We may not be living in the days of the monarchy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a King or Queen of a Kingdom! What many of us remember as just a simple fairy tale is now, literally, coming to life, as you join us for 6 weeks of fun, mayhem, competition, and most importantly, winning opportunities. Have you got what it takes to demolish the rest, taking the throne for yourself in the Kingdom of Slots?

Only time will tell, so better brush up on your spinning skills, clear your schedule (it’s time for cozy weather, anyway!) and join us in finding our King or Queen - With $160,000 in bonuses to keep you fueled and ready for battle!

Are You Our King or Queen?

With the Olympics finishing off (along with our Slot Olympics from last month!), we figured it’d be best to keep the competition going! Keep feeding off the high energy, which is only inevitable in such a competition, and join us on a journey ‘before our time’, back to the Medieval rounds! We’re looking for our Kingdom of Slots King or Queen, or for those who play and dub themselves ‘worthy’ of such a title, where you’ll not only have a chance at our $160,000 prize pool, but for one lucky player (our King or Queen), you’ll receive a $1,000 prize!

For those of you eager enough to face the challenge, you’ve got a long road ahead, fighting others for the Kingdom title, and not to mention, the massive bonus prizes along the way. That said, while we only have one King or Queen of our Kingdom, if you manage to raise your score high enough, you may take on one of the other 5 Kingdom titles (with prizes!). And, you guessed it, there’s plenty of bonus and game fun to enjoy along the way. Isn’t that what we’re all fighting for, anyway?!

Kingdom of Slots

Let the Battle Commence!

“Come hither, all ye Jackpot Capital thrill seekers!” The joust has already begun (August 29th), so now, it’s time for you to get moving, show us your slot skills, dominate the rounds and prove your worthiness as our Leader of the Kingdom of Slots!

Medieval speech aside, the games have only just started, giving you lots of time to join the battle ground, climb our Kingdom Scoreboard for bonuses, uncover hidden bonus treasures along the way, and ultimately, become our Kingdom of Slots King or Queen for $1,000!

You have until October 9th to prove your worthiness of both the $1,000 bonus prize, and the title of our Leader! As you play along with us, your name will pass through the Kingdom Stations (6 levels), from Citizen to King or Queen, based on the amount of points you acquire while you play!

Check out Your Bonus Itinerary!

Until October 9th you’ve got time to climb through our Stations, rise up on the Scoreboard, and discover all of the other hidden Bonus secrets in our Royal Slot Kingdom!

  • Every Monday: Check the Kingdom of Slots Scoreboard ranking for $21,000 in weekly prizes ($126,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($30,000 total!)
  • Play everyday to rank in our top 6 Kingdom of Slots titles, awarding $4,000 in prizes ($1,000 to our King or Queen!)

And Now, The Spin Battle Commences!

Don’t worry if you didn’t enjoy your Medieval History class in your school days; you don’t need books to be our Slot King or Queen! But, what you do need, is the motivation to win, the power to persevere, and the bonus cash to make it happen!

Do you think you have what it takes? For a $1,000 prize to our King or Queen, we hope it’s worth the effort to give it a shot, play your favorite online slot games, and in the meantime you’ll be picking up extra bonuses, left, right and center! We’ve only just started along our journey to crowning our Leader, so make sure you login to your account , make your first deposit and start your gameplay in a winning direction! And who knows? It could be YOU who walks away as our King or Queen, with a $1,000 prize, reigning in your new title!


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