Winter blues got you down? Don’t you worry, it’s Motivation Month at Jackpot Capital and we have the tricks to keep you not only motivated, but balanced and winning!

As the days become shorter, the temperature drops and all the dreariness of winter consumes you, it becomes harder to stay motivated, let alone focused, but there’s no need to worry; we’ve always got you covered. Jackpot Capital is here to keep you laser focused with all the tips you need as we celebrate our very own Motivation Month, the theme of the month. Gone are the carefree days of summer, with sun in your face, warm wind at your back or clear water at your feet; that’s been exchanged for jackets, cool breezes and hot ciders to keep you going. There are a few key tricks that will put a stop to those winter blues, making your days happier, along with more efficient. Let us show you how to keep motivated!

Get Motivated with Jackpot Capital

When seasons change, especially from summer to fall/winter, it’s only natural that one loses motivation. Instead of looking forward to weekends at the beach, the weekends, while still fun, are now filled with gloomy skies and cold weather. All you want to do is sit inside, sip on a cider and curl up with a warm blanket. This may be great once in awhile, but you have to shake off those winter blues to get the most out of your days! Of course, that’s easy to say but hard to do. Lucky for you, we at Jackpot Capital are going to give you the best tips possible on how to make that happen as we celebrate Motivation Month.

So, how to keep motivated? Let’s start by turning negatives into positives. It’s easy to get bogged down in negativity. The days are shorter. The temperature is dropping. Work is more hectic. Weekends aren’t as fun. We could go on and on as the winter blues envelopes us. However, there’s a way out of the muck and methods to turn those things around. If the days are now shorter, that means the nights are longer’ you could use a few good nights out! The temperature is dropping? Good thing, that’s a great reason to snuggle up with that special someone. Work is more hectic? Perfect; put in those extra hours to earn that overtime! The weekends aren’t as fun as they are during the summer? Don’t fret, book a trip to a place where summer is still going strong! It’s not a difficult task to turn those negatives into positives, so stay focused to get it done!

What’s the next step in keeping motivated? No more complaining! Sure, getting things off your chest can help, but it can lead to more complaints or just a general state of feeling sorry for yourself. Use those feelings to come up with great ideas to fix the problem you may be having or resolve the situation. Some things you can change, one should strive to do that on a daily basis, but if you can’t change it, why complain? It just bogs you down the rest of your day, week, month; it’s not worth it. Focus your thoughts on things you can improve with, we all have plenty of those to keep us focused! Take the day by the horns and change all you can for the positive.

The next strategy to keeping focused as we celebrate Motivation Month, is being grateful. It’s easy to be grateful for the positives in your life, to just feel happy. Can it really be THAT simple? Sure, sometimes it can. Focus on your accomplishments, your work, your family and so forth. Keeping positive thoughts will make you happy and able to avoid the pitfalls of the winter blues. The second you find yourself drifting off into a negative space, think of something you’re grateful for. That will lock you back in on task, keeping you in that positive mode you’re striving for. Motivation comes from a variety of places, the best motivation comes from yourself!

Motivation Month here at Jackpot Capital isn’t only about how to get through your day at work or weekends without beach and sun, it’s about how to keep focused to enjoy every day. These tips will help you do that, but you know what helps too? Having fun. Taking a breather here or there to get through your day, week or month. What better way to do that than to visit us at Jackpot Capital on your down time? Take us for a spin and play on mobile during your next commute or long wait in the grocery line. Perhaps you have a few minutes during lunch with nothing to do, well there we are. Spin your down time with us and go for a huge score! As we give you more tips, keep in mind we are always there to get you motivated for huge wins!

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Don’t Let the Winter Blues Get You Down

Keep your mind off of any “blue” feeling by keeping busy! Watch, well, anything you may be craving online, listen to podcasts or, better yet, join us to play your favorite games on Jackpot Capital! Any of these will help kill time and keep your mind off the winter blues. Motivation is hard to find at times, but you can get past these down days with these great time killers!

Some say that the best way to keep motivated, is making sure the goals you’re striving for are your own - We agree! That’s easy enough when you play with us. Spin your down time away with our game of the month, Kung Fu Rooster, or maybe check out the new 4x Multiplayer feature we introduced a couple of months ago. Maybe you’re still in the Halloween mood, so check out our Top 5 Spookiest Slots! There are so many ways for you to be motivated with Jackpot Capital, especially when that drive could lead to huge wins that could fund a getaway to a warm, sunny place that will help you battle the winter blues; that’s what Motivation Month is all about!

So, as the temperatures keep dropping, the days seem like they’re running together or the weekends don’t seem as fun, keep these tips in mind as you need more focus or some fun! Stop by Jackpot Capital, we’ll give you all the motivation you need to turn the winter blues into a winter party!

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