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Every year on Labor Day, hundreds of thousands of Americans get together to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers. We think it’s pretty safe to say that this federal holiday - celebrated annually on every first Monday of September - is a holiday deeply embedded in the American culture. Similarly to how Memorial Day is practically synonymous with the start of summer, Labor Day is considered the unofficial end of it. When it comes to celebrating, you can rest assured that your favorite online casino, Jackpot Capital, will be among those celebrating (as we are every year, after all)! With the Labor Day Bonuses we’ve prepared this year, you can join us and do (or win?) more than just celebrate. Read on and find out how you can celebrate this year’s Labor Day by taking a Bonus Break!

(Bonus) “Grandeur we Behold”

The very first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5th 1982, in New York City. As the labor movements and trade unions developed, people started looking for ways to honor American workers and their contributions to the strength and wealth of the nation. Making the first Monday of September a workers’ holiday seemed just about right, mostly because that period marked the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. In 1894, just over a decade after the idea was first proposed, Labor Day became an official federal holiday, celebrated yearly around the US and at Jackpot Capital (this year especially, with our Labor Day Bonuses!). 

While we know almost everything about why and when Labor Day was first celebrated, it’s still not entirely clear as to who it was exactly that proposed the idea in the first place. Some believe that it was Peter J. McGuire, co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, who suggested honoring those who “from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold”. Others believe that it was the secretary of Central Labor Union in New York, Matthew Maguire, who first proposed it in 1882. Maguire vs. McGuire - what are the odds?

Either way, what is clear is that the first Labor Day parade was organized by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, and that Labor Day today is one of America’s largest federal holidays. If we were to look at yearly travel statistics around the US, we would find that the most action happens exactly on Labor Day Weekend, which we could use to argue that it’s the most celebrated holiday of the year!

As we all well know, these celebrations started off with parades and speeches (which still happen!), and are today mostly honored with barbeques, picnics, family time or days off with Jackpot Capital and our Labor Day Bonus Break!

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Labor Day Bonus

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Since we’re sure (by now) you already know everything you need to about celebrating Labor Day traditionally (bbqs, picnics and the outdoors, before the ), we’re only going to help you with the non-traditional, or, in other words - our Labor Day Bonuses!

As you can tell, we’ve got some pretty fantastic and lucrative Labor Day Bonuses here for you… But to truly get the most out of your gaming, remember that there are many other great Bonus opportunities for you to take advantage of! Visit our Promotions page and explore all other Bonuses we have on offer, and don’t forget to check out our Games page, we have new slots every month! We wish you a Happy Labor Day, enjoy your deserved day off!

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