of trekking to Vegas is to win cash, right? If that’s the case, save your hard-earned dollars, grab a bonus from Jackpot Capital, and get over to virtual Las Vegas. You’ll save money, beat the crowd, and your winning potential is at your fingertips!

Free Money! Yes, FREE!

Las Vegas is certainly a land of wonder, what with its many attractions and action, but why did you really go there? To win! Right? Of course! Sure, there are many big wins to be had in this wonderland of a city, but do you get incentives big enough to visit?

Guess what? Here at Jackpot Capital, you DO get incentives worth while visiting for! For instance, how about our $600 Welcome Bonus? You certainly won’t be getting $600 free in Vegas, that’s for sure! And remember, with us, the bonuses keep on coming… another benefit you simply won’t get in this competitive spot!

comp points

Rewards BEYOND Your Wins!

In the land of Las Vegas, you have to play to win - and you also have to PAY to win! While this is a given and a perfectly acceptable reality, money ‘well spent’ is simply the only way to spend money. Confused? What does that mean? Well, if you’re going to spend money, shouldn’t you get something back in return, no matter what way the slot reels spin? Here at Jackpot Capital, the answer to that is a definite ‘YES!’.

Here at Jackpot Capital, we actually reward people to play with us! Yes, play with us, in our all too real virtual Vegas, and we will actually pay you to play - in Comp Points! You collect Comp Points for all money wagered at Jackpot Capital, amounting in some serious extra cash towards more winning possibilities. Are you still missing Vegas? We doubt it!

Vegas Experience, From Anywhere, Anytime!

As we mentioned before, it is surely quite a journey to travel all the way to Vegas, depending on your location, of course. While the road trip may be fun and the experience thrilling, Vegas will only ever be, well, in Vegas. And this, is how Jackpot Capital differs…

You can take us, your virtual Vegas, anywhere, and you can play literally anytime! The word ‘convenience’ doesn’t even begin to suffice! With any mobile or tablet device, you can play all of our amazing games on offer, with your bonuses, while riding to work, on your lunch break… literally from wherever you like! They say you can’t put a price on convenience, and, well, this is a prime example!

So, there you have it! No need to pack your bags for those big wins, you can do it right from home (or on a bus, in the cashier line, etc. etc.) with Jackpot Capital!

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